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Illuminati Encourage Men to Cross Dress

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 4:35
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(When society is under attack, the Illuminati ensure men will not take up arms.) 
Subtle promotion of transgenderism
Whether it’s our national borders or our bathrooms, society is under relentless attack by the Illuminati traitors in power. Donald looks at an organization which uses domestic violence as a
pretext to feminize men.
by Donald (
Last weekend, I decided to watch a program about US military expenditures on a news channel. I wasn’t paying much attention to the program until it shifted to waste in the military. To my disbelief, the interviewee talked about an incident in 2015 where Army ROTC cadets at Temple University were ordered to march in women’s high heels to raise awareness of sexual assault against women. I wasn’t sure if this was an April Fool’s joke so I looked it up.   (Also this YouTube)
I found that this march was connected to an organization called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” created to raise awareness about men’s sexualized violence against women.
While I am totally against any sort of violence towards women or men for that matter, I am also against the increasing trend to feminize men. A masculine reaction to domestic violence is to protect women, not imitate them. 
I also don’t view marches and similar events as effective money generating efforts. Car washes, bake sales, etc. raise money through real work and give people who donate to a cause something useful for their money. I went to the organization’s website to find out more. 
The first thing to catch my eye was that they sell shoes. They have a partnership with a company called Le Dame Footwear that provides women’s styled shoes in large sizes for men. There you can order the official “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” high heel called the “Natalie” for only $84.99 in men’s sizes up to size 15. 
I have a couple of problems with this. First of all, wouldn’t that much money do more if donated directly to the cause? Second is the choice of shoes. Why high heels? I don’t see women wearing them at work, shopping, etc. More likely women are wearing comfortable shoes and high heels are renowned to be very uncomfortable and bad for your feet and back. 
Men and women are built different and walk differently. High heels exaggerate a women’s hip movement. According to a study in Psychology Today, “The results indicate that the female walk is perceived as much more attractive when wearing high heels than not.”
So high heels actually garner women the kind of unwanted attention that leads to the abuse this organization supposedly opposes.
Asking men to wear high heels is more about making them look ridiculous and feminize them than it is to understand what women have to endure. As for fund raising, the event would probably get better participation if it was just a walking event.
The organization’s store also sells books. Here is a couple of sentences from the product description of “Men’s Work” by Paul Kivel – “Sexual harassment, child abuse, incest, rape, murder, war–it’s impossible today to hear a news report and not be informed of violent acts perpetrated by men. Acknowledging that there are no easy answers to the problem of male violence–particularly in a world that seems to thrive on aggression and physical force–Men’s Work reaches straight to its root causes.”

ywcas-walk-a-mile-in-her-shoes-jpg-e4d082c2f45e0bd0 (1).jpg

This makes me angry. Not only are men held solely responsible for violence against women but also murder, war as well as other violent acts.
This organization seems to be more an effort to feminize and emasculate men and to promote cross dressing than to stop violence. It sends the message that if you don’t participate you are for violence against women. If you won’t wear high heels it is because you are not man enough. This fits the feminist agenda.
As for stopping violence against women, this organization will fail. Having a belief in and love for the supreme being and for men and women to love one another and respect each other as equal partners in marriage and procreation.


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  • Busta Myth

    I behind the cross-dresses are Ze Germans, one day you will figure it all out

    probably far too late by then

  • 1 darkstar

    Yes, they are trying to feminize men, I think that they want us to be all androngenous.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    “This makes me angry. Not only are men held solely responsible for violence against women but also…”

    Solely responsible! HA. I see what you did there……

    [insert rim-shot here] :mrgreen:

  • The Thinning Veil Report

    population control and mockery of divine feminine.

    this world is a feminine world, we all come from woman. the illuminati have twisted it around to a patriarchal world, as they invert and twist everything.

    even the earth. they have make it a ba’al when it is a plane.

    they’ve circled the square with their frickin lies.

    we are divine.

  • deano

    Seems the “Gay Rights” movement is the ONLY demonstrative/protesting one that has achieved its aims! Now we have Gay Mardis Gras, transgenders have an “illness” that can be fixed,No more closet homos, theyre on the streets & at work- & full of PRIDE…….& the rest of us are labeeled HOMOPHOBIC if we dont approve, especially the new laws of Same -sex marriage……..bombarded on TV with gay programs & celebrities………

    This is all a result from the Gay Mardi Gras parades/protest marches which started in the late 1970s , pushed by “Student Teachers” , “Bachelor of Arts” & other liberal university students inspired by Proffessors/Theologians/& the EMERITUS……….inspiring Priests in Training to show tolerance & acceptance……

    # The 1st Sydney Mardis Gras saw many arrested & charged(sodomy was illegal). NOW, one of the largest floats/represented group is the POLICE FORCE……..Macho men, & butch dykes……

    # The 2IC of the Aus Army, has changed gender & become a Woman! The new HERO of the Trannies……

    When & where did this all start?………The GALLI priests of Rome. Bleach blonde long hair effeminate men in yellow frocks, with a mitre/tiara & beads/jewellery marched in a “Festival” thru Rome. They dragged an effigy of the blood stained Attis, tied to a pine tree trunk , flagellating(self whipping/cutting) themselves in a musical frenzy, the most dedicated would self-castrate/transgender on this Day of Blood (Deis Sanguis).
    The elite, would “Baptize” themselves in blood by being below a grating where a Bull or Lamb was sacrificed> the Taurobolium or Chrisobolium.

    This is your “Blood of Jesus”. The “Paschal Lamb”, Lamb of God sacrifice. To hide the link to worship of the eunech Attis (born from a virgin), the Vatican replaced Attis with Jesus. Jesus in the NT, has become the Paschal Lamb of the OT. The new covenent is Jesus was sacrificed for all mankinds sins, rendering animal sacrifice at the altar obselete, his blood & flesh replaced with wine & a wafer of bread……..

    It is still practiced in a form today. Easter festivals in the Catholic controlled bastions of the Phillipines, Sth America, Mexico & some Muslim(Chaldean invention) countries have men in a frenzy whipping/cutting & covered in blood & self flagellation (Opus Deis use a cilice) , is still practiced by Catholics (self admitted by Pope Paul 2).
    We all know of the Paedophilia, but early (pre 1970) images of Nuns in Habits proves “Men in Frocks”. Convents & the Priesthood was where people of a gay/bi persuasion could live without being persecuted.
    Just why do young trainee priests lay “PROSTRATE” in prayer on the Vatican floor , in front of Bishops wearing yellow frocks, bedazzled in jewellery & pink slippers????

    EASTER? ….Why does the date of Easter change every year? Surely the death of Jesus was recorded as a specific date by Romans?…….we know Christmas(birth of Jesus) is Dec 25th, the winter solstice, birth of the new sun. It was celebration of Sol-Invictus(Sun Unconquered) in the “Nativitus Festival”…….

    Today , Easter SUNDAY, is set by the day of the Full Moon which occurs after the Day of Blood (24th March). It is aligned to the Hebrew Paschal Lamb, the sacrificed Lamb of God.
    We know it as Agnus Dei, the lamb with crooked knee carrying the St George Cross, Flag of England, originally the flag of GENOA.(Popes maritime/naval fleet to the levant). Early woodcuts & medieval paintings depict Jesus carrying the flag.
    BOTH images (Jesus on Cross/ Lamb) show priests filling their “Chalices” (cup) with the spilling blood.

    ## A Crucifixion is a pro-longued death, not a bloody one. The GALLI changed this with the Crown of Thorns & the Roman spear in the ribs > so it looked like the long practised “Blood stained effigy of Attis on the Pine Tree Trunk.”
    Today, in the Vatican gardens is a HUGE bronze PINECONE flanked by “Pea-cocks”. The Galli or Gallus is also a name for Rooster/Cock. The PINECONE a symbol of “rebirth/born-again/reserrection” of ATTIS……& the VATICAN is built over the original Attis/Cybele temple on the Palatine……. Cybele(mother goddess) has become the Virgin Mary.

    MATTHEW 19:12 Jesus> “For some men are born eunechs, some are made eunechs by men, & some men become eunechs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Accept this if you can…”

    Celibacy? …Castration to get divine or heaven?…How did Galli get to heaven when Jesus is still alive & hasnt yet been sacrificed to attone for the sins of mankind?

    GALATIONS is Pauls plea to the Gallus priests of Asia-minor(Turkey/Trojans/Greek Byzantine) to stop their immoral & debauchery behaviour. Castration & Circumcision giving a bad name to the early Christian movement………

    ….we have all been DECEIVED !!, accept this if you can… have “FAITH”, you must BELIEVE in Jesus.The Catholics have enforced this for hundreds of years as Heresy>burned at the stake…….& the other book that King James authored was called “Daemons & Daemonolgy”……which led to the Salem witch-hunts……our fear of Hell & Damnation is from generations of the public being publically burned alive if they dont believe…..the ULTIMATE FEAR PORN……& why the Anglican Church was established….the Anglo/English Catholic church….pretending to be a PROTESTant denomination answering to English Royalty & not the Vatican…….however,
    The Queen is a Dame of Malta, Knight of St John. Rupert Murdoch is a Knight of St Gregory(Papal knight)…the Knights of Colombus, Freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, Skull & Bones have all been INFILTRATED by the JESUITS, the Society of Jesus/Ihesus, the IHS, the Soldiers of the Vatican……. Georgetown the pulpit….

    In Aus we are governed by the Liberals. All ex-Jesuit “Old School Boys” from elite colleges like St Francis, St Joseph,St Patricks etc. All of these now under investigation for Paedophile pastors & teachers…..PUKE!!!!!!

    In UK, the House of Lords, is where the laws of the Commoners, are either passed or rejected by the Lords Spiritual > The Anglican(Catho) priests…….the latest cross-bencher is Lord Richards of Herstmonceaux. The UK/Nato army commander that planned the “”100 000 rebel army to oust the Assad govt in Syria”….closely linked to Gates & Hagel……… JOE BIDEN is the Catholic mentor of Obama……Paul Ryan is the next one to watch…….

  • Mayhem

    How does mimicking a fashion choice, emphasis on the word choice, help men understand what women have to endure? If high heels hurt and are bad for posture then the reality can only be that women wear them to compete with other women or to attract attention.

    “Choice” and “have to”, um, yeah, they don’t really belong in the same sentence in this context. Is it a choice, to wear pumps, or do women have to? This is another example of just how stupid 3rd wave feminism has become. Don’t fall for it men. There are biological differences, embrace the difference.

    Equality for all.

  • Trapper

    I believe you have the Illuminate and the US School System Mixed Up, it’s the School System that is turning your Little Boys into Fagots, not the Non-Existent Jew Made Up Illuminate Stupid. (Trapper).

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