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My Short Romance With the “alt right”

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 6:48
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Pepe Pinochet.jpg

(left, Pepe the frog is the mascot  of the alt right. Here Pepe Pinochet drops leftists into the sea from helicopters.) 

The “alt right” movement is a reaction against political
correctness and the Judeo Masonic (Communist) agenda.

Bill Nesbitt found its irreverence refreshing
but as the Pepe mascot suggests, he discovered an
ugly underside. 

“It’s not a “hate group.” They are just tired of being the target of hate 
from the other side, so they are giving it back in kind.”

By Pete Nesbitt

First the good, then the not so good, then the ugly.  That’s the format of this article and also how my three-week excursion into the depths of the trendy, fascinating but ultimately disappointing “AltRight.”

A Trump supporter, I was impressed by how he had stolen the Republican presidential nomination from the GOP establishment, mainly by using Twitter. For months, he generated headlines day after day by sending out 144-character tweets whose outrageous tone earned him generous coverage in all the major media. 

The Tweets cost him nothing and were Trump’s primary tool in vanquishing 16 highly qualified opponents, most of whom outspent him — some by as much as 100 to one. Before long I was following a trail of inflammatory pro-Trump tweets that led me to the AltRight community. Excited at my discovery, I opened a Twitter account using a comedic name and a cartoon face, the AltRight being a “safe space” for irreverent anonymity.


The good: The AltRight makes AlterNet and other formerly edgy liberal outlets read like an old lady’s Bingo card by comparison. Its hive mind is merciless in shredding opponents, which include social and political totems as well as the occasional liberal tweeter foolhardy enough to venture into their turf. It calls out feminism, diversity, mass immigration and any other form of liberal shibboleth as scams in the most uncompromising, often vicious terms .

It unabashedly and often humorously lionizes Hitler, Mussolini and other right-wing dictators and jokes irreverently about ovens, gas chambers and mass extermination, presumably as an antidote to the left’s relentless and tiresome 24/7 media campaign against Christianity, nationalism, race, masculinity and the nuclear family.

Much of the AltRight assumes that the history of WWII was written by the victors and therefore is not only suspect but 100% wrong. In their view, (shared by a cadre of online historical revisionists) the good guys of history were bad and the bad guys were good.

The AltRight doesn’t dilute its message, but stays focused on a limited set of issues, very effectively hammering them again and again and again, often with outrageous humour. The nationalist AltRight is way funnier than the globalist left, by any measure. There is a genuine sense of community in the AltRight, shared by men and women who obviously care deeply about these issues and greatly value the discovery that they are not alone.


AltRight tweeters deconstruct Islam without compunction, documenting the faith’s obscure scriptural references to killing infidels, marrying children and the like and illustrating their points with graphic images of radical Islamic terrorism. They also wage robust war against Islam’s perceived enslavement of women, as characterized by the hijab.

The AltRight regularly showcases, to inspiring effect, forgotten masterpieces of White cultural achievement, including paintings, sculptures and poetical and philosophical gems.

The community serves as an excellent news source. I did not read a single online newspaper the whole time I was an AltRight tweeter and my compadres, with their clips, quotes and memes, kept me better informed than ever.

The AltRight empowers and encourages its young men to be courageous and physically and mentally fit and to stand up for their women, their racial integrity and their homeland. This I admire a great deal.


Most significantly to my mind, the AltRight has pushed the White Genocide narrative into the mainstream, where it belongs. Globally, Whites of European heritage are indeed a minority and the Jewish-owned mainstream press never tires of heralding their impending extinction. This is not racist theory; these are facts that White people need to confront, even if they choose to do nothing about it.

The not so good: 

There is little deconstruction of current events. After HRC delivered her much-anticipated AltRight speech on August 25, the AltRight was so busy congratulating itself on being in the spotlight that they missed the event’s most obvious inconsistencies. Why did HRC plug the AltRight in the first place? 

And why did she single out Alex Jones of Infowars for a plug that was surely the highlight of his career? Maybe it’s just too hard to deconstruct things in 144 characters, but I found the community’s navel-gazing response to the speech extremely disappointing.

Along the same lines, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem to protest Black oppression, the AltRight predictably ganged up on the QB for being anti-White. No one but me thought to check out the identity of his agent (pro athletes do what their agents tell them to do). Sure enough, his agent is Jason Bernstein, consistent with one AltRight narrative that the Jews foment Black-White hatred. My tweets pointing the finger at Bernstein were ignored, drowned out by the knee-jerk cacophony of anti-Kaepernick odium.

And then it got ugly: After three weeks of excitement quickly turning to disillusionment, I decided it would be interesting to toss a few ideologically suspect tweets into the mix, to see what would happen. I hit a nerve when I tweeted a photo showing Mussolini’s corpse after he was beaten by a mob in Milan.

“Communist scum” tweeted GrimReaper, referring to those who killed Il Duce.

“The outcome of war. Winners and losers.” I replied.

That was it; that was all it took. GrimReaper unleashed a torrent of abuse at me, accusing me of disrespecting Il Duce, and immediately reported me to a half-dozen AltRight troll-reporting hashtags with names like #trollalert and #scum. Rather than defend myself from the impending onslaught, I deleted my entire tweet history, leaving my account open just to check on the movement from time to time.



I highly recommend a tour of the AltRight for anyone who hasn’t been there. Wear your seatbelt; it’s a wild but entertaining ride, unlike anything you’ve read before. The easiest way to get started is go to the hashtag #AltRightMeans and there you’ll find hundreds of AltRight accounts to follow. One of the funniest is a wise guy named Spectre.

You’ll need a glossary; they have their own Twitter lingo. The online Urban Dictionary provides definitions.

Good luck if you go, but remember: the AltRight has its own code of what’s politically correct and what isn’t, and transgressors shall be banished to the ovens!


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