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Dalai Lama As Antichrist – Tibetan Buddhism as NWO Model

Saturday, September 3, 2016 6:08
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Dalai Lama Meets Chief Rabbis, Muslim Leaders in 2006
According to author “Titus Returns,” Tibetan Buddhist Lamas are
Satanists and play a major role in the New World Order. 
His argument seems farfetched but it is credible and definitely worth considering. 

February 19th 2006, Jerusalem, 20 February 2006 (By Matthew Wagner, The Jerusalem  Post) - Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger called on Sunday for the establishment of ‘a religious United Nations’ representing the religious leaders of all the countries in the world. Metzger suggested establishing the religious UN in Jerusalem and placing the Dalai Lama at its head.

The Dalai Lama, a self-proclaimed admirer of the Jewish people, has met in the past with Jewish rabbis and spiritual leaders to learn more about Judaism and more specifically how to survive in exile… Much in common was found between Jewish Kabbala and Buddhist Tantric mediations.”
We have previously shown that there are many similarities between the Dalai Lama and the prophesied antichrist and this news piece only emphasizes the fact that the jews have chosen him as their Antichrist to sit in Jerusalem and rule their one-world-government. 
In 1937, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi hinted at how the Elders of Zion would set up their world government. “We are experiencing the most dangerous revolution in world history: the revolution of the State against man. We are experiencing the worst idolatry of all time: the deification of the state.”
The NWO plans to set itself up as a theocracy with Dalai Lama on top. Its rulers want to be worshipped as Gods and the State (i.e. its Masonic Jewish rulers) becomes deified. Their driving force is not money or hidden power because they already have all of that. Now they want to step out in the limelight, present their satanic religion openly and enslave the whole world.  Enough hiding – grasp the power suddenly and openly with an iron fist. 
According to the Talmud each Jew will have 2800 slaves when Messiah arrives. In old Tibet, 95% were slaves and had no rights whatsoever. They had to worship their rulers (the state) as God. With this in mind, we can finally understand the essence of Communism – i.e. the rulers of the state are to be worshipped as living Gods and he goyim will be treated the slaves.
by “Titus Returns”
People know about Jewish power but few have imagined that the Elders of Zion intend to put the NWO in the hands of a Tibetan monk called Dalai Lama.

As the above picture indicates, the Jews (and the Buddhists and Muslims) have accepted Dalai Lama as head of a world religion with its seat in Jerusalem. He rules the Christians and Hindus since a long time ago and the jesuits were present in Tibet in the 17th century. This fits the Christian prophecies perfectly where the Antichrist sits in Jerusalem with the support of the Jews.
In this theocracy – who is the State? Those people who are its secular and spiritual rulers.

This demands the clergy and officials to be worshipped as living Gods. If anything is satanic, this is.

In which country can we find such a historic example? Tibet before 1959 is an outstanding example. The Dalai Lama was the absolute ruler and the king of secular and spiritual matters. 95% of the Tibetan people did heavy labour as serfs and 5% were rulers and belonged to the aristocracy, upper clergy or officials. The higher lamas were worshipped as living Gods and were generally completely corrupt.


The lamas have dominated the world affairs for at least a century without people knowing about it. 

In the book “Mongolia: Travels in the Untamed Land” we read: “John Snelling points out that the lama Dorzhiev working with the Tsar before the revolution continued his work after the revolution and stated: “Buddhist doctrine was largely compatible with current communist tradition…. Other lamas went even further and claimed Buddha Shakyamuni to be the original founder of bolshevism.”

The lamas hinted already 100 years ago that they were behind Marxism. The western unofficial story was that the Jesuits taught Marx in London. Less known is that the Jesuits were present in Tibet since 1642 with their own monastery.

Nazis In Tibet.jpg

A big group of Tibetan lamas in Berlin 1931. Picture by Bundesarchiv.

What did the lamas do in Berlin in 1931? The Nazis were obsessed with the magic power of the lamas and made a documentary where the SS officer Ernst Schäfer said: “They(the lamas) are above all the rulers on this earth in that they are real kings, absolute leaders… Their way of life is produ and manly..”
In the 1930s the German General and war hero from WW I stated that all Jewish and Christian Secret Societies were controlled from Tibet and the Nazis were no exception. Josef Strunk wrote a book in 1937 stating that all religions, secret societies(and governments..) had capitulated and that Tibet was the global power in control of everyone including the western jews. What nobody mentioned was the possibility that the Dalai Lama was an Asian crypto jew. This is also prophecied in Christian prophecies. The official story is that he was found in a muslim village.

In the book Freeing the Buddha, diversity on a sacred path it is told:  ”when the Russians reached their quarters in the suburbs of Berlin, they discovered their naked bodies lying in orderly rows, each with a ceremonial knife piercing the abdomen…” The lamas had committed mass suicide.

Mao with Lamas in Beijing.jpg

Mao Zedong with the two top lamas surrounding him in Beijing in 1954.

1954-1955: Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama visited Beijing for almost one year. They not only met Mao Zedong and the other Chinese top communists but he also met Soviet leaders such as Khruschev and Bulganin as well as the Indian President Nehru. A few years later Dalai Lama emigrated to Nehru´s India while the Panchen Lama stayed in China with the top communist leaders. How could he, as a priest from a remote area in China, meet top foreign leaders in Beijing? Who was the real ruler of China?

Mao Zedong showed his shocking puppet status  in 1954: “Dalai Lama is a living Buddha. He is a living God. He was not elected by the people… They believe in the Dalai Lama and its local chief much more than they believe in us. It is impossible to shake his position…” (“Radicalism, Revolution, and Reform in Modern China” By Catherine Lynch,Robert B. Marks,Paul G.)

The power hierarchy of China was apparent and the Chinese communists were merely puppets of the lamas and still remain so. Mao´s statements where he openly calls the Dalai Lama a living God shows us the realities of their hierarchy and it also shows the shocking realities of Mao´s spiritual worship of his superiors. His behaviour points to occultism because nobody believes Mao was a real believer.

Lamaism And Its Introduction The West – Connection To Satanism
Gerald Yorke, a friend and member of the infamous satanist Aleister Crowley´s secret order, introduced tibetan buddhism in the west and was the emissary to the west of the 13th Dalai Lama. Other famous people with satanic interests going to Tibet were Helene Blavatsky and Alexandra David-Néel. It is clear to anyone having studied the lifestyle of the lamas that many of them were obsessed with black magic and deceiving the Tibetan people. In addition their lifestyle included sexual depravity with little monk boys and eating meat, which is against Buddhist rules.

“It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”(George Soros)
George Soros is a top “Jew” and he knows the main idea from the Talmud (Kabbalah): I am a God and all other people are animals(Goy). With these ideas – isn´t the link between the jews and lamaism obvious? It´s just that the Tibetan “jews” are more skilfull in black magic and running a theocracy than the western jews. Hence they are on top. 
Tibetan lamaism (modern Buddhism) finally became the ruler of the world during the 20th century. The satanic aspects of lamaism are nothing less than disgusting and shocking to a sane human being and the lamas are not only after money and worldly power – something they already have. They want to dominate the world´s people.

“The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven.” (Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book)

Did the Rabbis and the Talmud use Tibet as their role model? The Lamas also call themselves “Living Gods”..
It is prophecied that the Antichrist will reveal his true satanic beliefs to the world´s people and we can only expect extreme sorcery, deceit, slavery and human blood sacrifices from them. To make the situation and the global conspiracy clear:

“To communicate anything to a Goy (unclean, animal, non-jew) about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” (Talmud, Sanhedrin 59a)

Source: Buddhism-as-NWO-Model.html

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