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Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents

Thursday, March 9, 2017 7:43
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Trump should be on guard. The Rothschilds

have a habit of murdering Presidents they

who don’t follow their orders.

“The bane of our civil institutions is to be found in Masonry, already powerful and daily becoming more so. I owe to my country an exposure of its dangers.” – Captain William Morgan, murdered Sept 11, 1826 

(from June 16, 2008)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A curious but very credible Internet document called “The Mardi Gras Secrets” states that Illuminati agents poisoned and killed Presidents William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) and Zachary Taylor (1784-1850). They also poisoned James Buchanan in 1857 but he survived. All three were obstructing Illuminati- House of Rothschild plans for the US Civil War (1860-1865).

The document also describes the Illuminati role in the murders of Abraham Lincoln and Senator Huey Long. We know they also killed Presidents Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy and probably Warren Harding and possibly FDR.

The Mardi Gras Secrets website   was created in Dec. 2005 by Mimi L. Eustis, the daughter of Samuel Todd Churchill, a high level member of the secret New Orleans Mardi Gras Society called “The Mystick Crewe of Comus.”

This Society, which reorganized the Mardi Gras festivities in 1857, was a chapter of the Skull and Bones. It began as a front for the activities of Masons Albert Pike, Judah Benjamin and John Slidell who became leaders of the Confederacy.

This information is based on Samuel Churchill’s deathbed confessions, when he was dying of lung cancer. Mrs. Eustis later decided to make them public after she also contracted the terminal disease.

The Illuminati ringleader was Caleb Cushing (1800-1879), the partner of William Russell, the opium smuggler who founded the Yale Skull and Bones Society in 1832. In order to rise in this society, one had to participate in a “killing of the king” rite of passage.

According to Eustis, the Skull and Bones (or Brotherhood of Death) is “nothing more than a political assassination hit team against those United States politicians who do not fall in line with the House of Rothschild’s plans for a blood elitist domination and control over the world’s economy…For example Caleb Cushing was involved in the arsenic poisoning deaths of United States presidents William Henry Harrison on April 4, 1841 and Zachary Taylor on July 9, 1850. These two Presidents had opposed admitting Texas and California as slave states.”

William Henry Harrison was the first President ever to die in office, serving only 31 days. According to Wikipedia he died of “pneumonia.”

On July 3, 1850, Zachary Taylor threatened to hang those “taken in rebellion against the Union.” The next day the President fell ill, vomited blackish material, and died July 9. (Kentucky authorities recently dug up Taylor’s body looking for evidence of arsenic poisoning.)


I paraphrase Mrs. Eustis: During the Civil War (from 1861-1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the War . The loan shark-bankers wanted 24% to 36% interest. Instead, Lincoln got Congress to authorize the printing of 450 million dollars worth of “Greenbacks” debt and interest-free money. It served as legal tender for all debts,
public and private.

The House of Rothschild recognized that sovereign governments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money would break their power.

Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a member of Pike’s Knights of the Golden Circle. He was in New Orleans during the winter of 1863-64 and conspired with Pike, Benjamin, Slidell and Admiral G.W. Baird to assassinate Lincoln. Baird later identified the body of Captain James William Boyd as Booth’s. (Boyd was in fact a Confederate spy who resembled Booth and was used as a patsy. His body was dumped into an Arsenal Prison sinkhole used to dump dead horses.)

Eustis says her father emphasized that most Masons below the 3rd degree were good hardworking people. The Illuminati-Skull and Bones used the Masons as a disguise. Those who rose past the 33 degree level did so by participating in the “Killing of the King” ritual. The lower levels did as they were told without realizing their part in the “Killing of the King”.

For assassinating Abraham Lincoln, Pike, Benjamin, Slidell and August Belmont (Rothschild’s Northern agent) were made secret Kings of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. Andrew Johnson Vice -President became President and pardoned Albert Pike. Albert Pike awarded Andrew Johnson the thirty-third degree rite of passage.

” Doctors were an essential part of the Illuminati plan to kill U.S. political leaders [who] hindered the take over of the U.S. Republic by the international banking elite,” Eustis writes.

” Illuminati doctors eventually did in both U.S. President William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor. They also played a death role in the shooting assassinations of U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 (died April 15, 1865), James Garfield on July 2, 1881 (died September 19, 1881), and William McKinley Jr. on September 6, 1901 (died September 14, 1901).”

“Teddy Roosevelt became President after William McKinley was shot. Roosevelt received passage into the 33rd. degree and became a secret king of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. During his presidency, the Skull and Bones became firmly entrenched and controlled the U.S. Republic.”


Huey Long (“Kingfish”) was a populist who mounted a powerful challenge to FDR from his power base as Governor of Louisiana and later as US
Senator. Unlike FDR, he was not a Mason and not a shill for the bankers.
His “Share Our Wealth” program represented a genuine threat to the Illuminati.

An Illuminati member, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss shot Long Sept 8, 1935 and Dr. Arthur Vidrine ensured that Long did not recover. According to Eustis, Weiss was supposed to hit Long in the face, and Long’s bodyguard Murphy Roden was supposed to shoot both Weiss and Long.This may indeed be what happened.

Roden was a “spy for J. Edgar Hoover.” Roden pumped 60 bullets into Weiss’body. Dr. Weiss was told his baby would be killed if he reneged on the mission.

Both FDR and J. Edgar Hoover won their 33 degree rite of passage for their participation in this murder.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt was made King of Comus in 1937. When J. Edgar Hoover came down to New Orleans to act out his reign as King of Comus, he was involved in a sexual revelry of homosexuality and cross-dressing with various elitist bloodline members of the Mystick Krewe of Comus.”


“Agents of Skull and Bones with blessing and involvement of J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director and 33rd level executioner-cover up specialist for the elitist bloodline of the House of Rothschild murdered Freemason Charles Lindbergh’s son. This killing of Freemason Charles Lindberg’s son was to set an example that the isolationist stand was not the will of the Illuminati.”

Mrs. Eustis doesn’t touch upon the poisoning death of President Warren Harding (1865-1923) but this is how Wikipedia describes it:

“At the end of July, while traveling south from Alaska through British Columbia, [Harding] developed what was thought to be a severe case of  food poisoning. At the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, he developed pneumonia. Harding died of either a heart attack or a stroke at 7:35 p.m. on August 2, 1923, at the age of 57. The formal announcement,
printed in the New York Times of that day, stated that ‘a stroke of apoplexy’ was the cause of death.’ He had been ill exactly one week.”

For FDR, see Emanuel Josephson, “The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.” (1948)


The “Mardi Gras Secrets” suggest that, given the depth of corruption, the US political system cannot be taken seriously as a democracy. There is a pattern of Illuminati-Rothschild control throughout US history. People who deny this are living in a fantasy.

The United States was created to advance the Illuminati New World Order based on Rothschild control of credit. American ideals were designed to dupe the masses, not to be realized.

The founders and heroes of the US were mostly Masons including Paul Revere, John Paul Jones and Benjamin Franklin. Francis Scott Key who wrote the national anthem was a Mason. John Hancock and most of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were also Masons.

More-than-half the Presidents were Masons. These include Washington, Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Van Buren, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, TR, Taft, Harding, FDR, Truman, LBJ, Ford, Reagan, Clinton and Bush I and II.

Some of these really thought Masonry was about “making good men better” and had to be assassinated. Other Presidents who weren’t Masons, like Eisenhower, Nixon and Carter, were still controlled by the same dark forces.

Throughout its history the United States has been in the clutches of a satanic cult empowered by the Rothschild central banking cartel. Many courageous Presidents and other politicians tried to free their countrymen and died unrecognized, their killers unpunished and triumphant.

The US is a nation decapitated, a headless giant led by demons.


 Thanks to Andrew for the tip!


Vatican Role In Lincoln Assassination?

A survey of Masonic Influence in US History.

JFK On Secret Societies (Google video)



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  • apache5

    there IS allot of EVIL in this world that needs to be eliminated, just like they do to US!!

  • diane

    So true, my father inlaw was a four star admiral. He was a good man, but I believe even with his faith in and in our country. That he carried with him a sadness with what he had seen and heard. He seldom discussed politics, or the military. But, one new that the wars and knowledge about our world, our country must have affected him.

    My daughter who is now deceased at only 39. We were both targeted Individuals . I did not realize till my daughters final words spoken to me before her death were that the young drug dealer who came on campus was looking for her special that day, 15 years earlier.

    Did it have something to do with Adm. Wendt my father in law? He hated drugs. Although retired my father in law was invited to the White House to talk to President Reagan could they have discussed the drug war that was full speed ahead back then? If so his hatred of drugs would have been disclosed to President Reagan. Hence payback to my daughter and myself.

    Yes, the devil most certainly has our country by the shorthairs right now.

  • spacetracy

    Why would the Rothchilds kill Trump when they have him under their wings? Who do u think bailed out Resorts Int. in the 80′s? The Rothchilds AND Rockefellers and two others, but mainly Rothchilds, yes bailed out buddy boy and you think they didn’t see him as a necessary pawn that could come in handy? I know they are evil, but they also know how to use the needed tools to keep us acting like complete morons and how to keep people in their corner..its what they ball or be killed..u got that part right..just don’t see Trump as your Lone Ranger… maybe a lone ranger Puppet.

    • Anonymous

      We should know shortly. If the Elite peds are allowed free and we see no change in this fake terror crap, then many will agree with you.

      • Cintus Supremus

        Some big-name pedophiles will probably be thrown to the wolves soon. The kind that might even suicide themselves in police custody to ensure no deals are made.

        The Rulers of Darkness in High places know too many of us know about these things now, and they are pretty darn good at deception.

        • The Clucker

          Yep. Just like Jack Ruby. Use a patsy, kill the patsy in jail with an agent, then kill the agent. People tend to get real quiet after they see that go down.

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Quite the shame that… :cry:

    • dakota

      Remember Trump reports to Kissinger, who reports to the council of 13.

  • Josie

    Great article. Makes one wonder if President Trump really knew the depth of evil he was stepping into. Trump is very smart but he is outnumbered by evil spawns of the devil. He really needs our prayers…

    • dakota

      Talk is cheap. All of us really do need to pray. Really. Do it.

  • Takealook

    I have always thought the way to win freedom from wars, banker sponsored depressions, and overall tyranny
    could only take place when this garbage of a family were eliminated. They own our Fed central bank, all MSM,
    our CIA, most of our politicians, the medical industrial complex, military industrial complex, and are behind the
    chemtrail poisoning of our population, as well as the GMO’s. The way to take them out would be via nuke tipped
    cruise missiles by the hundreds, special ops to root out the slimy survivors, and complete taking over of all assets
    worldwide. The Fed would be abolished and all debts repudiated, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Clintons, Bushes, Schumer,
    McCain,and all other traitors hung within 7 days of arrest. Their military base in the Mid East disarmed or nuked “Israel”. Israel is not nor has it ever been a refuge for displaced Jews. The never ending demonization of Russia is only for their eventual conquest for the Rothschilds and our traitor congress is working for them in this regard not for us. Any country that lets this filth reside on their land will be nuked along with the criminal family. The UK as usual leads the list of
    complicit Western countries. Taking out Soros would send a message along with their good friends the Bushes but will not be enough. It needs to be total war. These are the tumors on the world they never played nice nor should the humans when they exterminate this.
    The plan: While gearing up special ops and the military for a massive assault on Iran and North Korea via hundreds of nukes on subs and, land, and ships at the last minute targeting for the all out assault would be re-directed to every asset and location of the real enemy. After the assault which would be mostly effective but not complete send in teams
    to finish the job. Any congress critter or former ally of the enemy would be hung or shot before a firing squad for treason. All formerly dismissed generals and high ranking military fired by Obama would be on board in the planning and execution of the plan. Those in the MSM would be exiled to Somalia or Syria to where they can feel the pain of the wars they created with their lies.

    • what if...

      It is amusing that some rumors have discussed using missiles (but not nukes) aimed at the R’s castles. What seems oddly funny is that the ideas were promptly dismissed due to the combined destruction of their priceless objet’s de art!

      I tend to agree. We should save all the art, and claw back all of their stolen wealth, for distribution to humanity, to whom it rightfully belongs. No one has ever earned the price of poverty more than war criminals and murderers.

  • my2pesos


    In the latest round of missile testing from North Korea the file-footage provided by them showed one of them while it was still on the launch pad and it was clearly marked as missile #33.

  • what if...

    Is it a material fact that Trump is a 33rd degree, or not? Does the B of A hq have a mural with him in it as a young mason?? His actions about increasing the “defense” (war) budget say what? Is this a necessary strategy or an agenda??

    You tell us. What do you think America? Are we being played??

    • unidentified

      theres also a bloodline connection you cant just join the club because you want to :lol: :lol:

    • dakota

      We are always being played.

  • Anonymous

    I Am Going To Say This, God Is In Control Not Lucifer And God Will protect Our President.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah? What about the 7 murdered Presidents? Was God taking a nap for all those?

      • Cintus Supremus

        A better way to say it, is that if Trump gets iced, God wanted it that way.

        Nothing happens in this world which is contrary to God’s will.

        • Andy

          absolutely everything happens regardless of your god

          p.s. fairy-tale characters don’t actually have a will

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            As HE is not a fairy-tale character, God does have a will, and it WILL be done.
            You and yours, Andy, will have your chance to learn. :wink:

        • what if...

          I thought WE had the freewill, and god was just watching the show?

          • Cintus Supremus

            What book have YOU been reading? Something by Thomas Paine, from the sounds of it.

          • what if...

            Not the Roman one, certainly.

  • dennisR8

    The Rothschilds once had Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on their side. However, Trump has not been involved in child trafficking & pedophilia as most politicians have been & are. Is Ben Sasse of Nebraska responsible for the covering up Dennis Hasterth’s criminal behavior with children. How many democrats in power knew of Barnie Franks pedophilia with Congressional page boys in the 80′s & 90′s. FACILITATION is a crime

    Trump was able to back away from this trap because he did NOT indulge in that evil. I hope that as Ben Fulford has said the Rothschild family homes could all be hit with many drones strikes. Shall the world allow these war criminals to define that such behavior is immoral when they have killed many tens of millions in 19th & 20th century wars for their family profit.

  • truthseeker4809

    Rothschild is just a banker for the Vatican Jesuit Black Pope.

    So this story masks who is really behind the picture.

    • what if...

      They were HUGE PROFITEERS of the carnage of (many) wars and deaths, no doubt. Why not full surrender of the filthy lucre?

  • propel7

    The Rothchilds are the concubines of the JESUITS, who put them in business. The Jesuits are the SOURCE of it all. The Vatican Baldacchino Altar is the “Shrine of Osiris”, who is the fallen angel Azazel/Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit, 1 of the 7 satans. The 4 angels exalted atop the Baldacchino SERPENTINE pillars are “the 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth”, the dragon and his angels, 4 of the 7 satans. The obelisk/PHALLUS of Osiris is exalted in the center of the Square of peter, which is two circles/vesica pisces, representing rebirth, the rebirth of Osiris. Notice the cross coming out of the tip of his phallus (blasphemous), representing the beast/satan becoming/reborn as Christ – FALSE Christ. 1 of the 7 kings – the 7th king. and the “8th”, which is the beast/angel (Osiris) that rises up out of the bottomless pit. The 8 demon-masks on the bottom of the 4 Baldacchino pillars show the 7 kings (sons of Perdition since the flood), and the 8th (when Osiris finally rises in his OWN SKIN – not possessing a king), given birth to by the woman in travail, the Great Whore, which is the Vatican today. 1 of the 7 – and the 8th, will arrive very soon. The 8th 3-1/2 years after the 7th. —”COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”.

    • what if...

      So are the Jesuits the representation of the anti-Christ? :shock:

  • Canderson

    I do not know, hmm seems too me they using the Rothschilds as back seed dumpsters. What about the Jesuits and the Black Nobility? The Rothschilds are their banksters. Besides Albert Pike spoke of Zionism before they existed as a real force.

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