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The Impact Threat of Planet X / Nibiru in Two Months

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 13:09
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A famous physicist proclaimed recently that we are reaching the limits of what we can know and understand about the world through science. And when asked why, he said, “Because the laws of physics forbid it.”

It’s a fascinating topic worth researching, but it’s the reason I was happy to hear about the potential discovery of a new planet spinning away in our own solar system. It’ll give us something to mull over for a while.

If true, I think it might be one of the most tremendous discoveries in our lifetime. It’s like learning you’ve had a family member living in the attic your whole life whom you’ve never met.

There are certain facts we’ve taken for granted our whole lives – like there are 26 letters in the alphabet and there are nine planets (counting poor Pluto) and there are five food groups and we have 10 toes and there are seven continents.

And now suddenly, everything we thought we knew – those things we recite verbatim – has been turned upside down. To me, it’s as novel as if someone decided to interject a new number between three and four.
There’s been plenty of study on the planets – dating all the way back to the Babylonians in the second century BC, so it’s not as if we’ve been cavalier about space. It’s not as if we’ve always said, “Yeah, there’s probably something like seven or eight planets spinning around out there.” Science has been pretty decisive.

According to astronomers who led the study at Caltech, the evidence for a new planet comes from observations of dwarf planets that orbit the sun beyond Neptune. The dwarf planets take an unusual orbital path, one they say that can only be explained by an unseen nearby astronomical body.

But here’s the cool part: All kinds of people and civilizations have been throwing this idea out there for centuries – this idea that there is a planet in our solar system that we don’t know about, and they’ve always called it “Planet X.”

Now some of this gets into murky waters, but just for the fun of it, let’s take a look.

It’s been said that the Sumerians, who lived in Mesopotamia (Iraq) in 4,000 BC, referred to a distant planet in their cuneiform text. Fast forward to 1976 and enter a Russian-American named Zecharia Sitchin who was an acclaimed scholar of ancient manuscripts (recently passed away), who spent a career translating Sumerian texts presented on 6,000-year-old clay tablets.

In his translations, he points to a reference by the Sumerians to a “12th planet,” which only makes sense if you know that the Sumerians counted Pluto and the sun and the moon as planets. The Sumerians called this distant planet “Nibiru” and said it was in the backwaters of our solar system, somewhere behind Neptune.

Before you call this learned man a quack, note that he found an astonishing array of facts that can be corroborated by modern research, and according to scholarly reviewers of his book, what he found was literally mind boggling in 1976, and it remains so today. His trailblazing books have been translated into 20 languages and have been sold by the millions. In them, he attempts to rewrite man’s origins as told by the Sumerians, but that’s a story for another day.

Scientists have continued to look for Planet X over the years, although some time in the 1990s it was abandoned. The man behind the new claims is Mike Brown from Caltech, who had this to say about his discovery:

“If you ever say, ‘We think we have found evidence for Planet X,’ the first reaction of any astronomer is, ‘Oh, you’re one of those crazy people.’ And that’s a perfectly reasonable reaction. There’s been so much craziness over these things over the past century that there’s no reason to believe that somebody is going to come along who’s not crazy and say the same thing. Except, I think we’re right this time rather than crazy.”

There is so much we don’t know about who we are. There is an ancient history on earth that is, quite frankly, befuddling. I see it in the faces of the archaeologists I work with and in the contradicting theories on man’s origins.

But there’s something exciting about possibly collaborating our modern reality with 6,000-year-old Sumerian texts, and it gives me hope that some day we’ll have a better understanding of who we are.

The existence of Planet X is beyond any reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty. In this article we’ll examine proofs of its existence. In fact, if you want to ask one simple question that posits the theory of the reality of Planet X, just ask yourself, where did $2.2 trillion disappear to in the Pentagon’s budget and why do we have over 100 underground deep bunkers throughout the U.S.? Why are critical government infrastructures moving from their susceptible positions on the East Coast to the protected areas of Colorado?

But let’s look at the astronomical evidence. I have seen Planet X on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). This is a NASA infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope, launched in December 2009. It is currently in the constellation Pisces and is clearly marked as an unidentified object (but quite plainly visible dark red star) known as IC 5385.

If you’d like to view it yourself, you can install Worldwide Telescope. It’s an observatory on your desktop and the most sophisticated online program I’ve seen. You can view in multi-wavelength views and see stars and planets in context to each other. You can take a guided tour of the universe. Microsoft Research has posted this amazing program online at no cost in memory of Jim Gray. Jim was a researcher like myself. He was manager of Microsoft Research’s eScience Group. Jim Gray has gone missing, probably as a result of a sailboat accident.

We’re not going to see Planet X or Nibiru, by whichever name you prefer to call it, until the month it reaches perihelion with our sun. I believe there is a high amount of evidence that will occur in early October of 2017. There is scientific evidence that supports that timeline as well.

Planet X is estimated to orbit our sun with a period of slightly less than 4,000 years. Keep in mind it cannot be seen with normal telescopes. You need to be in the infrared spectrum to see it now, as it approaches south of the ecliptic. On Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, go to the constellation Pisces and switch view mode to WISE. You cannot miss it. It’s highly inclined with an eccentric orbit to the ecliptic plane (the plane around which our planets circle the sun). It is red and dense like Mercury and somewhat larger than Saturn.

Science Digest has reported that this red dwarf star was sought by the Pioneer space probes and there are national newspaper reports that it may have been found by the Infrared Astronomical Survey Satellite (IRAS) as soon as the early 1980s. The government has known about it since then. All major governments – Russia, China, England, South Africa and, of course, ours as well as major European heads of state – are totally aware of it. Of course, Scriptural references to it in Matthew 24, Revelation 6 and 8 all point to damage estimates of major impacts.

John Moore’s national radio show has had real-time Intelligence on Planet X. He’s interviewed (discreetly) ex-Navy veterans who have moved to the Ozarks on the recommendation of their commanders. They were told what is going to happen but not the details. What you’re reading here is the details and the deep background. If you don’t have Windows 7 or 8 and thus cannot install the astronomy program, just watch the video below and it will take you through the story and you’ll see it for yourself.

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  • Boo

    Mr. Sitchin was a creative journalist to say the least. But an authority on Sumerian cuneiform I think not. You can thank the Akkadian scribes who created the Sumerian lexicon dictionary of cross reference. Many 1,000′s of years before Zack showed up, who clearly was writing fiction, since you can check the lexicon yourself. Try not to think about all those people you told Sitchin was some kind of authority here. Just chalk it up to lessons learned and try not to do it again.

    • The Clucker


      Sadly, people ignore facts like this without doing research.

      • Anonymous

        I’m attentive, prepared, and contrite, on a good day, when everything seems rather routine.

        But, where is the work, behind your rebuttals.

        What have you re-interpreted, where, and who are the authorities, that corroborate you.

        Does BiN allow you to post your *work, where everyone will see it, or do you mainly ride the coattails of others.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    August 3, 2016:

    April 7, 2016:

    So I’m guessing we’ll see this again in two months?

    Why don’t you people get a real job? You obviously suck at this one.

  • The Ferrett

    Sitchin was jewish, so his loyalty was to the hive . . . always the hive . .

    Jews are a cursed, demonised race of people that know only lies . . lies . . . and more . . lies!

    Go here to see a thoroughly well researched and in-depth analysis of Zechariah Sitchin;

  • charlie2dogs

    more horseshit

  • Eggzactly

    Hold your Breath until it arrives. Just do that would ya and no cheating.

  • Dodgeball

    I could be wrong but this might have something to do with “Operation Firesign” and/or “Project Bluebeam”. With the SUPER HIGH degree of perfected holography they already have, it would be no problem to project whatever object they want on the sodium particles in the sky. And it would look VERY real!

    It’s strange that something that is supposedly 7 times (some say), larger than Saturn, is due to arrive sometime between 2 months from now and Oct. of 2017 (that really nails it down), AND an object that can conveniently only be seen with an infra-red telescope (which NASA is supposedly using to ‘watch’ this thing), still can’t be seen with a normal telescope! It seems that they have an answer for everything. :roll:

    And, what’s even stranger, if you go the NASA (Never A Straight Answer), website and punch in ‘Nibiru’, they will give you a report that denies the very existence of the object that they are apparently watching. Go figure!!

    • Bobwire

      if everybody was as smart as you clowns think you are we wouldn’t need science.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Nice sneak attack there, Butt Hurt Bob.

        Like a ninja, in and out in a flash!!! :mrgreen:

  • Anonymous

    NIBIRU = 100% FAKE, to deceive and fool the masses.
    ALIENS & UFO = 100% FAKE, to deceive and fool the masses.

  • Syco247

    And when more nothing happens then what?? Just pick a new date out of a hat? More halfassed math to try and prove a new time, ohh they were off because a 1/1000 of an hour discrepancy?

  • Jacko

    It’s still coming or coming again?

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