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‘Let’s Get Rid of Mount Rushmore’; Anti-Confederate Movement Spreads to Founders

Friday, August 18, 2017 17:58
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The attack on statues of Confederate leaders has now spread to the Founding Fathers and even Abraham Lincoln.

Op-Eds and news articles around the web chronicle proposals and actual efforts to erase America’s history from the public square. Some of the most disturbing efforts include:

Blasting Mount Rushmore

“Let’s Get Rid of Mount Rushmore” – the headline on a Vice op-ed by Wilbert L. Cooper reads.

“Fact is, I’m not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers,” Cooper wrote. “I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.

Put God Back Into History And Teach Your Kids What They Won’t Learn Anywhere Else!

“… Obviously, Washington and Thomas Jefferson were remarkable individuals who helped usurp British rule in America and, eventually, establish a new empire. But they also enslaved their fellow man, committing special kinds of inhumane acts that should never be confined to footnotes. Unfortunately, that is exactly how those troublesome truths are treated when you face the awesome grandeur of Rushmore, a monument so incredible it obscures the multifaceted nature of these old dudes, transmogrifying them from individuals with a capacity both for greatness and evil into pure American deities.”

Interestingly enough, Cooper says he’d oppose a statue of Obama, too. Obama ordered some morally questionable actions, including drone strikes and unconstitutional surveillance programs, Cooper wrote.

“What I am suspicious of are monuments produced by the state, which tend to flatten out nuances and turn flawed individuals into tools of propaganda that bolster a kind of religious patriotism,” he wrote.

In Chicago, Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, wants a statue of George Washington removed in his community and a street named for Andrew Jackson to be changed.

Lincoln Under Attack

A bust of Abraham Lincoln on Chicago’s Southside was vandalized and burned on Wednesday, NBC 5 TV reported. The statue was erected in 1926.

“What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism,” Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez wrote on Facebook.

Monument to Supreme Court Justice Removed

A crane lifted a monument to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert B. Taney from a pedestal in front of the Old State House in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday, CBS Baltimore reported. Taney wrote the infamous Dred Scott decision in 1857 declaring that African-Americans were not US citizens.

Taney remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War and remained on the job until his death in 1865. A group cheered as the statue was removed.

Blasting Stone Mountain?

A gigantic carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson should be blasted off the side of Stone Mountain in Georgia, Hontas Farmer wrote at

“Sign this petition if you don’t want to be defined forever by the face of traitors arguably worse than Benedict Arnold, who fought for a version of slavery which was more dehumanizing than even that practiced by George Washington,” Farmer wrote. She was referring to a petition.

“Those men were traitors at best,” Farmer complained. “They are in the same league as Benedict Arnold.”

Confederate Reenactors Attacked

A man attacked Civil War reenactors dressed as Confederate soldiers with pepper spray at a parade in Newton, N.C., WSCO TV reported. The reenactors were taking part in the 128th Annual Soldiers’ Reunion Parade.

Things might have been much worse. Karl Smith, the man who pepper-sprayed the reenactors, was carrying a revolver when police arrested him, WSCO reported.

Do you think the Confederate statues should be removed? Share your thoughts in the section below:


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  • Busta Myth

    Why don’t they change it to Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Elmer Fudd and that pesky Wabbit Bugs ?

  • Diane Rivenbark

    No, I don’t believe in removing white, Confederate History and Heritage. Next, would be Presidents, Mt. Rushmore, and our Founding Fathers, Memorials, all Monuments, statues, markers, etc. Read 1984 by George Orwell.

  • Rockledge

    This is what happens when a nation has even the smallest demographic of those predisposed to violence and the inability to function in a civilized society. Hatred and violence combined with intellectual incompleteness foster this insanity.

  • unidentified

    sounds like someone in city planning doesnt like historical statues and what they represent

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      What they represent?

      Secret societies, the wealth of the 1%, and the stealing of land from it’s inhabitants?

      • wiseoldlady

        Even more reason to keep them to remind others of history. Vanish the statues you vanish the history.

  • raburgeson

    Destruction of federal property? The treat is made, if they even show up lock them up. Destruction of any property is not acceptable.

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    We should get rid of Mount Rushmore.

    It’s a monument of secret society members, carved into the side of a mountain, that was sacred to the native Americans that lived there.

    It was made, to be a fuck you to native Americans.

    You know, the humans that lived here before Europeans came in and decimated them, raped them, murdered them, and stole ALL their land.


    Why don’t we just hang those ignorant fucks instead?

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Yeah and Germany should have left all their Hitler statues up, and hung the ignorant fucks that thought they should be torn down.


        Your attempt at making them morally equivalent is moronic.

  • Anonymous

    To remove our history, let’s go all of the way.. If this is what you believe in, then you
    should walk the walk and talk the talk 100 percent, and not just pick and choose the
    things that you like or dislike personally. You speak of the horrors of the slavery over
    a hundred years past but yet you ignore the fact that it was ever corrected. Yes it was
    the men in my home state that left their families, to face possible death to walk on foot
    a thousand miles to fight in a war to “free” a people that they had never seen before
    in their lives. Where is their reward? So many of them did lose their lives in the bloodiest
    conflict this nation had ever seen. Just what was there reward for having lost their lives, or
    body parts? The reward is a bunch of whiners and cry babies a century and a half later
    that can’t face history and have to hide themselves from reality. They were the ones that
    made the confederates erect all of the statues after the civil war took place. They allowed
    the South to create their statues to honor their war heroes just as they demanded that
    their heroes were immortalized in stone monuments as a testament to tell the story for
    all mankind, to learn from the experience of the Civil War and all that it represented.
    The war was not all about slavery, even though so many like to think so, it’s just only
    a part of the story of the Civil War and a smaller part than many would like to believe.
    It was as much or more so about taxation and keeping the South from having monopolies
    in trade with other countries. Instead of it being a clash of Ideologies concerning money,
    it was morphed into a battle over slavery instead, even though many northern folks
    had slaves as well.

    The point is that, it is such a joke for people to erase history to their liking, to distract
    people’s attention from the real issues we should be paying attention to. Most people
    fall for it, and help to perpetuate the conversation, because our traitorous media steers
    them right into the distraction. Years ago, people would not put up with this kind of
    B.S., and would start knocking heads.. Today anyone that is offended, gets a red carpet
    rolled out for them, and a platform to speak from, via our traitorous press yet again.

    And those that want to erase our history and all things concerning slavery, really should
    walk that walk to it’s fullest extent, if that is what they truly believe. Here is what they
    really should do IF they really believe in this so strongly.

    1. Throw away your cell phones immediately, and all thing electronic inside of your
    homes, as most of these things are made by people in China, held in near slave conditions
    in factories there..
    2. Don’t wear or buy any clothes from Asian Countries, as the same applies to clothing made
    in Asia.. We have all read the stories where some factory worker slips a plea for help into
    a package of clothing, asking to be rescued.

    3. Get rid of your cars, and don’t ride in one ever again. Do not take any transportation
    because at some point slavery was involved in it’s evolution to what we have today.
    No matter is it was a capitalist taking advantage of people to manufacture, cars, trucks,
    aircraft etc, corporate slavery built those vehicles.. We all know the Chinese built our
    railroad tracks out west in the 1800′s, and they were doing so under slave conditions.

    4. Don’t use your air conditioners either. The metal mostly comes from corporate slavery
    and the labor on it is about done the same way as the clothing above.

    5. Don’t eat anything that is grown on farms.. Back in the old days, it was slaves
    that picked most crops. So if a statue can remind you of slavery, so then can
    a stalk of sugarcane, or any other food particle..

    So, don’t pick and choose here. If you are going to walk the walk, then go all
    of the way with it. Instead of learning from history, hide yourself from it, but
    remember what a phony you are, if you accept certain things that you like and
    reject the things that you do not like, when they ALL are a part of out history.
    How we got where we are is because we learned the lessons of the past, and
    we have monuments to remind us of that past. Choose to go forth boldly,
    knowing that it took the courage of our forefathers to get us to this point,
    through learning from mistakes, wars, and inventions, or turn and run
    from it all because you can’t face the past.. It’s your choice, but if you
    choose to run and hide and change history, quit taking advantage of just
    the parts you like.. The good comes from the bad and vice versa, so accept
    all of it, or reject all of it.. You can’t have it both ways.. Give up all things
    that modern society created, because in reality, there was slavery involved
    at some point in all of it.. From the times of the Egyptians, Romans,
    Greeks, there was slavery every step of the way, until finally some
    guys from the North, decided to change it for the first time in the
    history of mankind, decided to do something about it, and left their
    homes, farms, businesses and families and marched to their almost
    certain death to “cure” this problem, and look what that did for them..
    It gave birth down the line to a bunch of weasels and ingrates who
    can’t even handle their own history, and are offended by statues..
    How sickening! How embarrassing!

    • Jeffery Pritchett


    • wiseoldlady

      BINGO…!!! And let’s make sure these leftists realize it was the Scottish and Irish that also built the railroads and the steel and the cars and the oil pipelines…. slaves. The steel mills had the men working 18 hour days, 6 day weeks. Many arrived in America with passage prepaid by an American and the immigrant slave was in bondage until his debt was repaid. But going back even further it was the blacks that sold the blacks into slavery starting in Egypt. Then the British crown and jews brought the blacks to America. Few blacks were mis-treated as so many refuse to believe. They were treated the same way the Chinese, Scotch, Irish were treated. This abuse ideology began with a propaganda movie back in the 90s….called Roots. Mt Rushmore needs to stay put…..untouched. Only a few miles from Rushmore is the huge indian monument still in the process of construction with a finish plan of 2060 called Crazy Horse. Since the Indians are the actual peoples that actually were abused the blacks should be ashamed of themselves. BTW it was the democrats, liberals, progressives throughout history that had most slaves…..there is proof of this.

  • Man

    so before today, mount rushmore was fine for those confederates?

    it is funny, because if you have KKK and White supremacists (neo-nazi) supporting Confederate history, you might want to think twice why you have those groups supporting it?

    • wiseoldlady

      They are ALL progressive liberals. Don’t let the titles fool you. The KKK has always been democratic.

  • YellowRoseTx51

    The NWO is attempting to start a new civil war between Americans (“south”) and the 13 Federal Families of the North who are QEs relatives..the “Union” Jack”.
    The current Harrisburg march thats turned violent – ‘antifa against sharia law’ – is another example of people who are actually paid by brits (13 families) and people who are simply stupid enough to follow blindly.

  • Cousin_Jack

    Now you mention it, the Statue of Liberty does seem slightly sexist…

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