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’60 Minutes’: Yes, America, the Obama Administration Lied to You About Benghazi

Monday, October 28, 2013 20:12
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John Hayward
Human Events

“60 Minutes” ran a report on the Benghazi scandal Sunday night that confirmed its status as an enduring scandal with many questions still remaining to be answered.  Good thing the media was willing to cover for Barack Obama until he got re-elected, because this is some really damning stuff.  The video is about 15 minutes long, and well worth watching in full:



For mainstream media news consumers, a lot of this will come as a total shock. (CBS News, it should be noted, has been far more aggressive in pursuing the Benghazi story than its competitors; they say Sunday night’s report was a year in the making.) Yes, America, you were lied to, early and often, by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their crew. They knew damn well it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. They knew it was never a protest over a provocative YouTube video. They looked right into the faces of the families who lost sons, brothers, and husbands in Benghazi and lied to them…

The article continues at Human Events.

From CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s Twitter feed last night:

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.06.38 PM


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  • ElOregonian

    Yes, the Criminal-in-Chief does not have to run again so the lapdog useless media will leak out some information so as to give them some credit as being ‘objective’…

    Too late though, they’ve already proven their complicity in the criminal fraud.

  • CrowPie

    Yes, America. Republicans have conveniently forgotten that “Republicans ” cut the funding for security at the embassys.

    • CrowPie

      You get what you pay for. Haven’t you people ever played Sim City :grin:

      • Masters of Mayhem

        Your comments are ridiculous. We had assets all over the region to defend the embassy…we chose not to use them.

      • Frankie

        Crow pie
        You are an idiot get a brain Warped Liberal

      • Neanderthal

        How can you pay for something if your 17 trillion in the hole and your no longer able to borrow from other countries to buy a crowpie for a $1.00. Because it is Fiat money so Bernake can just print some on some paper with numbers on them. You cannot cut funding when nobody is funding you unless Bernanke can print some more money for you.
        Yes we got what we paid for 30 million illegal immigrants and still coming. And $1 dollar for a crowpie.
        Now that could be discriminatory. Better check with the PResidente because Crow are native americans and putting them with a pie, I would be insulted, Kind of like a redskin or crowpie or something like that. Better get Washingtons approval on that one. They might throw you in jail utilizing NDAA for descrimination or not checking in with the presidente on your avatar name. Just trying to look out for you.

    • Ghost

      Ignore the Ignorance of the Ignorants.

      These faux CONservatives CHOOSE a path of blind ignorance…

      Head in the sand, when facts do not agree with their propaganda

      A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward. Franklin D. Roosevelt

      • CrowPie

        Hostility is the first reaction of the base human being when met with the TRUTH.

    • Neanderthal

      I didnt know Benghazi was on the Budget or was funded. Looks to me like it was a gun running operation that was funding itself by the democrats or maybe the 143 tons of gold that was in Libia at one time. Besides, 4 men where killed and what difference does it make.

      • CrowPie

        Seriously? You don’t think that guards who are well trained to fight to the death to protect the lives of Americans and their workers in Embassys located in foreign Nations are to be PAID, and PAID WELL? Oh, that’s right…you think that they lay down their lives for free…..I forgot…your a republican/tea party talibaner.

    • Bushkid

      Crowpie is nothing but a shill – just ignore subhumans who are paid to cover up the deaths of those who would not STAND DOWN and died defending their country. God Bless them ALL! Whole world knows what and who the US Criminal in Chief is – a low-down traitor not only to America but to every decent, honest human being on the planet. The truth will come out. When the truth comes out also about SEAL TEAM 6, it will even be worse than Benghazi… Obama et al including Hellary Sinton are still gonna fry!

      • CrowPie

        Your right…..the fact is…….we don’t KNOW all the facts yet. What I do know is that funding for security WAS Indeed cut by republicans……and that The few guards that were working……were NOT from OUR well train American Forces. Rather, a piece meal, local menagerie of uniforms, unable to handle any assault. Much less the fine tuned plan that was executed against the victims of that fateful night.

        And your right, regardless of where the fault lies, if any, may God Bless them all.

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    The sheeple have no interest in this story. They are more interested in football and Miley Cyrus’s flat ass.

  • Anonymous

    This is the story of King David and Uriah. I wonder what the ambassador knew about Hillary and Barak that led to him being left alone in front of the enemy to die.

  • OZWombat

    So Al Aqaida run by the CIA, Mi6, Mossad and co, was put in place to take Stevens out.

    This 60 Minutes thing total BS because it ignores all the 1,000s upon 1,000s upon millions slaughtered don’t rate, yet some idiot running Gadafi’s arms to Syria via Hong Kong who was taken out by the proxy terrorist group on the US Secret Budget Payroll has some seniority of importance over any one else likewise taken out. So what!
    60 Minutes is owned and run by Jewish Zionist Media. If they were some how independent they would not even exist on TV. They’d have to set up their own YouTube Channel and drown amongst all the others doing likewise.
    Where did 60 Minutes originate from? Australia. Who controls 99.99% of Australian Media? Rupert Zio Murdoch.
    Why does BIN run this garbage?

    • asterflower

      Oz Wombat…The reason I think that BIN should run these stories is to legitimize the need for alternative media.

  • pguild01

    Hope this story will be the end of Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Presidential aspirations. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  • Mole Johnson

    Is anyone really surprised at all the continual lies that come out of the Oweasel administration? :roll:


    And so?

    What are you Americans gonna do since you have this information now?
    Sue Obama?
    Impeach Obama?
    Send him a letter asking him to resign?
    Not support Obama?

    KAching….. we the Muslims are coming and our friend Obama is helping us…

    • Tralop

      ….we’re awaiting your arrival.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        They are here….and almost all in federal positions.
        Time to put them in THE position.

  • Sailor72

    When did “60 minutes” start having intelligence?
    Answer: They haven’t. Just a little misdirection to throw you off. “Look,look-We’re real journalists now. Right down the middle. The truth is what matters to us”.—–Horse HocK*y–When it hits the fan they’ll defend the little two-bit clown to the end.

  • crabby

    notice what ever country we invade or have our cia’s muslim army invade an throw out the sitting chief,, it’s W-A-Y more a turd pit then before..

    everything the USA touches including healthcare..

  • popeter

    Wake up, America. When are you going to realize that Obama ORDERED this massacre? Stephens was in possession of some information which I cannot divulge. When you don’t want something out, you just snuff out the source.

  • shock an awe

    Hillary clinton should never be trusted in politics again , the truth for her is like a bridge to far.

  • RobiMac

    There is nothing that the Obama administration hasn’t lied about.

    The man who has done more to diminish America and set her on a path to becoming another third world dung heap has asked Americans for, and received four more years to complete the job.
    Go figure!

  • asterflower

    The government cannot be trusted; neither can the mainstream media. There is a hidden agenda in everything that they do. What is it this time?

  • Don't be hating!

    Yes I believe the media> especially 60 minutes! They all speak the TRUTH..


  • TombRaider

    Benghazi was a CIA weapons transfer station. The attack was simply a false flag event to disguise the real intent of this facility to ensure the transfer put the weapons in the rebels hands….

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