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The Manchurian Candidate: Arizona U.S. Senator, John McCain – The Enemy within the Republican Party

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 16:26
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Will Arizona’s conservative Republicans finally decide they’ve had enough of the lies and deceit from their once ‘maverick’ U.S. Senator, or, will they cut their own wrists (holding their noses) to re-elect a U.S. Senator they know no longer stands with, or for the Republican Party? McCain stands with the D.C. ‘cartel’ elite, which include both Republican RINO’s and Democrats; their new official titles: Globalist New World Order Elites!

John McCain has now proven that he will not stand with the Republican Presidential nominee and has officially withdrawn his endorsement of Trump. This is mounting evidence that McCain has NEVER supported the Republican Presidential nominee and, has ALWAYS stood with his Senatorial colleague and personal friend, Hillary Clinton.

Despite John McCain’s liberal/progressive voting record, his war on conservatives, his war on the Tea Party Movement, his wars with conservative members of Congress, his calculated and provocation of wars, and his war with the current, Republican nominee for President, John McCain manages to astound conservative Republicans and Independents across the nation with his perpetual re-election results. Voter sentiment toward the ‘do nothing Establishment guard’ is changing across the nation, yet in Arizona, it appears either apathy, lack of adequate water intake, or dementia has possessed the Desert Dwellers and continues to resurface every 6 years. It doesn’t matter to these Desert Dwellers that John McCain, like his close personal friends, the Clinton’s, will propagate lies to smear primary opponents in clearly false advertisements, and refuse to debate his recent primary opponent, Tea Party conservative-backed former state legislator, Dr. Kelli Ward, to avoid his campaign lies about her being exposed to Arizona and the entire nation, it appears there is a segment of the Republican Party in Arizona that are close cousins to the blind sheeple of the Democratic Party, who wouldn’t care (or believe) the misdeeds of their party political leaders. Alas, this is the type of voter who have systematically voted for ‘the party’ as if it were branded on their foreheads at birth and all they will tell you is that ‘I’ve always voted for the Republican’, or, ‘I’ll never vote for a Democrat’. When you tell them one of your ‘party players’ is defective, the regurgitated response is always: ‘Well, a bad Republican is better than a good Democrat’. Think about that for a moment. Truly think about that mentality. Think about how the political pendulum has clearly and methodically shifted far left, even though since 2010 the Republicans have gained majorities in both Houses of Congress. John McCain, a ‘Republican’ ranking, senior member of the U.S. Senate certainly would have some influence in asserting the Republican Party platform in Congressional decisions, would he not? Of course he does, but he’s flagrantly using his influence to bully and chastise our conservative Congressional members into placating Democratic wants and demands. John McCain is the enemy within the Republican Party! He is systematically and methodically destroying conservativism in favor of globalism.

The Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick is ‘worse’ than John McCain?

It depends what one considers ‘worse’. McCain’s progressive voting record supporting Democrat bills, and going against conservative GOP bills are highly indicative that McCain works meticulously with the pro-global/pro-open borders Republican Establishment to bully our conservative legislators in D.C. into propagating the liberal, globalist agenda through disaffirming the true, Republican conservative agenda. The ‘Establishment club’ that McCain is the ranking Republican member of, is known to use such bullying tactics which include threats of withholding more conservative members from important committee appointments, as well as threats to withhold Republican support for re-elections. McCain destroys the true, Republican conservative agenda from inside the Republican Party because he is falsely regarded as a ‘Republican’. McCain has not supported an ‘outsider’ to the D.C. Global elitist  club (Trump), he has proven he will NEVER stand, aid, or support the Republican nominee over his friend, Hillary Clinton.

Republicans need McCain, because he is the military expert on ‘terrorism’?

McCain should be the expert because he met with ISIS leaders, and said, “We know these people intimately” (direct quote, Sept. 16, 2014 on the Hannity Show, Fox News). Verified facts and timelines show that McCain, along with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, created ISIS. In 2011, it was McCain himself who addressed Congress and called for the arming of “Libyan rebels” (now ISIS) to overthrow Kaddafi. Hence, McCain gave ‘birth and maturity’ to ISIS. It is extremely bewildering that former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorsed McCain (again) because “The United States of America and the people ofArizona are safer with John McCain in the Senate.” Um. Really Jan? The American people have military knowledge as well. We know that McCain, as Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, a ‘Republican’ worked hand in hand with a Democratic-leftist President (Obama), and Democratic-leftist Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) and together, they are responsible for unleashing the most horrific terrorist regime upon the world!

McCain is anti-Obamacare, Kirkpatrick is for it?

Fact: John McCain refused to sign the Republican pledge to defund Obama care. (Many web and news sources, September 2013) This fact infuriated the overwhelming majority of Arizona’s Republican Party members so much that for the first time in its history, the Arizona Republican Party censured a politician. Suffice it to say, if Arizona’s own Republican Party is rebuking McCain, WHO keeps re-electing him? Arizona voters are unique in the respect that they want McCain to be a conservative Republican; they hope McCain will act like a conservative Republican, but he doesn’t. Clearly, voter insanity runs rampant throughout Arizona.

We must maintain the Republican majority and keep McCain in the U.S. Senate to have the power to choose the next members of SCOTUS?

Whew…there are so many sides to start pulling this false ‘sky is falling’ mentality apart, that I don’t know where to begin. I’ll need to do this methodically:

Obama and the Democrats (who maintain only minority in the House and Senate) successfully anointed, I mean, appointed Lie-retta Lynch to U.S. Attorney General. Not only were they successful in their own party, but 20 rogue Republicans (a.k.a. RINO’s) voted with them! The majority are close friends and colleagues of John McCain. Why didn’t John McCain convince his colleagues, especially Jeff Flake, to vote against confirmation of a proven liberal-leftist to U.S. Attorney General? Why didn’t John McCain cast a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ vote? The answer to both questions lay in McCain’s own character flaws and history of consistency in supporting the more global, liberal agenda. McCain did not want to go on record of voting for Lynch because he’s running for re-election. His vote to confirm a pro-liberal agenda U.S. Attorney General wouldn’t be acceptable to conservative Republicans and a ‘nay’ vote wouldn’t be acceptable to his Democratic friends or voters.

In essence, based upon the vocal strength of the Democratic minority, in addition to having the Presidency secured (until November), it is evident that a Republican majority in both houses of Congress isn’t the vital requirement to securing the passage of bills, but also applies to SCOTUS nominees. What is a more plausible argument is that gaining the Presidency can offset an opposite party majority in one and/or BOTH houses of Congress. What is the essential key? The essential key is the backing of the minority party to stand WITH the President and not AGAINST him. It is the unwillingness to stand up for convictions which has resulted in the Republican majority turbulently failing our nation.   

The Republican Party in Washington, D.C. lacks in passion, conviction, action, and honesty. The Republican Party, with senior ranking member John McCain at the helm and taking center stage as ‘playground bully’ in Washington, D.C., repeatedly lied to the American people. They believe ‘we can’t handle the truth’. They have never tried that route, so there is no credence to that incongruous assumption.  John McCain, being a ranking member of the U.S. Senate, has NOT fought against the Democrats and Obama, but he has placated them! Actions speak much louder than mere words to the press. John McCain has become an asset to the Democrats in Washington, D.C. and a liability to the Republican Party. More evidence to substantiate this fact occurred just recently as McCain now has withdrawn his support for Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Had John McCain fought as fiercely against Obama in 2008 as he has against his challengers for re-election, (now against the Republican Party’s Presidential nominee), our country would not have endured the sharp detour toward full blown socialism, and debt insolvency.

We need to keep McCain to make sure conservative legislation is passed?

How’s defunding Obama care worked out for us? How has ‘the wall’ McCain advocated for in 2010, to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, which now we know include terrorists, from walking across our southern borders into the United States worked out for us? We’re so proud our Republican majority stood their ground when the Omnibus bill came to vote. Oh wait! They only stood until it was dinner time. Republicans, particularly John McCain, handed Obama and the Democrats everything they’ve wanted, including Obama’s executive orders which our ‘Republican majority, with senior member John McCain’ hasn’t lost any sleep over. With Republicans like McCain, who needs a Democrat for an enemy?

With Trump as President, and the majority in both houses of Congress, we can reverse Obama’s executive orders?

The Republican majority didn’t stand up to fight against any of them from being passed in the first place. Next argument.

NOTE: I’ve repeatedly warned Republicans that John McCain will work to thwart every action Trump will take as President to fulfill his campaign promises. FACT: John McCain is a globalist, not a ‘Republican’ or a ‘conservative’. He has accepted and gladly receives monetary support from global-leftist, George Soros since 2001, when McCain founded ‘The Reform Institute’ as his money laundering organization for Soro’s campaign contributions.  It is well within reason to believe John McCain took a ‘planned fall’ in 2008 to Obama, per George Soros’ orders. Ironically, McCain’s ‘Reform Institute’ was established to proliferate the ‘progressive agenda’ and, get this, at the time McCain founded ‘The Reform Institute’, he was fervently championing ‘clean elections’ and overhauling campaign finance laws! (See NYT article dated March 8, 2005).

McCain can be trusted to work with the Republican Party. Kirkpatrick will be another vote for the Democrats!??

A common sense assumption, but not reality, pertaining to McCain.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton are longtime colleagues and personal friends. John McCain himself, via his McCain Institute for International Leadership, hosted a forum in Sedona in her honor in 2014. (See Washington Post article dated April 24, 2014).The event was attended by national and international business leaders and philanthropists (hint-hint….’fundraising’ for her).  It wasn’t billed as a ‘fundraiser’ for her 2016 Presidential bid, but when you invite philanthropists to an event for a Presidential contender, donations flow like a Champaign fountain!  In McCain’s own personal press release, McCain refers to Hillary as: “my friend”, and also stated: “ From her years of service as first lady, in the U.S. Senate and the State Department, one would be hard-pressed to find a leader with Secretary Clinton’s informed perspective on the man challenges facing America across the globe.” Really?? I mean, come on…really? This is how far McCain has veered so far left that he’s passed the point of no return:  In the Washington Post article cited above, we are reminded of McCain’s criticism of ‘his friend’ in the handling of the Benghazi, Libya attack where four American’s, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The article claims: ‘Clinton repeatedly has taken the responsibility for what happened in Benghazi”, and quotes Clinton herself: “It’s very painful and was certainly the biggest regret that I had as Secretary of State’. I don’t know what Republican’s buy that baloney from both McCain and Hillary, but it appears they want the American voters to eat and choke on it!

McCain will work with a Democratic President (Hillary). He will be the leading, ranking hemorrhoid in a Trump Presidency.

A ‘bad Republican’ is always better than a Democrat?

Problem with that argument, McCain isn’t a Republican. His ideology, his actions, the friends he chooses to align himself with, are Democrats. The label RINO (Republican In Name Only) was derived and coined with McCain in mind, at the top of the list. I put forth the argument that it is more dangerous to have the enemy working inside the Republican Party vs. one that is more easily identifiable (Kirkpatrick).

McCain will probably die in office, the Arizona Governor in charge of appointing McCain’s predecessor?

McCain’s family has long life lines. Good for him, bad for voters who hold their nose and cast their vote for him on that premise. That’s a huge gamble. What if the current Arizona Governor doesn’t win re-election in 2018? There appears to be a mood of dissention among the Arizona Republican Party that he may/may not be re-elected, the most recent disdain occurring from the influx of the third largest national resettlement of 766 Syrian refugees to Arizona. Arizona’s own citizens are struggling to find adequate welfare assistance yet Arizona’s Governor agrees to squeeze taxpayer’s even more. Off on a tangent here. If Governor Ducey loses his re-election ( a risk to be highly considered), would a possible Democrat Governor appoint ‘another’ Democrat (McCain considered a Democrat by ideological standards) to replace McCain anyway? Also to consider: Jeff Flake has become a rogue Republican, going against his campaign promise (lying)  to veer from more immigration reform measures, voting to confirm a leftist, liberal U.S. Attorney General nominee (Lynch), and currently refusing to support the Republican nominee for President, to name just a few of his rogue Republican deportments. McCain’s re-election will strengthen and exacerbate Jeff Flake’s leftist tendencies, because it’s apparent that McCain supports all of his fellow Arizona Senator’s actions.

I conclude by reiterating that it is easier to discern and combat an enemy on the outside, rather than the enemy within. John McCain is and will be an asset to the Democrats, a liability to the Republicans.

Don’t re-elect John McCain. He is destroying conservativism within the Republican Party.

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