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Don’t Let Obama’s Conciliatory Tone Fool You; Here’s What’s Really Going On…

Thursday, November 10, 2016 17:10
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I just want to take a few minutes to offer my post-election assessment and also provide some counsel for President-elect Donald Trump and his staff. It’s now Thursday, the 24-hour celebration is over; time to focus and begin developing a strategic vision for the first 180 days. What I’ve seen perusing some far-left websites is that the progressive socialist left is angry, and also in a delusional state of denial. This evil empire will look to strike back, and I mean in a very purposeful manner. Do not allow the seemingly “conciliatory” tone of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to deceive — they are pissed off.

For Barack Obama, his legacy as president is Donald J. Trump — not a single policy achievement will be left standing by 2019. The only reminder of Obama’s existence as president will be his portrait. He may have exhibits in his presidential library but much like the cavemen, his “accomplishments” will be extinct. That has Obama fuming, as his ego is quite large, no more pictures with his chin up in defiant, mode like Benito Mussolini.

Make no mistake: the election of Donald Trump by the American people is a repudiation of progressive socialism, Obama’s fundamental transformation. And Hillary Clinton is throwing a temper tantrum that rivals any four-year-old in the cereal lane of the grocery store; 0-2 running for president. And what’s worse, the Clinton crime cartel has been exposed and is done, it cannot peddle influence as the swamp in which they muddied themselves shall be drained.

Along with Obama and Clinton, the liberal progressive media is confounded and embarrassed. If you were watching any left-leaning media outlet Tuesday night, they were in a state of shock, denial, and that will soon turn to anger. They’ve truly lost all credibility as we come to learn about collusion with the Clinton campaign, and we already knew of their insidious and obvious bias. Tuesday night was supposed to be chock full of their laughing and derision of Trump and his supporters in the most denigrating of monikers. They were supposed to celebrate some “historic” moment and pop the corks on bottles of champagne…and start planning what expensive gowns they would wear for the inaugural parties.

The Hollywood and entertainment elites are disgusted — and how many left America? They are part of a Soviet-style politburo that believes they’re above us, and wield their perceived power to slither out of their holes, like the serpent with Eve, and whisper silly nothings into our ears — you shall eat of the apple, and vote as we tell you.

Donald Trump was kinda like Luke Skywalker who used the Force to fire the missile into the very small window and destroyed the Death Star. However, the Empire is already pondering how they can rebuild the weapon and strike back. Here’s what any stellar combat military person will tell you — after a successful attack, you consolidate, reorganize, and plan for the counterattack.

The liberal progressive left is angry, and they’re still doing that which caused them to lose — demeaning those who voted for Donald Trump. They’re already blaming Trump and his supporters for American demise — funny, the Dow Jones was exceptionally strong Wednesday — ya know, the Brexit-style fear mongering. I guess they had no clue about that whole US debt thing going from $10.67T to $20T just under Obama.

The left believes we are just too dumb enough to understand what’s best for us; they live in a fantasy land of unicorns and rainbows. As we reported, some universities that were offering counseling and safe spaces for students emotionally affected by the election results. Heck, what about Americans who have been out of work for extended periods, thanks to Obama’s failures? So, they see nothing wrong with them, it’s all wrong with us…after all, Trump supporters are uneducated, irredeemable, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic deplorable’s. And the left will continue to tout the fact that Hillary won the “popular vote”. Here are five points:

  1. The Dems own the urban areas; they are more densely populated. South Florida and the I-4 corridor are liberal leftist strongholds. In Texas, you will find Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso are heavy blue areas. What the Dems are doing is concentrating in these urban centers and winning them electorally. It’s only a matter of time before a few concentrated areas will provide the left what they want, national control. Yet, this is where you find the greatest failures of liberal progressive policies. The GOP, Donald Trump, must immediately follow up and change the course in the urban areas and turn more minorities away from the dark side.
  1. Trump needs to develop what we in the military call a “red cell,” and they need to war-game out the first 180 days for the new administration. They need to go through an action-reaction-counteraction process in order to not just plan in a vacuum but ascertain what is the reaction of Darth Vader (George Soros) and his storm troopers…and then have a course of action to execute based upon what they will do. What the Trump administration and the GOP-controlled 115th Congress must know is that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are planning their disruptive tactics. Trump must lead and anticipate them moves and counter, frustrate, them. He has to win the public confrontation because the media is REALLY going all in for the left.
  1. Trump and the GOP do not have a mandate now. If they’re successful in their first midterm election to maintain, or grow, their Congressional majority — then they have a mandate. Bill Clinton thought he had a mandate, and he lost in his first midterm election. Barack Obama thought he had a mandate, and he lost big in 2010 midterms. Even with George W. Bush, he thought he had a mandate and the GOP-controlled Congress spent like liberal progressives, and then he lost in his final midterms. My counsel: President-elect Trump, you have a policy opportunity, not a mandate; that comes after your first midterm.
  1. Trump needs to lie low, not make himself the news story in these days before his inauguration. This is the time for his potential cabinet members to be introduced and articulate the policy vision. Please, Mr. Trump, don’t do goofy crap like Obama did back in 2008 coming up with some seal of the Office of the President-Elect…it does not exist. Be in the shadows, speaking with global leaders by phone, or meeting with them in private. Let America see this is not about you, but a team in whom you have complete confidence.
  1. The maniacal rantings, insults, and protests from the chuckleheads of the left shows that they are not going to take responsibility for this loss. Acknowledge this is an ideological war that’s centered on the a system of governance prescribing the relationship between the State and the individual. This was a battle that was won, we destroyed the Death Star, set the Empire back, but the movement of progressive socialism in America has not been destroyed. Funny, the left went nuts about Trump not accepting the results of the election — who is out in the streets protesting? And who do you think is paying them? We must find the funding mechanism for the radical left and expose it. This is just the beginning, and you can expect unruly and disruptive behavior from the left…those are the Rules for Radicals. We cannot be in fear, but meet them head-on and call them out as they are, petulant spoiled losers. The left demands subservience and acquiescence to their will — the American will spoke loudly Tuesday, and is not accepting it.

Jimmy Carter’s legacy was Ronald Reagan. Barack Obama has given us Donald Trump. Both Reagan and Trump were once Democrats, but the real comparative analysis shall lie in whether Trump can build a team as Reagan did. And not a crew of sycophants and a shadowy Rasputin who have occupied the White House.

And do I really care that Miley Cyrus was crying? Nah!

Source: Allen West

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  • JKnTX

    I live in the area, and Houston is NOT “heavily blue” by any means.

    • HitleryforPrison

      I am a psychopath whom has sold my soul to Satan. My only goal is to destroy America and bring her to her knees!!!? I am a Globalist rat!

      • The Clucker

        You’re also no longer relevant now that the election is over. Just step aside and let your relevant globalist buddies take care of it and get to your retirement home in Dubai already.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…See what is leaving the WH, a Muslim with his Koran, his dogs, his 20 + czars, a bad Oman of 666,a one man show, Exec orders,
    his mean spirit, his day in and day out TV glib to America,the lies he tells, but we still have 70 days, pray that calm comes in America.

  • allendaves

    Yes this looks orchestrated and contrived ….both Obama and Hillary have been unusually going out of their way to “say the right things” and give NO HINT of any resistance but they created these “zombie” followers of theirs and know exactly who they are/ what they will do since they/ their people have been using these same kind of people as provocateurs during the campaign …. I still think it is very possible that they manipulated the votes (looking at the participation in the campaign stops et al there is no way this election could have been this close ……and if it was then the American public is so stupid, treasonous and or just out right evil that there is no hope it is only a matter of time now………..because even if they could not get Hillary in they need to be able to have it look close so as to NORMALIZE in the minds of everyone the manipulations…at a more convenient time they will be able not only to continue the manipulations but as time goes on they can get more and more divergent from the reality such that at some point in the future they will be able to manipulate the vote (successfully /be accepted by the masses) no matter what the actually vote is……i think this was and is the MOST important thing they wish to accomplish even more so then just this one election…..think big…think system control…not one candidate or one party

    • Spikey Norman

      ….both Obama and Hillary have been unusually going out of their way to “say the right things”

      Yes, and if they have any brains at all their diapers would be pretty full by now.
      They are both criminals of the first order, and have done the nation very great harm.
      Justice is sure to follow now they can no longer game the system.

  • Wity





  • carolina4

    exactly. i do hope analysis has begun on all those stuffed ballots. on all those dead and illegal voters. dual citizens.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    You can best believe evil Hillary and Obama are up to no good as we speak.

  • Daughter of the Church

    Good writing. It’s a 10 at warning Mister Trump to not fall for the flattery, the false offers of reconciliations by the mortal enemy, which has no other intent than to act as a poison, and as a choking snare.

    Good councils too. President-elect Donald J, Trump must lay low until he and his crew are truly at the commanding deck, because the ship is headed towards a great and violent storm, due to the deliberate misguiding of our current administration. We have been misguided by “naufrageurs” and the next President, for his own good, and for the good of the nation wants no part with the enemy. Donald Trump has been clean of all politics, until yesterday’s White House meeting. Let him remain clean until he assumes his post.

  • GRR

    Yep Obama is a prize cuuunt. An impostor, he was born in Keyna; a traitor and a crook. Not to mention that he ridiculed the USA by having, Michael Obama (who is a man) to be our First Shemale.

    He is a totally disgusting animal.

  • Deputy Dawg

    WARNING: THE DEMONSTRATIONS AND RIOTS APPEARS TO BE A MANEUVER SIMILAR TO THAT USED IN THE ARAB SPRING. Social and mainstream media incite opposition to the ruling ideology, they pay students and NGO’s to create an appearance of legitimate dissent. In the Arab countries mercenaries like Academi dressed as protesters then stormed their parliaments taking them over at the point of a gun. Here in the USA the mercenaries will not be necessary as the POTUS is a co-conspirator. Martial law will effectively accomplish exactly the same objective. As Progressive politicians, Hollywood icons and others continue to incite on Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media things will surely intensify to the point where Obama will command martial law.

  • Martus

    It’s not over till after December 12 when the Electoral college vote the new president in.

    How many Republicans have been compromised, bought flipped and will vote for Hillary instead of Trump.

    The media bashing of Trump is still going on.

    The protested whether bought or influenced by the democrats or celebrities is still going on.

    Other allies countries government and influential leaders are speaking against Trump when Obama’s enemy countries are speaking for Trump because if this Obama Clinton aggression keeps going on their will be WW3.

    The perception of the transition of power has been too smooth when these type of people would do anything to remain or continue in power because they know that they will have the numbers in the electoral college.

    The whole purpose of this charade is to make Trump look like a sore loser when he looses the electoral vote on December 12 and they will say we did not make any difficulties for you before when you were winning.

    Hill is milking the emotions of the public but behind main stream media she is smiling, she is acting the looser when she knows that she will win as Obama/Sorros has said she will win.

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