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Hey Liberals, We’re Breaking Up: It’s not us, it’s you.

Monday, November 14, 2016 11:42
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When Obama was elected for a second term, liberals celebrated the death of conservatism.  It was dead and buried, and Obama was the one putting the cross on the graves.

Republicans didn’t riot. They didn’t protest. They weren’t happy by any means, but they accepted the result, and tried to move forward.  To do that, they famously looked inward at the party, analyzing what they had done wrong and what they could do to fix it, going so far as to publish an autopsy report of sorts.

In typical liberal fashion though, Democrats are taking to the streets to throw a glorified temper tantrum after they lost this election.

Hillary and Obama have set the tone for this.  No matter what happened, nothing was ever their fault.  It was the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  It was an obstructionist Republican Congress.  It was racism, sexism, and a hundred other –isms and –phobias they could think of. Half of the country were haters, and the other half were victims

So it should come as no surprise that liberals right now are reflecting that mindset.  This loss is not their fault and it’s not the fault of their flawed candidate or their president. The phrase I’ve heard the most in the media is “I guess the country is just more racist than we ever realized”.

Funny, coming from a group that has worked to divide Americans along every line possible for the last eight years.

So liberals, it’s time to look inward and find out why Hillary was defeated, and surprise, it’s not any –ism or –phobia.  It’s you.  It’s Obama. And it’s definitely Hillary.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned over the last year:


Long before Trump started talking about a rigged system, Bernie Sanders was making that complaint, and it turned out that he was right on the money.  It was curious that there were only four initial debates, and all of those were scheduled on days that virtually were guaranteed to have no one watching.  They were on holiday weekends or set against big sporting events.  Suspicious, since they had a candidate who was more likeable the less anyone saw or heard her.

Then Wikileaks proved Bernie correct.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee, had done everything possible to rig the primary in Clinton’s favor. Emails within the DNC discussed how to cut Sanders out, going so far as to plant stories against him within the media.  There was no impartiality in the organization allegedly set up to represent all Democrats, and as a result, they disenfranchised millions of their own voters, something they continually accuse Republicans of doing.

The Democrat convention started off with Wasserman-Schultz stepping down from her position, only to be hired by Hillary a couple of days later.

A lot of Democrats said that was no problem. But people saw that.

Meanwhile, an ongoing FBI investigation was proving that Hillary had lied about everything from her private server, to her emails, to her blaming a video no one saw to cover up her response to Benghazi.  Then she lied to cover up the lies.  Like a true liar….uh, lawyer, she parsed her words so that they could be construed as true if you twisted them around enough.

Democrats said that was no problem.  But people saw that too.


Donna Brazile replaced Wasserman-Schultz as interim head of the DNC.  Then it came out that Brazile had been part of the rigged primary as well by passing on debate and town hall questions she had gleaned to the Hillary campaign, questions she had been given in her role as a CNN contributor.

Reporters who purported to be professionals were shown to be colluding with the Clinton campaign. One of them, John Harwood from CNBC, was a debate moderator who bragged afterwards to John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, how badly he thought he had hurt Trump’s chances.  His first question at the debate: “Mr. Trump, is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?”

As more emails were dumped by Wikileaks, the public learned that reporters were asking the Hillary campaign for questions to ask Trump, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina.  Some of them were sending their stories to the campaign for approval before they had sent it to their own editors.

The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, and CNN dropped all pretense of objectivity and went into all-out attack mode against Trump.  They had all been outed anyway so instead of being chastised, they doubled down, assured of a Hillary win.  What difference, at that point, did it make?

The media that had denied its liberal bias against Republican accusations for decades, are now less trusted than Congress.

Democrats said there was nothing wrong with that.  But people saw that too.


As tends to happen, Democrats went power mad.  They shoved Obamacare, unpopular or not, down everyone’s throats without any Republican input or votes. Nancy Pelosi told her crew not to bother with a silly thing like reading the bill.  They just had to pass it to find out what was in it.

Obama ridiculed Paul Ryan for his budgets, a thing Obama never produced even though it’s required by law.  He mocked John McCain for daring to ask for some input into Ocare.  He mocked and insulted Republicans in general every time he spoke.  He put every evil in the world, from Avian Flu to the Zombie Apocalypse, at their doorstep.

He called them, and all conservatives by extension, domestic terrorists, saying that we were holding a gun to American’s head by daring to ask that he do something to curb the astronomical debt Obama has accrued.

Hillary followed (pant)suit, putting all Trump supporters into a “basket of deplorables.”

“You don’t need to see a therapist because someone writes the name of a person you don’t like on a sidewalk in chalk.”

On reelection, Obama’s message to Republicans was “I won. Get over it, and come crawling.” Elections have consequences, he said.  So did the attitude he displayed towards half the country.

Apparently only his election had consequences, though, because instead of working with a Republican Congress the people installed in 20114, he did everything by executive order.  He had his pen and his phone, and he was determined to use them.  As a result, he gave us a transgender bathroom law.  Actually, law is not the correct term.  He gave us an order.

We have same-sex marriage, which some disagree with as part of their religion.  They were told that their religion didn’t matter, even if it only meant that they could opt out of participating. They had no say.  Likewise for the Little Sisters of the Poor, whom Obama actually took to court to make them provide birth control.

Whether he instructed them or not, he allowed the EPA, a non-elected government body, to place boundless restrictions and regulations on business, strangling them.

He hurt small business and big business alike just to advance his agenda.

Democrats said that was just fine.  But people saw that too.


The stink of corruption started with the IRS , continued with the DOJ, ended with the FBI, and included every letter of the alphabet in between.

From the beginning, the IRS was proven to target conservative foundations for audits.  They also either outright denied them 501(c)(3) status, or worse, left them hanging in limbo. Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS at the time, went in front of Congress and took the fifth after pleading her innocence.

Obama told Bill O’Reilly at the halftime of the Super Bowl that there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.

James Comey, the director of the FBI, in what was an unusual move, presented every crime that Hillary had actually committed in terms of her server, then said that he didn’t recommend charges.  Another curious thing since Hillary’s husband had a secret meeting aboard a plane with AG Loretta Lynch only days before.  Comey then reopened the investigation only to close it again a few days later.

Liberals loved Comey, then hated Comey, then loved him again, and now hate him again.  They blame him for the loss, too. It’s always someone else.

Democrats said that was perfectly normal.  But people saw that too.


This brings us to what we are seeing now with days of Anti-Trump protests.  Political Correctness has taught liberals that they are victims of all of us conservative haters.  They can’t fathom that anyone could have a different opinion from them, and if they do, it can only be because they’re evil since liberals have convinced themselves they hold the moral high ground, even though the evidence of that is nowhere close to on their side.  Mark Sherman, a liberal professor, wrote a paper on a study that showed that liberals were hobbled by groupthink and because of that, they were actually less open-minded than conservatives.  (Interesting read. You can find that HERE.

Examples of this PC culture could go on for days.  One can be accused of cultural appropriation for wearing a Halloween costume or eating a certain food.  Rolling Stone published a story about a rape that never happened, justifying it by saying, “Well, it happened somewhere!”  Lena Dunham, that little peach, was on YouTube with her father explaining that the world will only get better when straight, white males are dead.

Normal people, liberal and conservative, recognize that safe spaces is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever.  If someone says something you don’t like, you have every right in the world to speak against them.  You do not have the right to shut them up because your tender little ears might be offended.

You don’t need therapy because someone writes the name of someone you don’t like on a sidewalk in chalk.

You shouldn’t be let out of classes or tests because you are too emotionally stunted to deal with the fact that things didn’t go your way.

Some Democrats think that is the way of the world.  But people see this too.

(By the way, The Eagles put out a great song when they reunited.  “Get Over It.”  If you get triggered by micro-agressions, I suggest you give it a listen.)


I’m going to save this for another column, but allow me to give a few examples.

  • For eight years we’ve been told that the only reason anyone could possibly disagree with a president is out of racism.  Now they say that the only reason we agree with a president is racism.
  • For eight years, we’ve been told that the phrase “not my president” was a racist dog whistle.  Now they’re shouting it in the streets while destroying property.
  • For eight years we’ve been told that we were the obstructionists, the party of no, and if we just let the president do his thing everything would be peaches and cream.  Now, they’re marching through the streets, saying that they won’t stop unless Trump is thrown out before he starts, shouting “No to Trump.”
  • Lena Dunham goes on YouTube and states that hate will be wiped out when we wipe out all the people she hates.
  • All throughout this election we’ve been told that Love Trumps Hate.  Now they’re proving that their hate trumps just about everything else.

Liberals, you might not see it in yourselves.  But people see it.

So a word of advice, liberals and Democrats alike.  Instead of blaming this loss on everyone else but yourselves, it’s time to look inward.  Ask yourself what you have done wrong and how you can fix it.  The elitist attitude that tells you that you alone know what’s best for everyone else does not fly with most people. There is a reason that your philosophies are being rejected all around the world, even in the European countries that you so love to compare us to, and it has nothing to do with hate.  It has to do with the fact that you’ve had eight years to implement your ideas, and they have failed miserably, whether you want to admit that or not. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, though.

It’s not the words that you say, it’s the actions that you do that people see.  You can’t preach love and show hate. That’s another reason you lost.  Because right now, people are seeing you for what you are.

Enjoy your tantrum.

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