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ICE-9: Jim Rickards Reveals the Elite’s Master-Plan and 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 13:31
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--In Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, a physicist, Dr. Felix Hoenikker, invents a substance he calls ice-nine.

Ice-nine is a polymorph of the water molecule which differs from H2O in two ways: First, it has a melting point of 114.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, when ice-nine comes into contact with water molecules, it transforms them into ice-nine.

The substance, Dr. Felix discovers, is a superweapon.

“The novel’s plot,” Jim Rickards explains in his book The Road to Ruin, “turns on the fact that if the ice-nine is released from the vials, and put into contact with a large body of water, the entire water supply on earth — rivers, lakes, and ocean — would eventually become frozen solid and all life on earth would cease.


“Ice-nine is a fine way to describe the power elite response to the next financial crisis. Instead of reliquefying the world, elites will freeze it.”

To be more specific…

Elites,” Rickards warns, “are preparing for a financial ice-nine with no vaccine. They will quarantine your money by locking it inside the financial system until the contagion subsides. This means closing down the banks, exchanges, and money market funds, shutting down ATMs, and ordering asset managers not to sell securities.”

As you’ll see in today’s episode, this is far from overblown hype or idle speculation. The elite’s ice-nine is standing by, ready and waiting to lock your money shut. And, as you’ll see, it gets much worse than that.

So, please, for your sake, heed these words: Get some money out of central banking control. We’ll show you three instantly-actionable (and simple) ways to do so in this episode.  Astute LFT readers have probably already taken at least two of these three steps. If you find you haven’t, no worries.

It’s not too late.

Before we get to that, though, here’s a breakdown I pulled from just the first chapter of Rickards’ The Road to Ruin. This is how, through a few masterful chess moves, the monetary “checkmate” has been secured.

“The U.S. government,” Rickards writes, “operates like the Black Hand, a Mafia predecessor portrayed in The Godfather Part II. If you pay protection money in the form of campaign contributions, make donations to the right foundations, hire the right consultants, lawyers, and lobbyists, and don’t oppose the government agenda, you are left alone to operate your business.

“If you fail to pay protection, Washington will break your windows as a warning. In twenty-first-century America, government breaks your windows with politically motivated prosecutions on tax, fraud, or antitrust charges. If you still don’t fall into line, the government returns to burn down your store.”

If you’re a bank, the best bang for your buck is to get yourself on a list which says you’re not allowed to fail — no matter what. Such a list, Rickards says, exists.

They call it G-SIFI, which stands for “globally systemic important financial institution.”

“In plain English,” says Rickards, “G-SIFI means ‘too big to fail.’ If your company is on the G-SIFI list, it will be propped up by governments because a failure topples the global financial system. That list went beyond large national banks into a stratosphere of supersize players who dominated global finance. G-SIFI even went beyond too big to fail. G-SIFI was a list of entities that were too big to leave alone. The G20 and IMF did not just want to watch the G-SIFIs. They wanted to control them.

“Each major country has its own sublists of SIFIs, and systemically important banks (SIBs) that are also too big to fail. In the United States, these banks include JPMorgan, Citibank, and some lesser-known entities such as the Bank of New York, the clearing nerve center for the U.S. treasury market.”

None of this, of course, is groundbreaking knowledge. I doubt your heart has skipped a beat out of shock (yet). But G-SIFI is an important piece of the puzzle. Now, here’s the scary stuff…

The elite’s master plan didn’t come into full view until Jim sat down with the one of the most powerful women in finance — the consigliere to Larry Fink. Fink, as you may know, is CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock.

BlackRock, Rickards learned, was facing a threat which emanated beyond just the U.S. government, coming instead, he says, “from the highest levels of the IMF and the G20 club of major economic powers.”

And, yes, the threat came in a tiny, but extremely effective vial of financial ice-nine, designed to freeze BlackRock’s assets I.C.E. (in case of emergency).

“By controlling one financial choke point — BlackRock — the U.S. government controls the assets of major investors normally beyond its jurisdiction,” Rickards explains. “Freezing BlackRock was an audacious plan, obviously one the government could not discuss openly. Thanks to my dinner companion, the plan had become crystal clear.”

[If you already claimed your copy, flip to page 15 to see the full conversation with the BlackRock representative. If not, click here to grab your free copy today. (All you’ll have to pay is a small shipping fee.)]

To cut to the chase: Think Cyprus in 2012.

While most people in developed countries shrug it off, Rickards says take note. That was only the acid-test: “The 2012 Cyprus bail-in was the new template for global bank crises… In the next  financial panic, not only will your bank account be bailed in, your money market account will be frozen.”

[Note: For those who’ve already reserved their copy, check page 26 to see the twenty-three page technical report which, in digital ink, lays out the master plan. It’s all there.]

The plan is flat-out demonic and it all comes down to this: The elites want to herd as many people into ice-nine institutions as possible, hence the war on cash and the constant call for negative interest rates. “The war on cash and the rush to negative interest rates are advancing in lockstep,” says Rickards, “two sides of the same coin.

“Before cattle are led to slaughter, they are herded into pens so they can be easily controlled. The same is true for savers. To freeze cash and impose negative interest rates, savers are being herded into digital accounts at a small number of megabanks.

“Negative interest rates are easy to implement inside a digital banking system. The banks program their computers to charge money on your balances instead of paying. If you put $100,000 on deposit and the interest rate is negative 1 percent, then at the end of one year you have $99,000 on deposit. Part of your money disappears.

“Savers do not realize the ice-nine solution is already in place, waiting to be activated with an executive order and a few phone calls. A typical reaction to the ice-nine overview is that it seems extreme. History shows the opposite. Closed markets, closed banks, and confiscation are as American as apple pie.

For large institutions and corporations, the battle is already lost: “It’s difficult enough for an individual to obtain $100,000 in cash. It’s practically impossible for a corporation to obtain $1 billion in cash. Large depositors have no recourse against negative interest rates unless they invest their cash in stocks and bonds. That’s exactly what the elites want them to do.”

For individuals, though… for you… there’s still time to protect your wealth from these unprecedented shocks.

The solution? “Hold cash and coin,” Rickards writes. “Obtaining cash and coin in this fashion allows citizens to survive ice-nine account freezes. Global elites understand this, which is why they have started a war on cash.

“Historically, market closures were circumvented by the emergence of cash-and-carry ‘curb exchanges’ where buyers and sellers met in the street to trade paper shares for cash. Regulators will want to suppress twenty-first-century digital curb exchanges to prevent price discovery and maintain the myth of pre-panic prices.

“Curb exchanges could be conducted online in an Ebay-style format with settlement by bitcoin or cash delivered face-to-face. Title to shares can be recorded in a distributed ledger using a blockchain. Eliminating cash helps the suppression of alternative markets, although bitcoin presents new challenges to elite power.”

So, there you have it. Hold cash, gold, silver and, to decentralize your holdings even more, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to get some bitcoin. If you do decide to hold bitcoin, it’d be a good idea to hold it in an external “cold storage” device such as the Trezor.

That way, you can be your own bank, outside the grip of the central bankers.

FYI, this is what I learned in just the FIRST chapter of The Road to Ruin — one of the most important financial books you’ll read all year.

To say the least, there’s lots more you need to know.

While tens of thousands of people are buying Rickards’ book on Amazon for over $20, you can reserve your copy for FREE right here (just pay less than $5 for shipping).


Click here to reserve your copy and discover EVERYTHING you need to do to keep yourself safe.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

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