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The Trojan Horse and How It Destroys American Citizenship

Friday, May 19, 2017 8:18
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Leave it to the liberal. Some things around here get left to the liberal to say because sure as shooting as soon as they get said, the crows are going to fly. So, OK, fine, I’ll say them, but first, we’re going to get something out of the way. I must, in all humility offer insult to one of America’s Gods, and I’ll be damned if I will do so without first pointing out that I liked this guy. My dad edited speeches for him, and once I even attended a weekend private rodeo where he was present, and I liked him then, even as a very young boy. I worked ceaselessly on his first term candidacy, and won a position as republican precinct chair in my county in order to support him to the fullest extent of my abilities. And, I loved him, right up until he uttered the words “I am going to put the working man in his place”. Oh how little do we know when we are young, and how bitter is the fruit of our adoration of that which is made of flesh.
Now, I know America is a nation; a nation with a constitution, borders, and it is a sovereign nation, owing no allegiance to any other nations except by treaty. But America’s constitution is only as good as the oaths of those who swear to protect her, and nearly to a man (or woman, for that matter), our sworn protectors of the constitution are oath breakers. Why, President Trump broke article one, section one of the constitution within hours of taking the inaugural oath! As far as our sovereign borders are concerned, Meh. And I’m not sure, but, doesn’t our insufferable trade imbalance (read debt here), count as allegiance? But lt us not linger there, for this is a systemic problem. I like to think of Peter, who forswore Jesus just hours after declaring his undying loyalty when I think of our lawmakers, for what fate awaits him who turns on the real masters?

The constitution gives congress the full and indisputable right to define U.S. citizenship (also in article one of the constitution.) The 14th amendment to the constitution guarantees citizenship to persons born within the boundaries of the U.S., and some temporal modifications have been made since, including certain distinctions between U.S. Nationals, and U.S. citizens according to the political climate at the time of such rulings. The thing thing that sticks with me, is that since 1790 the congress has had full control of who and what an American citizen is, and, well….here we are, two hundred and twenty seven years later, in what my first wife liked to call “ a hot mess”.
The real buster though, was the Simpson Mazzoli act, or, the Immigration and control act of 1986. Yeah, one of President Reagan’s finer moments; if you were an illegal immigrant that is. This little stroke of the pen, why did he do it? Why did our hero sign into citizenship three and a half million Mexicans (OK, there must have been a few Guatemala, El Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, etc, but come on) who’s only bona fides were that they could show themselves to be of good character? I mean please! “Oh yes your honor, I sneaked into the country illegally, worked illegally, and lied on every document I’ve signed since I got here, but, other than that, my character is spotless . Got to have been a reason folks. I’ll give you a hint: he was putting the working man in his place ! I mean, in those days, we had unions. Most of you under the age of forty don’t know what a union is, except from your history books, that is; but those were organizations which protected workers from excessive abuse from employers ( or, the makers
as Mitt Romney called them). Rather than behave as earlier Presidents did, sending in thugs to kill, or maim strikers, or as was the case in 1921 during the Blair mountain uprising using U.S. military assets, the Reagan administration simply made “right to work” laws a priority, and supplied America’s businesses three and a half million hungry new workers. I want you to think about that for a moment. First, in almost every country not allied with the U.S., unions are illegal. Wow, we could be living in North Korea soon! Unions are one of the things that made America even possible . Secondly, after beginning the destruction of the only thing to stand between American workers and their benevolent employers, there began an influx of immediate family members, also covered by the act, there began a heavy toll on the infrastructure of America, like schools, roads, medical services, and such. Since there were fewer middle class taxpayers as a result of this sudden supply of legal, cheap labor, their kids, wives, siblings, aunts, and uncles, it fell to the remaining middle class to foot the bill for these items which have ever more been thought of as luxuries. You know, like hospitals. And let us not forget, that at the same time, President Reagan slashed the top income tax rate from 70% to 28%. Who was paying more for the shortfall funding for fire stations, police agencies, roads, etc.? Add to this the fact that the Reagan administration made a concentrated effort to convince Americans that we suffered under the yoke of a government conglomerate that, in addition to being too large, was lazy, indolent and mendacious. Viewed through a completely fabricated lens that the cause of all this bloat was the fault of liberal democrats, the stage was set to reignite the civil war at a time that the international money interests were beginning the task of separating the American government from its constitution.
It seems that Mike Lofgren used a pretty good analogy when he compared President Reagan to a Trojan horse. An empty work of art filled with America’s enemies, wheeled into the Oval Office, economic hit men peering through the eyeholes, awaiting only the departure of the cameras to emerge, and begin the devaluation of our citizenship. In the next article of this series we will compare the actual coin value of American citizenship over the last 230 years, and the forces which caused these fluctuations. There will be a full on examination of how both parties have affected these values, and even an article to be titled “confessions of a liberal”. I know how hard it is to give up a target. I used to think that it was conservative republicans who were the enemy. I was as wrong as any conservative who thought it was the liberals. In the next weeks, I will prove to our readers that we don’t have a political problem in this country, but a corporate problem instead. Now that the unions have all but disappeared, and the working man has retired; that’s right, retired, everyone who worked through that golden age before the hostile takeover of our government is retired! You drive your motor homes around looking for conservative rallies to attend, but they don’t need you anymore brother. You’ve done your job! Once you guys pulled the ladder up after yourselves, that pretty much completed the division of American labor. Pissed off to hear that? Well think about this for a minute: how many American jobs would have illegal immigrants working in them if there was a union overseeing that job?
Of course President Reagan did not conceive of, or execute these acts himself, any more than he thought up the idea to negotiate a deal with the Ayatollah to hold American hostages for months, or trade Hawk missiles to Iran in order to fund the overthrow of the Nicaraguan government. These were the conceptions and act of persons who worked in a shadowy cabal of banks, the CIA, and large international corporations. If this makes you angry, it should. It hurts to have been had by your own side. If it doesn’t make you angry, then, congrats man, the working man has certainly been put in his place!

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