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The $5 cancer cure

Saturday, September 9, 2017 5:18
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Cancer is big business in America. The traditional cut, poison and burn method of cancer treatment is not only expensive, costing thousands of dollars and months of sickness-inducing treatments, it is a cure that is usually worse than the disease. Radiation alters DNA, and chemotherapy destroys the immune system.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers have discovered that chemotherapy is actually a catalyst for cancer-cell growth. In men suffering from prostate cancer receiving chemotherapy, researchers found DNA damage in healthy cells. These cells secreted a protein that boosts cancer cell survival.

New therapies are focusing away from traditional methods and are looking toward using the body’s own immune system to fight off cancer. Trials of these experimental treatments are showing great promise. But they promise to be expensive as well.

Two different types of immunotherapy cancer treatments — both of which have shown promise — are slated to cost insurance companies $500,000 or more if they ever reach the market. Each of them involves altering the body’s pathogen-fighting T cells to make them concentrate on the cancer. Trouble is, even if they work there is no telling what long-term damage may result from the altered T cells.

But a team of researchers at Duke University may have found an inexpensive and highly effective treatment. It’s called tumor ablation, and involves the injection of ethanol directly into a solid tumor. The ethanol causes the tumor cells to dehydrate and die.

According to the study, ethanol ablation is currently being used successfully on hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common form of liver cancer, which is associated with hepatitis B and C infections and alcohol abuse. It’s shown 5-year survival rates, which is comparable to surgery. It’s also been used on cancers in the parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands and lymph nodes.

The treatment’s shortcomings were found when it was used on tumors that were not surrounded by a fibrous capsule. The lack of a capsule allowed the ethanol to escape before it killed the cells. But the Duke team has found a way to circumvent that. They’ve combined the ethanol with an ethyl cellulose substance to create a ethanol-soluble and water-insoluble cellulose derivative that increases the viscosity of the mixture and makes it more likely to remain inside the tumor rather than leak to surrounding healthy tissue.

Of 12 tumors treated with just ethanol ablation, four regressed (shrank away) completely and had no lesions after seven days. The ethyl cellulose treatment saw seven of seven tumors completely regressed after eight days.

As health writer Bill Sardi notes, ethyl cellulose is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a food additive and costs less than 50 cents a gram.  Injection of 16 times less medicine (ethanol cellulose) versus plain ethanol completely abolished cancer.

Researchers claim that the materials needed to treat cancers using the ethyl cellulose treatment are currently available for less than $5 per treatment, and it requires no specialized equipment, is highly portable and has been shown to effectively treat lesions up to 5 cm in diameter.

This is great news for the people, but no the medical-industrial complex. But the problem with cancer treatments is they don’t cure cancer.

President Ronald Reagan understood that. When he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1985 he withstood the medical establishment, which wanted to use the cut, poison and burn techniques on  him. Instead, he went to Germany to get an ozone therapy treatment not available to him in the U.S. He lived another 19 years before he died of Alzheimer’s.

Cancer, like all diseases, is a symptom of fundamental and general decline of health! This occurs when we begin to degenerate faster than we are regenerating. Cancer is a malady of the whole body. Nothing is more sickening than to hear someone say, “The doctors think that they got it all.”

The odds of an oncologist are no better than the odds of a witch doctor. Nobody looks at the numbers.

When one has cancer he has the conditions for cancer formation throughout his system. Cancer also has stem cells, which traditional therapies cannot target and often do not kill. This means that (in most cases) cutting a cancer out will change nothing but may in fact make the patient die quicker with more suffering. Systemic means all over! So the whole body must be treated instead of “cutting it out.” Orthodox medicine’s focus on the tumor or tumors only, without eliminating what set off the development of cancer cells, leaves many cancer patients vulnerable to a return of cancer, sometimes even before treatment stops.

The best therapy for cancer is prevention. Cancer, like all disease, is a disease of filth. Over time, filth backs up, causing toxemia that may express in many symptoms (diseases). The accumulation of filth (poison) finally overcomes our defenses. Then degeneration overtakes regeneration.

You can defeat cancer if you catch it early enough and if you make significant lifestyle changes. There are many books and stories of people who have done this, and they have documented how you can, too.

A great book on cancer treatment is written by my friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Cutler. It’s called Surviving Cancer. It’s full of not only new ways to cancer-proof your life, but also ways to be prepared to make healthier treatment choices for your cancer.

The fact is that the human body can and is designed to heal itself. This can happen only when you give it the nutrition, sleep and care it needs and overcome the outside agencies that stop proper function.

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  • Maxwell

    This is great news for the people, but not the medical-industrial complex.

    Those bastards have kept the cure for many types of disease under wraps or just destroyed them because there is no profit in curing people. There is however profit in keeping them paying for snake oil treatments. Come on people it is time to clean house of these murderers.

  • truther357

    What’s with this load of BIN spam? irritating as hell!
    But anyway.. Isn’t it strange how this ‘left-wing’ government (scumbags) like ‘peanut brains )Carter ( and most likely) Hanoi John McCain get their cancer cured!

    • Anonymous

      t said, “What’s with this load of BIN spam?”

      If you have a favorite news aggregator (I am so sorry.) :wink:

      You have to play with domain name blockers, etc, to make the page usable, or it will clog your connection, to the point that noone in the house can use the internet.

      They promote it, as independent media, but you have to subvert the system, in which they get paid for mouse clicks.

  • Man

    i’ll add it to my list of hoax cancer cures…. is it better or worse than dandelion tea or cannabis oil or Baking soda?

    • Andy

      did you include chemo & radiotherapy in your list of hoax cancer cures? radiation causes cancer & chemo poisons you to within an inch of your life in the hope the cancer dies and not the patient – chemo has a 2.3% success rate

      cannabinols (specifically THC) are PROVEN by multiple research facilities around the world to kill cancer cells

      • Man

        Yes, i can tell you are an expert.

        For instance Prostate cancer success rates is 90% And that is done by chemo.

        And for just looking for a particular cancer. Like breast cancer, you can have at least 15 different ways in how it can develop into cancer, Including genetics and how it is treated. Having thus with very different success rates

        There has been no Double blind clinical studies on THC and none of the cannabis oils contains THC that you can smoke. But it is fun to see the amateurs blowing up their houses making it.

        The only reason why there is a push for cannabis as a cancer cure is to legalise cannabis use.

        • Anonymous

          The biopsy permanently damages their ability to orgasm or just use the toilet, normally, or, sometimes, both happen at the same time. Success!

        • Morgana Le Fay

          These fu*k-tards will believe anything “natural” is a panacea. A while back I got into an argument with one of them that claimed smoking pot regenerated brain cells. Most of them don’t bother to investigate things themselves; they merely regurgitate what they read in these articles or hear from other commenters as “fact”.

          • RAIN

            regenerated brain cells?

            Ha Ha!

            Was his name Jeff Spicoli?

          • Morgana Le Fay

            I mean, you have to chuckle when you see them post articles claiming wild lettuce tincture is a more effective pain reliever than aspirin or opiates. Pardon my skepticism, but I seriously doubt lettuce tincture would even put a dent in migraine pain. I do believe there are natural remedies to many ailments that work…modern drugs are often synthesized and concentrated versions of plant alkaloids anyway. But I’m not gullible enough to believe that honey and garlic are secret cures for terminal illnesses.

  • Anonymous

    There is some chicken-and-egg argument to be made, when Nicot used tobacco to remedy cancers, and liquor can be used to remedy a sick liver.

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