THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today BP Gulf Oil Spill: A Special Report on the MIHOP Environmental Catastrophe Unindicted Co-conspirators include: President Barack Obama, BP CEO Tony Hayward, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Peter Sutherland, and many other frontmen for the Rothschild banking cartel

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MIHOP: Secrets of BP Gulf Oil Spill Finally Revealed

Iraqi Air Force Conducts Strike Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria

Strikes Successful Against Syrian Chemical Weapons, DoD Officials Say

ISIS Contained in Syria, Changing Tactics, OIR Spokesman Says

Iran Using Yemen as ‘Test Bed’ for Malign Activities, DoD Official Says

Face of Defense: Female Advisor Breaks Through Barriers in Afghanistan

Three Men Plead Guilty to Concealing Sending Funds to Anwar Al-Awlaki

Coalition Strikes Hit ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

Famed Iraqi Humanitarian Visits Army Medical Center

Man Pleads Guilty to Obstructing Counterterrorism Investigation

Face of Defense: Marine Leads Surveillance Sensor Operations

Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets in Syria, Iraq


Senior Enlisted Leader Discusses Afghan Mission

Maryland Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Providing Material Support to ISIS and Terrorism Financing

DOD Identifies Army Casualty

Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq

U.S. Brigade Arrives in Afghanistan to Advise, Strengthen Afghan Forces

Soldier-Geologist Maintains Helicopters in Iraq

General Highlights Airpower in Fight Against ISIS

Why Was Omar Mateen’s Father Working for the FBI?

Officials Note Progress in Afghanistan, Difficulty for Taliban

Task Force Lion Continues Partnership with Iraqi Forces Against ISIS

North Carolina Man Convicted of Attempting and Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIS

Austin Bombings: Gladio-Style False Flag Black Ops---Who and Why?

10th Mountain Division Takes Command of OIR Ground Troops

Dunford Arrives in Afghanistan to Assess Campaign Plan

DoD Identifies Air Force Casualties

Syrian National Convicted for Conspiring to Kill American Soldiers in Iraq

Defense Official Says Russia ‘Complicit’ in Syrian Deaths

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