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Firegeddon: Weather Warfare and Environmental Terrorism With a Hidden Purpose

Monday, December 11, 2017 12:57
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Geoengineered California Firestorms
Propagated to Terrorize
and Manufacture Consent




Globalist Governor Jerry Brown Using FIREGEDDON To Push Fraudulent Climate Change Legislation

Relentless Acts of Geoterrorism in California
Perpetrated by Shadow Government
to Compel Compliance
with UN Agenda 21 and
2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

State of the Nation

Special Note:
The only way to truly apprehend the enormity and gravity of the raging California firestorms is to see them: FIREGEDDON: Southern California Burns Again, Wildfires Mysteriously Spring Up Everywhere (Photos)


There’s no place like L.A. and especially Hollywood to stage a world-captivating drama.

This is what the globalists do whenever they need the perfect set to produce a show that’s necessary to fear-monger and bamboozle the entire planetary civilization.

Let’s face it: there’s simply no greater boogeyman than the Global Climate Changebeast.

It was fabricated by TPTB in order to implement the final phase of the New World Order agenda, and especially to foist a One World Government upon the world community of nations.

UN Agenda 21 & 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Before such a One World Government can be imposed on the planet, TPTB know that they must sufficiently manufacture consent around the most threatening environmental issue of the day–climate change.

KEY POINT: As the world watches Southern California burn…and burn…and burn, the covert directors of this stealth production hope to shock the American audience into submission.  Surreptitiously using the Hegelian Dialectic — Problem ~ Reaction ~ Solution — has almost always enabled TPTB to manufacture consent to further lock down the place.  No other ploy is so effective than those which convince the citizenry to request their own debt enslavement, economic limitation and/or territorial imprisonment (See this revealing map of the USA).

Toward that end, the United Nations was first used to pitch the sovereignty-busting Agenda 21.

With that fraudulent plan stalling and stagnating, the same clandestine UN perps fabricated the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Both of these highly oppressive schemes were designed to strip nations of their sovereignty and cede extraordinary amounts of power to an unelected international body—the U.N.

The penultimate objective is to build the foundation and create the framework for a global communist superstate much like the European Union. EU Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

However, the ultimate goal is to activate the currently hidden One World Governmentin order to exert complete command and control over all of the Earth’s natural resources, as well as the local weather and regional climate patterns.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

Distraction, Diversion & Misdirection

Like any false flag terror operation, the geoengineered California firestorms have been perpetrated by the usual suspects for a variety of reasons.

Whenever a dramatic black operation and overwhelming psyop on the order of magnitude of California’s FIREGEDDON is executed, you can be sure it is also serving the explicit purpose of distracting from a major piece of legislation under consideration in the nation’s capital.

Of course, the only bill of any gravity that’s being bandied about is Trump’s tax proposal. Hence, there’s no question that FIREGEDDON is meant to distract from that unmitigated disaster of a bill.  See: When both McCain & Corker back Trump’s tax plan, you know it’s a catastrophe for the American people!

In the case of naked false flag terror attacks like FIREGEDDON, there’s usually a HUGE international event transpiring that is also being diverted from.  The sheer horror and impending peril to so many [LIBERAL] residents in Southern California is simply too great for there not to be a carefully hidden agenda of global proportions.  And so there is.

The very day that the wildfires intensified into a very serious threat, the globalists also had this purpose in mind.  California Wildfire: A Geoengineered Firestorm to DISTRACT from Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Jesuit-trained Globalist Jerry Brown

Lastly, we come to the star of the show—Jesuit Jerry Brown.

Brown didn’t receive his moniker “Governor Moonbeam” for nothing.  Given his utterly calamitous tenure in Sacramento, it ought to be clear to every Californian why this guy needs to go…YESTERDAY!

Yes, Governor Brown is that dangerous to the state, to the people, to the country.  After all, he permitted this slow-motion cataclysm(s) (both the Great California Drought and 2017 Firestorms) to take place on his watch without so much as lifting a finger to address the true causes. California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation

Rather than spend money on conducting statutory fire protection, prevention and management statewide, the guv has supported a recently estimated $64 billion boondoggle known as the LA-SF Hyperloop.

And that’s the good news as it pertains to Governor Brown.

The bad news is that he’s a stone-cold globalist who was shoehorned into high office by his Jesuit handlers and globalist bagmen.  And, that Brown was put there to carry out an extremely nefarious agenda; just look at the quickly deteriorating condition of the once “Golden State”.

This is a guy who has been given volumes of evidence proving that the California drought was geoengineered, and yet he continues to hawk the fictitious CO2-driven global warming scam as the cause.

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Because Brown has pitched the false climate change data for so many years, he has no choice but to perpetuate the sham where it concerns FIREGEDDON.  The two go hand in hand calculated by the geoterrorists for obvious reasons.

Now the country knows why California is a sanctuary state, and has been at the forefront of promoting instant citizenship for illegal aliens.  Brown has led the fight for the DACA crowd like no other governor as this [ILLEGAL] voting demographic constitutes his voting base.  The massive number of illegal immigrants in California is such that Democratic majorities in the statehouse are now guaranteed for perhaps decades…barring a 12.0 on the San Andreas fault or in the Hayward fault zone.

Brown has become America’s #1 advocate for violating U.S. immigration law.  His globalist masters selected him because he has always shown complete disregard for both federal and state law by way of willful negligence.  As a attorney by education and training, he knows how to circumvent the law as well as anyone in the Golden “Charcoal State”.

More importantly, Brown has allowed California to be geoengineered into a tinderbox so that every square inch of the state is now combustible.  Then he blames climate change for FIREGEDDON, which was actually caused by unrelenting chemical geoengineering operations being conducted nationwide via chemtrail spraying and chembomb aerosols.

CA Governor Jerry Brown says wildfires caused by climate change, tells victims this is ‘new reality’


The only way that state-sponsored environmental terrorism such as FIREGEDDON will be stopped is for the victims (and their families and friends) to demand it.

If the people won’t even attempt to defend themselves from the transparent and ongoing weather warfare, what can be done?! Full-Scale Weather War Being Waged Against the USA in 2017 

When the vast majority of folks don’t even look up at the sky, much less question how blue skies are turned overcast in an hour or two, what are the aware citizens to do?

Because of this grim reality, the single best way to terminate these daily invasions of our personal sovereignty is to go after the Jerry Browns of the nation.  These profoundly corrupt politicians must be removed from power.  Their influence must be diminished to zero—post haste!

CA Governor Jerry Brown Being Recalled By Furious Grassroots Movement

Not only should Governor Brown be impeached, he needs to be aggressively prosecuted for crimes against the people.  The list of his transgressions is long and serious:  (i) official misconduct, (ii) willful and malicious neglect, (iii) misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance, (iv) nepotism, (v) personal enrichment, (v) political corruption, etc.

Only when these career criminal politicians fear We the People more than they fear their masters in Deep State, will the government stop terrorizing the citizenry.

State of the Nation
December 11, 2017

Editor’s Note:
The following exposé provides critical background information for this continuing investigative reporting on FIREGEDDON. The geoengineered firestorms burning up California are nothing short of apocalyptic and terrifying.  In fact, these arson-triggered wildfires have been started with quite purposeful design.  As follows: CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES: Geoengineered Firestorms Terrorize to Advance the Agenda(s)


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  • Man

    So instead of the actual reason, effect of climate change and natural fires, it is a plot to use lasers to burn people houses down for Agenda 21.

    Has anyone read agenda 21? It is a non binding document that has broad guidelines on economic and environmental sustainability.

    Making cycling paths in cities is a application that is perceived to contribute to the Agenda 21 sustainability document.
    Having a system to recycle waste is another.

    And that is all optional.

    But ofcourse Millenium Reporter sees any natural threat as some paranoid plot to take over USA

    • Man

      i mean seriously, firing lasers to start a bush fire is the most efficient way ?

      how did people start bushfires before the invention of lasers… It must have been impossible!

      • Dead man walking

        Agenda 21 is genocide.

        • Man

          could you specify which genocide has happened with Agenda 21? Population is still growing, And no specific group has been killed off under the banner of Agenda 21.

          What part of agenda 21 allows for Genocide?

  • Firmament Does Exist

    After reading the article I knew some paid liberal commentor would be first on the list to to make some ridiculous comment and wasn’t disappointed……Man. How the fires started is a mute point, doesn’t change the truth.climate change is taking place, it’s being sprayed from tanker jets daily and has nothing to do with everyday working people, it’s geo engineering. It’s all part of the plan Man.

    • 2QIK4U

      The one guy who was caught starting fires with a BIC lighter technically used a direct energy weapon. Even a matchstick can be a direct energy weapon… See that they busted all the flat earth tour speakers that promote the flat earth are all been discovered its another psyop that was REGISTERED in 2009, nearly 8 years before it became “a thing ” again… I just watched a video by one of the original believers and over time looked into the main dozen speakers and they’re all EX Hollywood or EX CIA… Was interesting to see your own bust your own.

    • Man

      yeah, it is amazing what a non-binding UN document does….

      I guess agenda 2030 which has more specific goals, is less harmful LOL

  • 2QIK4U

    100% Recognition on the fact you didn’t call this FIREGATE ;) … Will read article now. I only read the headline and had to give some props but don’t start labeling everything geddon because people will forget about the Harveygeddon Weinstein stories… You must seperate things in the readers mind… (other than PIZZAGATE I’ve forgotten every other story other than the original Watergate but all those stories inbetween I can’t remember because it’s all the same name… If that made sense? :mrgreen: ) Seen the airplane with the big ball on the nose they’re saying is a camera to monitor the fires yet? It’s not a camera! When you see the size of the ball you’ll realise that it’s the circumference of Hubble by looks… It’s about the same size as the metre wide blue lasers that were caught starting fires…

  • Everette

    Keep on bringing in those Muslims !!! The NWO Vatican 2030 agenda is working well ! Soon food will be a problem . He who controls the food supplies rules the world ! Then masses will be pushed into cities for better control and better mass muder if needed . Don’t be surprised if the idiots don’t soon say climate change is causing this . Want to know why we are having climate change . A CME has hit earth and has knocked us out of the rotation we used to run . Don’t believe it ? I live in Virginia , Right now The little dipper ( north star ) is running over my head from the east and heading westwards every night ! Look up the ( 2017 star map and earths rotation ) see the north star is now on an outside of our rotation circle of the north poles axis as it wobbles around in the circle . The north star is supposed to be directly over top the north pole ! Here is your crazy climate change . And it’s not man breathing or cows pooping ! Because these asses have stated this is the reason they plan Mass deaths for the earth . Their plan is to remove 6 1/2 billion of you ( Georgia Guide Stones ) . Burning up places that grow food can diffently get that course started . I saw a video of a fire tornado over top the sea in the middle east that burnt fish . HAARP diffently has the capability of starting fires . Then we have planes with lasers . We have satellites that can burn mountains with lasers , even the BP oil rig . We have Muslims , UN troops and Russian troops , Koreans and many of our other enemies in America thanks to jackass Obama . It is a fact that fires being started in different locations at the same time point to arsion . So I named off a few capabilities to pick from . But there maybe other sources I am not aware of ! This is definitely coming from people and possibly weaponry being used by those that hate Americans ! We are under attack !!! Watch it will begin else where soon . Your food supply is being depleted and destroyed by fires , weather modification , floods , droughts , DNA food changes , spraying chemicals that are poisoning bees , people and crops . They say there is only a weeks supply of food for everyone in America , it used to be several years supply . Much of our food we have shipped off to other nations and paid farmers not to grow it ! Our tax dollars paid our farmers not to grow food in order to create a food shortage that is almost upon us now ! So when their economy fails , we will use up what supplies we have very quickly . It is said 90% of Americans will be dead within a year after the clasps . Right now we are eating up our weeks stored supply of food . Southern California grows much of our food . Don’t forget the floods in Texas and surrounding states . Hurricane in Florida another food growing state . People we will soon be in trouble ! Many of you will soon die from hunger and people attacking you over what food you have . Thank you negative blood reptilians for your mass depopulation plans ! I read they have used our tax dollars to stock supplies in tunnels underground that you also dug with our tax dollars ! Ive seen videos of truck drivers taking the food underground and watched as they ran for miles in the underground tunnels . But problem is we have not received an invitation to join you ! I guess we will have to gas then explode it to make you come out of the holes so you can share the food supplies with us . Heck we can even flood you out . No ! That will get the food wet , unless its in cans . We will have to check into that and find out how it was shipped . After all it was our money you used to build and stock it with . But seems your arrogance has made you think once you removed the money from the American people it belonged to you ! Sorry not so ! We the people are the Government , not you ! You are our representatives ! We own you ! And we will eventually show you proof of it , it might take awhile , but we will get there . I bet that made you mad !

  • Pink Slime

    Jerry “The” Brown is an INSANE liberal that wants to BROWN this whole country out with fire, drought and Migrants.

    His rally cry is AGENDA 21 for California, AGENDA 21 FOR ALL AMERICA!! Forget Negroes, says Gerry “The” Brown, let’s BROWN America instead. :roll:

  • patann

    Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 12/12/2017
    Seen to be seeing the Bride in heaven, readying the specialty stone, the Antichrist Murderer

    Lay A Siege, For The Wickedness, It Hath Done,

    -Firegeddon, judgment-got-you, right into Armageddon, call it what you will, I been seeing and testifying of these come infernos since I stood a witness of them these seven years, heard a voice, just after my Jesus husband in my dream lost his battle with lung cancer, and I quote, “five more disasters,” (as in five more cataclysms to extinction levels). Only an outbreak of infernos, is one of many assigned cataclysms predicted now these 31 springs, like the 99 bowls of molten lava, into something designed lately as a Noah’s cousin just pause knowing anything related to Noah, is earth ending to genocidal. Then as the night of America’s come weight of blood guilt, Christmas 2001 and the fall of those towers are yet reeling in the air, everything innovative is seen in the kitchen sink as one is to wash dishes, a subtraction of such technology of some, come, 190 years, and the western days are again here.
    -Just as, well, how as a watchman such burning was from the US pacific coast now gone, passed away right into the white house of America this world, failsafe along a detour, the streets of Dunlap. All with commanded reapers bearing sword-like syringes targeting you right along this outbreak of mortuary even as you’re stampeding, just as the Prophet Ezekiel himself, Eze. 5, witnessed of his ungodly, people. Then there’s well, if you can’t see it, can’t see any of it, that’s because you’re under a curse, it is as the days of Noah, of being gravely unaware of that in which you’ve been greatly made aware. It’s pictures why President Trump has been featured as the little boy that Santa Claus forget, a virtual Trojan horse of stampeding elephants; whereas first lady Trump, dreaming of deserted islands, has loan America’s public her grown up Christmas wish-list and these are the people you depend on for your immortal continuation.
    -There are evil outbreaks lurking about procrastinators all pending US soil any and every d-day now until I want to ask, if you are still an American, are you doing it somewhere other than US soil, to the soil, of any of it’s affiliates, any? As so yes, the answer is yes, Elohim, God is more angry at this unrepentant nation, at this unrepentant world, it would admittedly seem as in the days of. That is of assigning and overseeing the building of that ark, an as claimed lately “Aquatic Age, to a virtual genocide of man having come, meaning nothing, nothing is as it seem, nothing! How just as prophesied, men are again condemned into seeing and claiming good as evil and accusing Jesus, mankind production of it’s only righteous good as evil, so ask and ask yourself, where does America fit throughout such curiousness? Be aware as God, Himself, get it, get Jesus and get (ascend) out of it, Apb, The RAM, see here, the Christmas carol of America’s desolations by blood guilt,

    -From The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot, To A Grown UP Christmas Wish

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