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DHS Advising Local PD’s of General Economic Collapse by the end of April.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 18:01
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The source for this was an officer at the briefing. The police department was located in the Midwest and the city has a population of around 300,000.


DHS advised select PD brass that they were expecting a total economic collapse as early as the end of April. They suggested departments stock up on supplies, including that individual officers keep supplies of non-perishable foods should the need arise.


The officer also mentioned that a firearms confiscation protocol would be used and BATFE would assist via dissemination of ATF form 3310.4 data as well other info gathered from gun show surveillance.


The officer was previously clueless to any of this and is basically just your typical PD bureaucrat. He was surprised that these instructions were being issued.


I, however, am not surprised. Even a cursory look at U.S. and world economic data, as well as the fact that a chunk of the world’s billionaires are dumpimg blue chip stocks such as P&G, tells me we are toast economically. Looks like DHS is finally getting ready for SHTF day in earnest.

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  • Fake-it

    We are in the early stages of the biggest (sucker) bull market rally in the history of SP500.
    For as long as the market is in the UP-SWING there will be no collapse.
    I am expecting 100% rise over the next 12 to 18 months.
    It will be only once we reach the above 3000 level on SP500 that things will become dangerous.
    Right now we are at 1593.
    An epic CRASH will follow.
    In my opinion, the collapse will happen when everyone will be expecting it.
    It will not be a big surprise.

    • Mike Shields

      Oh yeah, we know the big crash is coming. We may not agree on the timing, but a crash MUST happen. (Basic math, not rocket science)

      • arpes

        we are you getting the info?

    • corpofacistcommudemacracy

      gold just dropped hard somethings a stirring

      • Catalyst317

        Ummm…. When gold drops, money is being spread in stocks and bonds…. When gold spikes, there is something to worry about.

        Cyprus just flooded the market with gold… hence the drop.

        Stop fearmongering

      • rts

        “Cyprus just flooded the market with gold… hence the drop.”

        Cyprus is nothing compared to the massive liquidation in GLD holdings over the last few months. Greater than 1000% (TEN TIMES) the gold Cyprus has had to liquidate.

        Why the drop? Unbelievable amounts of paper flooding the market. GLD’s close tracked to the gold close shows a ~$35 less valuation of gold! And the volume? Only perhaps 5, 6? times in the history of the GLD has there been this much volume in a single trading day.

        Fearmongering or not, something most definitely is a stirring.

  • iamdlogan

    Liber natus sum moriar. Vos can have mea tela quando infernum glaciatur super.

  • JD

    No actual source, no reference as to what city, what officers were warned. This has fake written all over it. Damnit BIN, I wish I could rely on you.

    • #truthseeker

      Totally agreed. . . before posting this stuff, some backup should be used. Feeding the hype does nothing to help We The People in gaining true solidarity or validation in our efforts. #worldtruth :!:

    • Mike Shields

      Not fake. City borders lake Erie.

      • Mike Shields

        Other LEO’s that attended these briefings should be able to corroborate this.

      • Francis

        sound like Buffalo to me

      • Anonymous

        Now we know you’re full of it. Lake Erie is definitely NOT the midwest- at all. I call FAIL.

        You and Max Keiser both

      • Catalyst317

        Utter non-sense. Anyone from the midwest knows, rumors spread very fast. If this was true, thousands of people would know about it.

        Mike, I have read your posts and you need help. It’s consistent fear-mongering with you…

      • marcus

        Lake Erie is the northern border of Ohio, which is generally considered a “midwestern” state. Cleveland is a liberal cesspool, so thats my vote for the source of the misinfo.

  • Anonymous

    No evidence whatsoever.
    Obvious fake is obvious.

    • Mike Shields

      Time will tell. I personally wasn’t there, but the source seems credible.

      • ElOregonian

        Thanks Mike, good to know and appreciate the head’s up. Regardless of veracity it is always appropriate for individuals to perform their due diligence and research the information. I appreciate the information given and will investigate the reports to verify.

        As always prepare accordingly, deniers will only have themselves to blame, because in the end your preparations are solely your responsibility.

  • Anonymous

    gun show surveillance huh…well I hope they get an eyeball full because if they do…they will realize just how outnumbered they really are.

  • Boxed in Freight

    Obama is scared, he knows that important people know his birth certificate is a total fake and charges are coming.

  • worldsgonecrazy

    where is the proof to this? someones word? my god, not another site where they can type anything they feel….hell there are still warnings from 2009 to today of the world ending, almost an article for each week of someone warning everyone…smh

  • Grover

    Depopulate the rich!

  • t1y6

    the story is not fake. its just made up.

    • Mike Shields

      At least my veracity beats CNN and FOX.

  • Anonymous

    Vice President Biden Calls for a New World Order!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Horace Kent

    Same repeating story, different day. :roll:

  • Warren

    Another post about third-hand hearsay from an unnamed source in an unnamed location at an unknown time. Why bother?

    • Ethiopian Haggis

      The people writing these stories probably have miserable real lives, therefore they can only hope that SHTF for real one day, then they will be able to feel better, because every one will be miserable like them. It would be good if they could come and join us in the real world, and help in making this a better place. The US economy is actually in the start of an upswing, no need to worry.

      • Mike Shields

        It’s more a matter of 2+2=4.

  • Memegalt2012

    Thanks for the heads up. Hope this will make more people speak up. We just need to remind these people that the Nuremberg trials held the people who “complied” responsible . It is not a defense to say, “I was told to do this”… You better make a choice now GOOD (GOD) vs EVIL.

  • YellowRoseTx51

    D.H.S. is a for profit corporation which is issued Latin claims of Divine Powers. In other words, they are part of the War machine that has engineered the deliberate collapse. Ratzinger issued their charter.

    The intent is to use color of law to allow Corporations to turn off necessary to life services and supplies. Food, Water, Housing, Fuel, Security Credit and Good will, all Commodities and goods. All of which are listed as the ‘fruits of our labor’. This was all listed in the 4th Amendment Security Agreement, which they have now hidden from public view. Then they claim forfeiture of land, buildings, etc. all because the records are hidden from public view. These records SPECIFICALLY STATE – that all these goods, commodities This is why we had open records laws, this is an old crime called Covet Means, and it is being committed by the same group.

    They had placed us under the Bills of Exchange Act. This was created by Rothschild family, under the prior Roman Pontiffs. An “ACT” is defined as a removal of a Right. The right they removed was our ability in personal and business life, to extend credit and good will to each other. In other words, we DID NOT USE legislated commodity money or ‘gold standard’. This was when “Your word is as good as gold”. We believed that all people had an intrinsic value in of themselves, and that they would return that Value to their society by what ever they did in the future with their lives.

    If you fight over money, you will be playing into their hands. This is their slave system. It must end.

  • Anonymous

    such BS I am a LEO in the Cleveland area, We have heard nothing like this.

    • chris from oz


  • anonymous

    In Biden’s little blurbs of late, he is either drunk or drugged or both, one can hear it if you listen close. Seems to me the economy collapsing can’t happen until more police state is imposed, those who read here, and at other alternative media think, “how much worse can it get?” “it must be time they pull the trigger and collapse it.” However most TV watching, playing the social, ‘I’m better than you’ (even on loser stages) silly Americans, are completely unaware as of yet. (been out carousing to see what I hear) What you all (here) are acutely aware of is “the prepping” for this,,but it doesn’t seem like they are done prepping yet. The people above will be aware ‘of something’ when the time is closer. It seems to me to be wise to gauge by a lower spectrum of society in all this, their somewhat vicious survival instincts will kick in when everything is close, these people are not dumb, just playing on the lowest field for some reason, some other levels of society have no hard core hardscrabble instincts, and will not only miss it coming but have no real survival instincts and will just start jibbering and wetting their pants. They are no good as barometers.

  • Republic of Texas

    Did you just pull this information out of your ass? I’ve been lurking at this site for a while now, and every week, some doom and gloom story about an economic crash that is about to happen and never does. I think “Wolf” has been cried a few times too many.

    • Anonymous

      Uhhh – what “Information” might you be reffering to Bright One?!!! This article and this site are far from the only resources available that point to something not being exactly “KOSHER” in the world… whether you realize it or not and/or accept it or not – a 16,000,000,000,000,000 national debt is not what any “Expert” in the field might classify as “Financial Stability”. I myself find it extremely “interesting” (To say the least) that the end times Babylon as prophesied of throughout 2000 years of Holy Writ finds its end at the hands of its ‘Debtors/Creditors”. (See Habakkuk 2:6 – 9). And so you see – the “information” that I have “pulled out of my ass” comes from the “Word of G-d”. Not to mention – call me observant. The World is collapsing all around you.. (ie – Katrina, Sandy, Fukushima, Indian Ocean Tidal-Wave, Haite EarthQuake, Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, Hail, Locust’s, Frogs, Spiders, et al – ALL Plagues happening WorldWide of Biblical proportions.)

      • Republic of Texas

        If you would bother to read the story you (and I) are commenting on, the “information” about DHS advising local PD about an impending economic collapse is sourced from an unnamed police officer in an unnamed city/state. It might as well say that they heard it from their sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s cousin who heard it at 31 flavors last night.

    • Anonymous


      See Vids at Fidockaves channel on youtube for more -
      (26 Videos of Earth Change to Date).

    • chris from oz

      Lurking indeed.

  • Anonymous

    It,s when those – that don,t normally accept the non-sense and hype – begin to turn on the “Boy crying WOLF” — that the WOLF comes around the corner and eats everybody!!! Not to say you,re crying Wolf Mr. Shields – on the contrair – you,re just doing your best to look-out and rightly so. Looking-out is not only wise in this day of “Writting ALL OVER the WALL – and everywhere” but is also highly advised throughout the text of scripture… thanks for looking-out and sharing!!! The “Birth-Pangs” of the earth (as forewarned by Jesus) have clearly begun and you (and those like you) are bound to be right in the near term…. (For an example of the “Birth-Pangs” – just google “Animal Die Off,s”…)

  • Anonymous

    Well, this is bogus. DHS would never share any intel with local departments. Not to say that things aren’t going to get rather entertaining in time, but DHS sharing info is a joke.

    • ThenAgain

      See my three links above, a lot of people don’t know who’s behind it -

  • anonymous

    These Fed money guys and the globalist bankers have been twisting around all the numbers and stats for many years, and could conceivably go on for years. Having all the bleak numbers and stats hasn’t meant a thing in quite some time. If anything the Fed seems to have gained more control of many aspects economically since the late 70′s, or maybe that kind of out of control stuff was purposeful illusion. I believe they control the exact timing of collapse, and for us, using our own or others instincts for such a short warning time as the end of april from the present, would serve, probably better, than stats. The big boys would tell you those stats don’t matter, which could be a statement of planned economic collapse to initiate a new one or they are such wizards with the money this system could go on forever. The DHS dogs part in all this seems like snooze stuff to me. The real bright ones (globalist banksters) we, or you, never get to rub shoulders with, so what’s the point in guessing using their stats and info?

  • WhatMeWorry?

    I have a friend who’s a cop in Indianapolis and he said he had lunch with a variety of officers around the city on Friday. He said no one had heard of any of this. If they are telling local PD’s, they aren’t telling the Indianapolis PD.

  • guyonearth

    Lies and nonsense.

  • Anonymous


    This is a distraction.

    The REAL problem the U.S. and most nations are preparing for is the announcement that Planet X is real. The United States is going to do that via NASA, most likely. President Obama wants YOU to learn that Planet X/Nibiru is real in time to help yourselves.

    Since no one knows what will happen after that announcement (worldwide) there is lots of chatter about financial collapses and martial law.

    The Zetas of fame have stated they predict most will just be SHOCKED by the announcement about Planet X, that is all.

    But it is somewhat understandable that those in governments and power, worldwide, would think otherwise and be preparing for those events.

    That is why DHS is buying hollow point bullets, for example. That is why there are underground bunkers for the mega-wealthy and power elites, except the joke is going to be on them: The last place to be during the pole shift Planet X will eventually cause (when it will happen NO human being knows, currently, anyone who says they do know the date or a timeline exactly when the pole shift will happen are lying).

    The Zetas explained that the U.S. government needs to have the upper hand on ex-military, rogue units they expect will be roaming after the pole shift (maybe before?)

    Read it for yourself at ALL is explained about the earth changes that can no longer be denied (Extreme weather, huge increase in sinkholes, quakes, and volcanic eruptions, melting sea ice and glaciers) and the signs in the sky caused by Planet X the public is also noticing (sun, moon and stars way out of position, sun rising and setting impossibly far north in the Northern Hemisphere now, moon tipping over as much as 100 degrees overnight which is impossible as 7 degrees at most is all that is normal, before Planet X arrived).

  • LexingtonNC

    This article probably has next to no veracity. But it should still get you to questioning how complete your preps are. I know that mine are best described as “a work in progress”. I just took on $12,000 in debt for bathroom remodeling to accommodate my mother in law. Getting the debt down while getting the preps up is proving to be challenging … to say the least.

  • Spytre Man

    The New approach to American power, legislative governing: You must buy _____ from company ______. You must register _____. You cannot make ______. You must serve _______. You cannot serve _____. You cannot say _____. You cannot wear _____. You must pay taxes on ______. You cannot _____ while _____. It is a mandatory sentence to ______. You must teach your kids ______. You kids cannot _____. You must feed your kids ____, and not _____. You must medicate your kids with _____. You and your kids must be registered with the following institutions: ______. You must purchase _____ from company ______. You cannot ____ in your own home, or own ______. IMMEDIATELY REPORT ANYBODY WHO IS NOT IN AGGREEANCE OR ANY SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR!

    Phased citizens response to this new brand of tyranny by pen: 1. What, they cannot be serious? 2. Oh, they are serious and I have to _____ now? 2b. Well, I did ____ and now they passed ____, wtf?!? Now I have to ____ too! 3. Okay, it seems like I understand this tax system and most do the rules. 4. Oh no! Now I have to _____. 5. Repeat steps one through four ad naseum. 6. Give up and fail to acknowledge or learn government propaganda or demands; essentially, live until you get into trouble and are surprised by how quickly you wind up in jail. 7. Complain to others, who are equally confused, stuck somewhere between steps 1 and 5 and unavailable to fight at steps 6-7.

    God bless America. Land of the poor.

  • marcus

    I call BS. Too much “the sky is falling”, playing right into peoples current fears.

  • Mike Shields

    Hmmmmm…… tanked today and the DJIA was down 266 and we just had a terrorist attack in Boston………

  • Mike Shields

    “UPDATE 2: Nikkei 225 is now down 1500 points from its highs and down 1150 (over 7%) from yesterday’s close

    All the time it is just the quadrillion JPY second-largest bond market in the world that is experiencing volatility on an unprecedented scale, the BoJ and her partners in crime are more than willing to ‘officially’ say “please do not worry.” But when the equity market – that barometer of everything good and holy about Abenomics starts to crater, you can bet the excuses will come fast and furious. Today’s drop of over 1500 points (over 9%) from the earlier highs is the largest drop for the Nikkei 225 since March 2011.”

    From zerohedge

  • Ethiopian Haggis

    Mr. ConcernedMother. This is spam. you are not bringing anything to the conversation. Your are unethical

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