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If Trump Loses, it Is the End of America

Thursday, October 27, 2016 13:22
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If Trump loses, it is the end of america 

~~Sean Hannity often says that on his radio show and the scary thing is, he’s right. 

I know there are many Republicans, conservatives, and independents who will not vote for Trump for a variety of what they claim are very solid reasons.  Neither will they vote for Hillary.  The main argument of the “Never-Trumpers” seems to be that Trump is just not acceptable as a candidate, both in terms of policy and temperament, and that it would be best if we just let Hillary win.  Many of them also assume that after President Clinton screws up the country for four years, the Republicans will then retake the White House in 2020 and everything will be hunky-dory. It sounds like a reasonable plan, but it is not.

The problem with that line of thinking is that Hillary will not be dislodged in four years, nor do I think, assuming Hillary wins in November, a Republican will win the White House in eight years, or perhaps ever again. I don’t think people understand how vicious and calculating Hillary Clinton is and how she will use her first term to lock in various policies and election fraud techniques that will make it nearly impossible for a Republican to ever win the White House again. A Hillary presidency means the Democrat Party will remain in power for generations and will preside over a great decline in American economic and military strength. It is also likely the GOP will cease to exist as a viable party and will slowly dwindle to irrelevancy.  Perhaps other small parties will emerge, but none will be able to challenge the Democrat Party dominance.

While the media is screaming bloody murder about vulgar things Trump said eleven years ago, they have decided to ignore the incredible lengths taken by Hillary to attack and belittle dozens of women who were groped and assaulted by her husband.  But the media is ignoring far more important matters such as how Hillary’s policies will push America over the tipping point in many different ways with a very damaging impact on America that in most cases, will be irreversible.

In regards to fair elections, tax rates, welfare dependency, destruction of our energy industry, the disappearance of our manufacturing base, the collapse of our health care system, the rise of domestic terrorism, the composition of the Supreme Court and the concentration of executive branch power at the expense of legislative power, are all areas now at a critical point in American history. A Hillary presidency will push us over all these tipping points, with disastrous consequences and the damage done will not be easily reversed, if at all.

A Clinton presidency will accelerate election fraud techniques regarding veterans, prisoners, illegal aliens and welfare recipients

President Clinton will continue to do what Democrats have been perfecting since LBJ and JFK. Stealing elections. She will use the power of the presidency to solidify the infrastructure of election fraud so that no one will threaten her reelection and will make the White House a Democrat residence for generations. There are a number of ways she will do this.

First, a Clinton White House will quietly drive an effort to restore “voting rights” to felons, both in prison and out, which has been an ongoing project of the left for years.  Indeed, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe attracted attention recently for unilaterally restoring the voting rights of 200,000 felons, but that was just the beginning.    The left doesn’t actually care about the rights of felons; all they know is they overwhelmingly vote Democratic.   Let me remind everyone there are six million felons in the country today and giving them the right to vote will dramatically increase the power of the Democrat Party. Under a Hillary presidency, there is little doubt she will use her Department of Justice (DOJ) to force states to restore voting rights to felons, based on legal opinions by radical DOJ attorneys claiming to have discovered a new “civil rights” issue that they will enforce without input from Congress, especially if it’s controlled by Republicans. Remember, under socialists like Hillary, the DOJ is not used to enforce the constitution; it will be used the way Obama used it:  to accumulate power for the progressive agenda.

Secondly, Hillary will continue the left’s secretive efforts to register the 15-20 million illegal aliens residing in America.  Obama’s corrupt Attorney Generals, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, have used the power of the Department of Justice to allow illegal aliens to vote by harassing and threatening states who institute photo ID laws to prevent campaign fraud. Claiming “racism,” the DOJ has forced many states to drop any and all voter ID requirements even though such rules have nothing to do with race. Indeed, every civilized country in the world requires identification to vote. Make no mistake; the DOJ’s efforts are all about making it easy for illegal aliens to vote.

Americans need to recall how a group called ACORN illegally registered tens of thousands of illegal aliens in 2008 in coordination with the Obama campaign.  Many of its leaders were busted and ACORN disappeared, but what most Americans don’t know is that similar groups have been formed to carry on the same work.   Indeed, since 2009, the Obama Administration has doled out $63 million in grants to groups that register “immigrants” and if you think that doesn’t include illegal aliens, you are living in fantasy land.

Indeed, the voter registration program overseen by the White House’s “Task Force on New Americans”  is administered by rabid open boarders advocate Cecilia Munoz, the former head of the illegal alien advocacy group, the Council of La Raza.  Many of the groups receiving grant money, such as “Welcoming America” are tied to the anti-American, pro-open borders billionaire George Soros. In yet another example of incredible GOP stupidity, none of Congress’s “oversight” committees seems to have bothered to investigate what is likely a massive federally funded program to illegally registered illegal aliens in preparation for 2016.  And no doubt a Clinton presidency will ramp up funding for such groups and institutionalize the registration of illegal aliens.  And of course, Hillary will also continue Obama’s strategy of using the DOJ to keep states from implementing any type of voter identification system that would make it difficult for illegals to vote.

This is also why liberals in state after state have been enacting laws, usually with the support of stupid Republicans, to allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses.  Once one has a drivers license, whether a state has a photo ID requirement becomes a mute point.  You can bet that a Hillary White House will be pushing her legislative allies in every state to make this a reality. 

As Ann Coulter documents in her book, Adios America! The Left’s Plan to turn America into a Third World Hellhole, it has been the goal of Democrats for decades to increase both legal and illegal immigration, not because of any charitable concerns, but rather they know that immigrants – who today mostly hail from Third World countries – love big government and will likely vote Democrat.  This is also why the Democrats refuse to support efforts to secure the border and why both Obama and Clinton have called for increasing refugee admissions, granting amnesty to illegal aliens and raising legal immigration rates.  Incredibly, a number of naïve RINO Republicans over the last few years have supported amnesty for illegal aliens without having a clue they were playing right into the Democrat game plan to increase its vote totals.

Today, immigration – both legal and illegal — is all about increasing political power.  Period.  As Hillary has already announced, she will, if elected, increase the number of Syrian refugees by 55,000, a 555% increase, and of course, by underfunding the Border Patrol and blocking all efforts to secure the border, the number of illegal aliens will escalate under a Hillary presidency.  And progressive groups – using federal funds — will be standing by to register all of them Democratic.  Moreover, any state that even thinks about restoring integrity to the election process will have President Clinton’s DOJ knocking on their doors the next day.

Then Hillary will suppress the military vote which is largely Republican.  It is believed that the majority of overseas military voters were disenfranchised during the 2012 reelection because their ballots were received by the various states too late to be counted. What most Americans don’t realize is that a few years before Obama’s re-election, a Federal law called the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) was signed into law. This law required states to make an extra effort to collect and accept overseas military absentee ballots, but Obama simply granted waivers to a number of states so they would not have to comply with it.  As a result, tens of thousands of military votes were thrown out. These waivers alone may have allowed Obama to win some key swing states and thus the 2012 election. One has to wonder which states have been granted waivers this election cycle.

There is little doubt a Hillary White House will continue to grant such waivers and, indeed, I predict she will use the power of the federal government to pressure states to accept waivers, a decision that is made at the state level by the Secretary of State. Indeed, in the 22 states where Democrats control the Secretary of State position, getting them to accept waivers to the MOVE law will be easy, but if Hillary wins next month and has a coattail effect, the Democrats may control additional Secretaries of State.

Lastly, there is the effort to intertwine welfare programs with voter registration. In 1993, congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which required all federal welfare offices to offer welfare recipient voter registration forms and even “assistance” filling out the forms. However, many federal offices are lax about this law and forget to offer the voter registration forms to people.  But rest assured, Hillary will put teeth into this law by using executive orders requiring all federal welfare agencies to set goals as to how many welfare recipients need to be registered.  The effort to get all welfare recipients registered will be placed on steroids and Hillary will make damn sure that everyone who receives  some form of federal welfare – Section 8 Housing subsidies, AFDC, food stamps, etc. — will be pressured into registering to vote. Hillary knows that the more government mixes together welfare benefits and voter registration, the more the assumption is created in the minds of welfare recipients that they need to vote Democrat in order to keep the benefits flowing. This is why under Obama, welfare programs exploded and federal bureaucrats were even phone banking people to enroll them in various welfare programs.   As of now, 45 million Americans receive food stamps – 1 in every 7 Americans—a record.

And Hillary will build on that number.  Indeed, around 110 million Americans – over a third of the country– currently receive some form of Federal welfare benefits but that will grow under a Clinton presidency.  It’s a simple formula: the more government dependency, the more voters vote Democratic. Welfare recipients are a key part of the Democrat coalition and Hillary will make it more so.

So add up the numbers my friends.  There are 15-20 million illegal aliens, six million felons, and 110 million federal welfare recipients, many of who are not yet registered to vote.  On top of that, suppress the military vote and you have a shady election formula – which includes outright fraud — that will lock in Democrat control of the presidency for generations. Do not be naive.  This campaign will determine whether America will ever again have free and fair elections.

A Clinton presidency will turn the Supreme Court into a branch of her presidency and an instrument of tyranny

There is little doubt Hillary will not only appoint a leftist to fill the existing vacancy on the Supreme Court but  will also get to appoint 2-3 more justices due to the older justices retiring.  She will claim it is her prerogative to appoint leftists and that Congress has no right to block her.  And they won’t.  Some Never -Trumpers have argued that the liberal establishment Republicans who control the Senate will shut down Hillary’s more radical appointments, forcing her to nominate more moderate jurists. This is fantasy land.  The Senate RINOS have supported every hard left nominee that came before them during the Obama era and that will not change under a Clinton presidency.

Once Hillary has control of the Supreme Court, expect an unprecedented assault on a number of our cherished constitutional rights and a sharp movement toward tyrannical government: 

• The Clinton presidency will claim those who are physically living in America have the right to also be represented politically, so even illegal aliens should have voting rights. They will fabricate a case at the local level – perhaps an illegal alien is blocked from voting by a County Registrar of Voters – and will then maneuver the case all the way to the Supreme Court where Clinton’s allies will vote to create a whole new category of those legally allowed to vote. Fifteen to twenty million new Democrat voters will be created overnight.

• Similarly, Clinton’s DOJ will “arrange” a case concerning the voting rights of felons, and will maneuver such a case to the Supreme Court, and again, overnight, six million felons will be granted the right to vote based on the discovery of new “civil rights.”  All state laws that restrict felon voting rights will be nullified.

• The 2nd Amendment will be redefined by the Clinton court.  As Chelsea Clinton already made clear in recent remarks, her mother will select justices who will destroy this sacred right.  The court will simply declare the 2nd Amendment only applies to government-approved militias (the military), a ridiculous and inaccurate view but held by existing Justices such as John Paul Stevens.  An individual’s right to possess a weapon will thus be nullified, thereby giving the federal government sweeping powers to confiscate guns from Americans and making it illegal for individuals to purchase guns. The 2nd Amendment was considered by our founders to be a check on tyrannical government but once this check is eliminated, there is no stopping Hillary from enacting police state tactics, with emphasis on monitoring and surveiling “right wing” groups and individuals, something the left has fantasized about for years. Let’s not forget that just a few years ago, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued a report listing “veterans,” “pro-lifers,” border security activists, etc, as potential domestic terrorists but of course, the report ignored radical Islamists.

• Clinton will dramatically increase the use of illegal “executive orders,” especially if Republicans continue to control congress.  Such orders are illegal since they create new policy not voted upon by the legislative branch. At the rate executive orders were abused by first Obama and then possibly by President Clinton, the founder’s concept of “Separation of Powers” will be completely undermined.  If Clinton’s executive power grab is challenged and the issue ends up in the Supreme Court, her allies will uphold this abuse, essentially ending Congress’s ability to “check” executive branch abuses.  Similar to the court’s attack on the 2nd Amendment, the destruction of congressional checking power will lead to government tyranny and Hillary’s lust for power will then have no boundaries. Congress will become a debating society with no real power. 

• Clinton’s Supreme Court will redefine religious freedom so as to restrict it so that it only applies in the privacy of one’s own home.  Her court will elevate homosexual behavior to a “right” that trumps the First Amendment with devastating consequences.  Employers, for example, will have the right to fire employees if they hold religious beliefs defined as “homophobic.”  Churches will lose their tax exempt status for preaching that homosexuality is a sinful behavior.  And so on.  If one thinks this is fantasy, just read the Obergfell opinion, which already makes clear that half the justices today actually consider homosexual behavior to be a more important “right” than the 1st Amendment.

• While Trump’s views on opposing abortion may not be deeply held, under a Clinton presidency, her Department of Justice will strategically maneuver cases to the Supreme Court that will actually expand abortion rights such as prohibiting state restrictions like parental consent laws. They will also attempt to even compel states to find abortion.  Whatever gains the pro-life movement has made in the last few decades regarding state restrictions will be gone.  It will be as if the pro-life movement never existed.

Reversing these Supreme Court decisions will be difficult if not impossible. For starters, even if Hillary were defeated in 2020, her court appointees will last much longer as she will no doubt appoint younger justices.  One may think these conclusions are wild speculation but all one has to do is read progressive literature to see that that all the anti-constitutional positions discussed above are held by the leadership of the progressive movement that supports Hillary. Indeed, she is expected to nominate hard-left Supreme Court justices dedicated not to preserving the constitution but to advancing the tyrannical goals of the far left.  Anyone refusing to vote for Trump will have to take responsibility for what will be a series of irreversible decisions by the Court that will destroy many of the principles our founder fathers fought for.  And all because of Trump’s “temperament” and that he acted like a playboy when younger?

Hillary will accelerate the conversion of America to a socialist economy thereby doing long term damage to the free enterprise system

Under Obama, with the growth of government spending and power combined with escalating tax rates, the left made great progress toward transforming America into a socialist country.  Under Hillary, there is every indication the socialist transformation will accelerate and once America allows its free enterprise system to be destroyed, reversing it will be extremely difficult. Capital will move offshore and the wealthier job creators will leave the country. Consider the following:

• In 40 years of public policy involvement, Clinton has never advocated cutting any government program except defense. Under Obama, federal government spending as a percentage of GDP averaged 22.9 percent, one of the highest ever and the debt he accumulated as a result is more than all American presidents combined –  $19.7 trillion.  However, under a Clinton presidency, the programs proposed so far will likely tip government spending over the 23 percent mark and will increase the debt to the point that it may be unsustainable.  A government this large will, as economists say “crowd out” the private sector and could very well lead to an economic collapse. 

• Clinton’s own economic proposals spell out a tax policy that will throw America into economic disarray. She has publicly come out in support of payroll tax hikes, a 65% estate tax, a capital gains tax hike, and numerous smaller taxes, while refusing to lower either our corporate tax rate – now the highest in the world – or our punishing personal income tax rates. It has been estimated that over a ten year period, Clinton’s taxes will take over a trillion dollars from the American people.  Again, this is NOT sustainable in a free enterprise system and at this level of taxation, the result is always negative economic behavior:  businesses closing, employees fired, and producers moving off-shore.  The only sector which will grow will be the government sector.

• The unemployment rate being touted by Obama and his media lapdogs – 5% – is absolutely phony and all economists know this. This is a figure the Bureau of Labor Statistics arrives at AFTER removing millions of people from its data base who have ceased looking for work.  A far more accurate BLS statistic is the “Labor Participation Rate,” which is the percent of Americans actually working. It’s currently around 62%, which is at least 3 points lower than when Obama took office.  This is close to a Great Depression era stat but it also means that our REAL unemployment rate is probably more like 18% or higher. Hillary’s anti-job policies will lower the labor participation rate to a level  that is not able to sustain the economy and indeed, this could also lead to an economic collapse. As unemployment rises and despair sets it, crime will become epidemic in the urban areas and some cities will simply become ungovernable.

• America’s sub- 3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP)rate is also a Great Depression era stat. Incredibly, not once did the Obama economy perform over 3% GDP growth. This means that America remained in a severe recession the entire 8 years of Obama and reports to the contrary by the media was nothing but pro-Obama propaganda.  We were lied to.  The last time America had sub 3% growth more than a few years in a row was during the Great Depression.  The combination of the world’s highest corporate tax rates, Obama care, and suffocated regulations has already resulted in the closure of tens of thousands of business.  Nevertheless, Clinton’s economic plan actually calls for more taxes and more government spending, and will thus weaken America’s economy further.  A GDP rate remaining below 3% is not enough economic activity to keep additional businesses from closing and thus the Hillary era will be marked by economic chaos.  

• Under a Clinton presidency, the increase of federal welfare programs will eventually create a situation in which the “takers” (welfare recipients) will outnumber and out vote the “producers” (those who create jobs and/or pay taxes).  At a certain point, this ratio is not economically sustainable, but we are nearly at that point now with welfare recipients constituting between 30% and 40% of all Americans depending what programs are considered “welfare.”  Under Hillary, there is little doubt we will hit that tipping point.  

• Obama Care is already beyond the tipping point and is collapsing as this is written. But a Hillary presidency will use the collapse to create a “single payer” socialist system, something the left actually boasted about when Obama Care first passed Congress.  Obama Care was never designed to be sustainable but rather designed to be a stepping stone to socialized medicine. History has shown that once health care is socialized, the rest of the economy follows suit.  This is another tipping point we are currently at right now but one must bear in mind that Hillary’s “plan” to save health care will result in a government controlled system paid for with massive new taxes.  The most prominent feature of socialized medicine, aside from waits of six months and longer, is “rationing,” in which government bureaucrats decide what kind of medical procedure a person is entitled to.  Remember when everyone made fun of Governor Sarah Palin for claiming Obama care will lead to “death panels”?  If Hillary wins, we have death panels.  

The trends above taken together will lead to an economic meltdown that will make the 2008 crisis look minor.  Like the book, Atlas Shrugged, our most productive citizens will disappear; indeed, many of them have already moved off-shore but have done so quietly.  Indeed, 17,400 Americans renounced their citizenship during the Obama era, another record. Let me assure you, this number included many prominent entrepreneurs.  But that trend will increase under Hillary and we will witness a hollowing out of America with more of our most productive citizens disappearing.  With Hillary’s election, America will be well is on its way to becoming a Third World economy, with little upward mobility and a shrinking entrepreneurial class. Even if a Republican manages to win in 2020, the economic damage done by Hillary may be so severe it will take decades to recover, if ever.  For those thinking about not voting at all or voting for Hillary, understand that you are dooming your children and grandchildren to an America that economically will be devoid of opportunities and will look increasingly like a Third World country.

A Clinton presidency will lead to an explosion of domestic terrorism

We are at another tipping point when it comes to domestic terrorism.  The pattern was established in Europe.  Massive Islamic immigration was pushed by the European elites and within a few decades, domestic terrorism became a routine event.  Here in America, we are not even prepared for what will hit us and have naively assumed we would never end up like Europe.  Under Obama, domestic terrorism dramatically increased and with the support of Secretary Clinton, he ordered the purging of all intelligence agency files on terrorism.  Files on entire terrorist groups were deleted and any information linking Islam and terrorism was deleted.

Combined with the refusal of the Obama administration to interrogate captured terrorists, this explains why our intelligence agencies have been totally unprepared for the terrorist attacks of the last few years.  The few attacks that have been averted were not due to the FBI but rather due to tips from observant citizens.
The FBI has announced investigations of ISIS plots ongoing in all 50 states.  Moreover, our intelligence agencies have identified over 30 rural “camps” right here in America at which jihadists train, but the Obama administration will not monitor them due to their “civil rights.” Clinton holds the same views on Islamic terrorism – i.e., it’s not a serious threat, it’s not Islamic in nature, conservatives are exaggerating the threat, etc., etc., and she has called for more Islamic immigration than even Obama has.

Indeed, Clinton will not even acknowledge the connection between Islamic immigration and Islamic terrorism and she will continue the Obama policy of regulating the FBI to the point where it is no longer effective in stopping terrorism.  Along with her proposals to increase Islamic immigration and her refusal to secure the border, you have a recipe for an explosion of domestic terrorism under her watch. Indeed, Wiki Leaks just released an email showing Hillary’s support for “open borders.”

The Hillary presidency will be marked by terrorism and, unfortunately, this will alter America as we know it.  The climate of fear these attacks will generate will change Americans’ sense of freedom and we may never again be the same. 

A Hillary election does indeed mean the end of America as we know it

This is not just another election.  America is at the tipping point in all the way described above.   Hillary has dreamed of this role her entire life and her writings reveal an incredible thrust for power.  Indeed, 30 years of researching Hillary confirms she will do anything to obtain power and once in power, she will do everything to destroy her opponents.

And once elected, she will not lose again.  She will be reelected and, after eight years, she will turn the presidency over to someone she handpicks. With a powerful coalition composed of leftists, immigrants, welfare recipients, illegal aliens, millennials, prisoners, and inner city voters, she will ensure that the Democrat Party will be in power for generations.

Moreover, Hillary will use the power of the federal government to harass and intimidate anyone who stands in the way of her agenda.  Voters have forgotten that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, enemies of the regime were audited by the IRS and harassed by numerous other agencies, all instigated by First Lady Hillary Clinton.  This time around, it will be worse; Hillary will use the IRS, DOJ, DHS, EPA, EEOC, BLM, OSHA and numerous other agencies to harass churches, property owners, small business owners, Christian schools, gun owners, tea party members,  ranchers, cattle farmers, and other groups that refuse to cooperate with her big government, socialist agenda.  That is what she has always done and will do again. Hillary does not see government as a collection of agencies performing work on behalf of the taxpayers; rather she sees government as a vehicle by which she rewards friends and punishes enemies.

For thirty years, Hillary has engaged in “pay to play” schemes such as her 1980’s involvement in “China Gate” in which millions of dollars were secretly funneled to her husband’s reelection campaign in exchange for allowing China to obtain U.S. missile technology to the more recent uranium deal in which Secretary of State Clinton allowed Russia to obtain rights to a portion of America’s strategic uranium supply in return for massive contributions to her foundation. Indeed, it is these deals that are the real reason why her team deleted over 30,000 emails. Her corruption is simply unprecedented in American history.

Yes, Trump has a playboy background and has engaged in behavior which make most of us wince but we must remember all of these allegations are ten years ago or longer. He lives a stable life today and is clearly a happily married man.  But even the most damaging stories do not reveal Trump did anything illegal and he certainly did not do anything that approaches the behavior of JFK and LBJ, both of whom had wild sex parties and dozens of mistresses while in the White House. He has not been an angel, but we are voting for a commander in chief and not a spiritual leader.

As for temperament, Hillary has a far worse temperament than does Trump. Dozens of former staff members and Secret Service agents who have guarded Hillary in the past have written about Hillary’s temper and her profanity-laced tirades. They all say she has no patience and that her policies change day to day, depending on who is donating to her.  But the media has refused to interview anyone with firsthand knowledge of her temperament and as the Wiki-Leaks emails have confirmed, they are in the tank for Hillary. They’ve created a sensational narrative about Trump’s personal life – all a decade ago — so that the voters will not pay attention to Hillary’s 30 years of political corruption. 

The bottom line is that there is nothing Trump has done regarding his personal behavior which comes even close to the damage a Clinton presidency will do to America.  But there are reasons to be hopeful about a President Trump. He has surrounded himself with a slew of prominent conservative advisors which give us an indication that his administration will be filled with conservatives. People are policy as Morton Blackwell always says. Moreover, the list of potential Supreme Court appointees Trump has released is superb and has been applauded by leading constitutional scholars. 

The choice is between a vain, pompous, billionaire former playboy who cares deeply about America or a corrupt woman who will used the presidency to destroy many of our constitutional principles.  We can survive a Trump presidency; we cannot survive a Clinton presidency.  If nothing else, think of Trump as a “place holder” until another Republican is elected in 4 or 8 years.  To sit home on Election Day or vote third party is, in essence, a vote for Hillary and a vote to allow America to be destroyed by the left.   Be brave. Do what the establishment, the corrupt banks, the unions, the media, the open borders crowd, the far left, the liberal Republican leadership and just about every other group of “elites” do NOT want you to do.  Vote Trump.

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  • YourNumbr1Fan

    Awesome article, Steve. And as true as rain.
    It’s a shame that there are so many flat-out hypocrites opposing Donald Trump as a way to virtue-signal…. knowing that they themselves are nowhere near as “pious” as they want people to believe they are. It’s utterly disgusting that Hillary is still even a viable candidate, considering her many provable CRIMES.
    These are very sad times, for sure.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    If he wins, you’re really going to see what a tyrannical dictator is.

  • Rockledge

    This country ended in 2000 the minute the reagan/cheney/bush cabal handed the federal government to the oil companies and the war complex.

    The hope with Trump is that he will resurrect America from the ashes.

    The notion that he is not an acceptable candidate is a bit humorous, considering we just had 8 years of a retarded guy occupying the whorehouse followed by 8 years of a token “first black president” who isn’t black and who has simply furthered the reagan/cheney/bush “thousand points of light” agenda.
    And additionally humorous when you look at congress.

    Not acceptable because he doesn’t spout circular bullshit that is a lot of words that say nothing? Not acceptable because he can’t be bought? Not acceptable because he wants the job out of passion to make things better rather than for the prestige and money that comes with it? Not acceptable because he is not a hardened lifer politician who is up for auction to the highest bidder?

    He is only unacceptable to those who love money more than our culture, those who view the working man as free labor, and to those who wallow in the power that comes with the spoils of greed, and to those who the government is supporting by taking money the working man doesn’t have to bribe them not to commit crimes or to come here illegally and work the fields cheap while living in nice homes and driving new SUVs that WE provide as bribe kitty.

  • The Watcher

    If Trump wins, we live, if Clinton wins, EVERYBODY on EARTH WILL DIE!

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