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Litmus Test for America November, 2016: Some Facts, Ideas and Thoughts to Ponder

Monday, October 24, 2016 9:11
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By Charles Thomas Mort
Perhaps half the people in America don’t understand what they think they want.
Current mainstream media election coverage is far too one-sided. Since there are many variables in choosing a president, use this litmus test to help bring some balance to your perspective on the 2016 presidential race. Only then can we hope to restore this once great nation back to its former self.
Clinton: Raise taxes by $1.4 Trillion
Trump: cut taxes by $6.2 Trillion
Clinton: capitulating on US economic sovereignty
Trump: America First!
Clinton: raise corporate income tax rates
Trump: reduce corporate income tax rates
Clinton: keep current estate tax rate
Trump: eliminate current estate tax rate
Clinton: says presidential candidates and presidents should not discuss Fed
Trump: calls for congressional audit on Federal Reserve
Clinton: flip-flopped on TPP, for it before Trump, now against, although her VP choice Tim Kaine has never seen a trade deal he didn’t support
Trump: totally against TPP
Clinton: called TPP ‘the gold standard’
Trump: called TPP ‘the rape of our country’
Clinton: end the epidemic of gun violence with gun control restrictions
Trump: supports current gun control laws (btw, gun violence was way down until recent incitement by Obama and Black Lives Matter, promoted by George Soros)
Clinton: forget U.S. immigration law, for open borders, admit anyone who wants to come to America
Trump: enforce U.S. immigration law, enforce temporary ban on all Muslim immigrants
Clinton: supports total gun ban and elimination of second amendment
Trump: support of citizens right to bare arms and upholding the Second Amendment 
Clinton: close ties to Wall Street, with support of Wall Street and banks
Trump:  lives near Wall Street, with support of Main Street and the people
Clinton: supports the Muslim Brotherhood
Trump: Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization
Clinton: wants you poor, more Americans out of work than ever before (now Obama, later Hillary)
Trump: wants you prosperous, supposedly will put more Americans back to work
Clinton: foments racial radicalism
Trump: rejects racial radicalism
Clinton: white people need to do a better job of listening to black people
Trump: listen to me!
Clinton: give more power to the establishment
Trump: take power away from the establishment 
Clinton: wants to bring foreign “cultural values” to America
Trump: wants to bring back good ole American values
Clinton: *against offshore oil drilling, provide more incentives for alternative energy production
Trump: for offshore oil drilling and development of alternative energy
Clinton: send jobs out, kill the free market
Trump: bring jobs home, enhance free market
Clinton: in favor of using seeds and products with “a proven track record”, Tom Vilsack (former Monsanto employee) was top contender for VP, obviously, a big bio-tech supporter
Trump: GMO foods should be labeled
Clinton: against renewal of Glass-Steagel Act
Trump: for renewal of Glass-Steagel Act
Clinton: proponent of New World Order
Trump: opposed to NWO
Clinton: for globalismgive up your liberty
Trump: for Americanism, protect our liberty
Clinton: what rule of law?
Trump: reassert the rule of law
Clinton: supports amended Affordable Care Act
Trump: eliminate Obamacare, open competitive insurance markets with health savings accounts, available across state lines
Clinton: *supports net neutrality 
Trump: sites pay more for faster internet speeds
Clinton: defund NASA
Trump: fund NASA
Clinton: says she’s for women’s rights, though her closest aide and friend, Huma Abedin’s mother,  promotes female genital mutilations
Trump: not perfect, loves some women, disses others
Clinton: enforce current border policy
Trump: increase border restrictions 
Clinton: increase Obama’s commitment to let in 110,000 Syrians in 2017 to 550,000 (five times more!)
Trump: extreme vetting of people looking to immigrate
Clinton: supports Common Core national school policy
Trump: end Common Core, supports education standards set at local and state level; parents’ right to send children to any chosen school, including homeschooling
Clinton: pro-choice
Trump: pro-life (50+ million abortions since Roe v. Wade, 70+% of them black)
Clinton: government continue funding Planned Parenthood
Trump: defund Planned Parenthood
Clinton: convicted felons allowed to vote
Trump: convicted felons do not have the right to vote
Foreign Policy and Affairs
Clinton: mainstream media blames Putin and Trump for DNC hacked emails
Trump: we don’t know who hacked emails for certain
Clinton: blames Russia for WikiLeaks hacked emails
Trump: understands US intelligence (NSA) community is potentially releasing these emails because they know she can’t handle state secrets, i.e. they support Trump
Clinton: sold 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia via Uranium One for $35M (per WSJ and NYT)
Trump: no dealings or loans with Russia
Clinton: hawk moving towards WWWIII
Trump: dove for peace with Putin, China?; plus allegedly, neither Putin or Trump wants war
Clinton: *less torturous means
Trump: use enhanced interrogation techniques, to gain information from suspected terrorists
Clinton: remain in United Nations
Trump: leave United Nations
Clinton: increase foreign aid spending
Trump: decrease foreign aid spending
Clinton: “I’m with Her” , Stronger Together”,  Make America Whole,” “Love and Kindness,” “Break Down Barriers,” “Build Ladders of Opportunity,” and “Love Trumps Hate”  
Trump: “I’m with the American People” and “Make America Great Again”
Clinton: rallies attract dozens and hundreds (up to 2,000; average turnout 200)
Trump: rallies attract thousands (up to 200,000, average turnout 40,000)
Clinton: stole eleven states from Bernie Sanders in primaries, plans on stealing election
Trump: defeated sixteen stalwart candidates in primaries, plans on preventing stolen election
Clinton: endorsed by John Bachtell, national chair of the Communist Party USA
Trump: endorsed by David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard
Clinton: media with/for her, not held accountable for anything, including potential tremendous wrongdoings
Trump: ”rigged media”, held accountable for every word and potential misdeed
Clinton: beholden to Big Pharma
Trump: zero money from Big Pharma
Clinton: party of bigotry, not minorities, foments racial division
Trump: party for the people, foments American pride and nationalism
Clinton: nowhere to be seen or fundraising
Trump: campaigning constantly, visited New Orleans and Mexico
Clinton: vehemently opposed Brexit (British exit from European Union)
Trump: says U.S. election result will be like ‘Brexit Times Five’
Clinton: smart enough to take Donald Trump at his word
Trump: if elected president, he’ll jail Hillary Clinton
Clinton: portrayed as having health challenges
Trump: portrayed in good health
Clinton: healthwise, possibly dead within months
Trump: possibly oldest, healthiest president ever?
Clinton: beholden to money and power
Trump: has own money and power
Clinton: terminates people seen as threats
Trump: tongue lashes threats
Clinton: owned by banks
Trump: could own banks
Clinton: member of Bush-Clinton crime family
Trump: member of his own golf courses?

Clinton: seemingly dislikes everyone, except possibly Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced former New York congressman, Anthony Weiner

Trump: portrayed as misogynous, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic

Clinton: earpiece
Trump: no earpiece
Clinton: needs help getting up stairs and into vehicles
Trump: walks on his own
Clinton: history built on lies and deception 
Trump: history built on business deals and family
Clinton: *Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine release tax returns
Trump: Donald Trump defies decades-old tradition of disclosure (thus far), Mike Pence releases his
Clinton: has coughing fits
Trump: has talking fits
Clinton: is a politician, too much experience for her own good
Trump: not a politician, no prior political experience
Clinton: prefers women
Trump: prefers women
Clinton: big time boozer, probably on prescription or experimental medications 
Trump: doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs
Clinton: Chicago mafia roots
Trump: New York blue collar roots
Clinton: $382,000 in donations from journalists 
Trump: $14,000 in donations from journalists 
Clinton: electronic voting machine companies contribute to Democrats, Hillary and Clinton Foundation
Trump: zero dollars for Trump
Clinton: fit for prison?
Trump: unfit for President?
Clinton: insider, totally beholden to special interest groups
Trump: outsider, not beholden to special interest groups
Clinton: stole $2B from the poorest people in this hemisphere
Trump: ripped off students from Trump University?
Clintonstole almost $200,000 worth of items (which they eventually were forced to return) and vandalized multiple furnishings in White House
Trump: leaving behind his NBC reality shows, Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice
Clinton: tyrannical and devolutionary ruler
Trump: patriotic and revolutionary leader
Clinton: ethically challenged retread
Trump: raving egomaniac
Clinton: Saul Alinsky devotee and communist
Trump: true American patriot
Clinton: wolf in sheep’s clothing
Trump: just a wolf 
**Clinton: bully and a demagogue
Trump: same
Clinton: politically correct
Trump: politically incorrect to the absurd
Clinton: hard-core globalist-elitist-enemy of humanity
Trump: hard-core nationalist-American-friend of people 
Clinton: Luciferian, believes in witchcraft, allegedly 
Trump: Christian, believes in Christianity, allegedly 
Clinton: reckless disregard for the law
Trump: believes in the Constitution and the rule of law 
**Clinton: has a well-documented volatile temper
Trump: also cocky and hotheaded
Clinton: what she says about Trump is true, yet about herself (i.e. projection, she projects herself onto him)
Trump: what Trump says about her is just plain true
Clinton: She’ll say anything and change nothing (from a 2008 Obama ad)
Trump: he’ll say anything and hopefully be able to change some things
Clinton: outcome predictable with more or less, direct continuation of Obama policies
Trump: unpredictable, outcome unknown, still far potentially better
Clinton: obsessed with control, leader of people, insider, fighting for herself and her friends
Trump: obsessed with freedom, leader for people, outsider, fighting for you
Clinton: cares about votes
Trump: cares about people
Clinton: admits mental impairment 
Trump: admits own greatness 
Clinton: ran interference for Bill’s bimbos, prostitutes and rapees
Trump: ran and sold Miss Universe pageant 
Clinton: lied about being under sniper fire
Trump: has frequently said, “You’re fired!”
Clinton: Julian Assange quote: “just drone this guy”
Trump: Kim Kardashian quote: had “gotten a little large” 
Clinton: holds public and private positions, which differ dramatically 
Trump: has accepted personal responsibility for his foul language about private parts
Clinton: backed by mainstream media, Wall Street, big business and other billionaires 
Trump: backed by alternative media, himself and the people 
Clinton: stole eleven states from Bernie Sanders; will attempt same with general election
Trump: started to counter election fraud
Clinton: mentor, Robert C. Byrd, founding member and Grand Wizard of Ku Klux Klan
Trump: mentor, Roy Cohn, top aide to the late Senator, Joseph McCarthy
Clinton: pushes the false racial narrative
Trump: exposes the false racial narrative
Clinton: should be arrested for treason
Trump: said Hillary should be arrested for treason 
Clinton: daughter Chelsea, courtesy of Webster Hubbel
Trump: children by ex-wives
Clinton: cuts husband Bill off from 14-year-old bastard stepson, Danney Williams
Trump: very close with sons Eric and Don, Jr.
Clinton: bullying husband Bill’s sexual assault victims
Trumpede : negotiating with business rivals for best deal
Clinton: relates how dark Alex Jones’ heart must be
Trump: says she has tremendous hate in her heart 
Clinton: legacy of failed wars, chaos and corruption 
Trump: legacy of skyscrapers, golf courses and the family business
Potential future/administration

Clinton: puppet of the ruling class, enslave the deplorables, continuation of corruption and control
Trump: destroyer of the ruling class, save the deplorables, potential end of corruption 
Clinton: usher in transhumanism, new world order and Agenda 21/2030
Trump: survival and continuation of humanity
Clinton: may win with voter-election fraud
Trump: intends to counter with winning by landslide and close election scrutiny 
Clinton: for emergence of New World Order
Trump: for return of the Republic
Clinton: push entitlement culture
Trump: return to the American way!
Clinton: teach everyone to fight with each other, break up the family and divide culture
Trump: teach acceptance, cherish the family and support the culture
Clinton: maintaining Anglo-European power elite control over the political process
Trump: breaking Anglo-European power elite control over the political process 
Clinton: Putin knows she is beholden with donations from military-industrial complex
Trump: Putin knows he loves his family and life and wants to keep them free and safe
Clinton: subjugation, enslavement and tyranny
Trump: empowerment, freedom and peace
Clinton: maintain an ‘illusion of democracy’
Trump: we remain ‘a free nation’
Clinton: invade Syria, precipitating WWIII
Trump: avoid more war
Clinton: Arkancide alleged suicide list, aka Clinton body count, 90+
Trump: hasn’t had anyone killed (that we know of)
Clinton: Clinton Foundation, has stolen billions with $315 million in reserves in 2015
Trump: Trump Foundation, a few thousand dollars missing with $1.3 million in reserves in 2015
Clinton: military is anti-Hillary
Trump: military is pro-Trump
Clinton: Clinton Foundation has nefariously raised over $2B
Trump: more-or-less self-made billionaire
Clinton: was not fired from the Watergate investigation 
Trump: officially fired by NBC from “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
* Clinton stance/position is favorable to Trump’s
** Hillary and Donald stance/positions fare similarly
A sane individual should weigh the pros and cons (no reference to Hillary) here and make his or her decision. Obviously, this discussion is not in itself balanced, though perhaps the reader has gained a little levity reading this in these troubled times.
If any, and I am sure there will be a few, questions arise, be sure to search the Internet for unfamiliar terms and names herein to gain a better understanding of what’s really going on here.
When all is said and done, Donald Trump is definitely far from perfect, yet who among us is? Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a 30 year history of ineffectiveness, abuse of power, corruption and deceit, and this is just the short list!
This country can ill-afford another eight years of the Bush-Clinton crime family. America has already suffered thirty plus years of this regime, starting with George H.W. Bush’s ascension to VP in 1980. If Hillary gets in, and lives long enough to serve two terms, the American people will have endured through more than forty years of this thuggery.
Enough said? Vote your heart! Restore your faith in America!

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