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Urgent Breaking News: Russia Strikes Back – We Are at War! (Videos)

Thursday, September 22, 2016 8:19
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(Before It's News)




US, Israeli, British, Turkish, Saudis, Katar officers killed in a Russian strike on Aleppo. According to Sputnik-Arabic language, and FARS News these intelligence officers were directing terrorist groups in Aleppo. Thus far the Western media is silent on the incident embarrassed to admit these nations are all actively involved in the Syrian nation. How will Russia deal with Turkey now seeings the Coup was a staged event.


“BREAKING (Unconfirmed) Russia Strikes Back In Syria”




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  • Is it any wonder why ISIS have never struck the Saudis, Israelis, Turks!

  • The U.S. gov’t with the aid of their “Presstitutes” in the Captive Media are to blame for the terror in the Mideast….

    • It’s basically Washington pandering to the Saudis (and let’s not forget, to Israel too).
      The Saudis wanted to build a pipeline north, into Europe.
      Syria said “no way”.
      So… Assad has gotta go! It’s as simple as that.

      Gotta keep the Saudis happy – Washington pledged that they would, and in return the Saudis pledged that they would sell their oil only in American dollars.
      Hence the term ‘petrodollar’ but it looks like all that is in the toilet these days anyway…

      And even with the petrodollar advantage over the last ~40 years, Washington has STILL managed to run the economy into the ground!
      But, since it looks like the petrodollar is now extinct, it’s truly curtain time…
      The economy’s gonna get much worse between now and Christmas.

      • That doesn’t explain what happened in libya, egypt, yemen, iraq, afghanistan. Basically any country in the middle east that was not run by monarchs and israel was attacked mercilessly by ISIS proxy army of NATO.

        Maybe what you say is true, but its a secondary reason.

        • Exactly Godzilla…..the overall agenda ….the final goal/objective…

          the DESTRUCTION of ISLAM by dividing its forces from within(Sunni Vs Shi!te)…

          To be “politically correct”, by Oxford definition, those officers from various nations represent an “International Coalition”…like Nato, or UN Security Council (blue helmets)…..

          ISAF ~ International Security Assistance/Allied/Afghan Forces…….

          this is our peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan for the last 15 YEARS!
          International Security (Trained Forces)….”moderate rebels”….the IS.

          Ash CARTER, the Secretary of “Attack”, even promotes it via his Bible of the NWO, that peer-reviewed, academic journal that you pay 4 , pushed by his Uni

          IS ~ International Security…….How can Obama make the world SECURE :?:

          • Destruction of Islam, sounds great! Tell us more.

    • You mean the Jewish media?

  • Israel can go to hell! DESTROY THEM!

  • “What are Israeli officers doing there?’ They run the show. This country against that one, that country against this one… The whole thing is jew orchestrated to kill as many people as they can. They think the world belongs to them.

    • This whole thing is R0man catholic JE$UIT- Zi0nist orchestrated.

      • No it’s not, as he said its the jews who want to steel land in Syria and they own the US government so stop being a Alex Jones

        • No, it’s the Nazi league of ex Popes.

  • What They doing there?
    Question can be answered easy.

    They are SS (sons of satan) troops infiltrated by reptoids just like in previous wars.
    Now there is another question. This now comes to undeniable involvement creating this experimental animals who’s supposed to be (by MSM) Islamic!

    Karma wheel is on!

    Now we have clear vision of everything what happened, and who is behind all of this. Divide and conquer reptilian strategy!
    Don’t believe anything to media. Media is a bitch that works for money, but consequences will be karmic debt.

    Journalists, only Saturn signal saving you from bad things, while delaying karmic events, but later I wouldn’t be on your place.

    The judgement day is coming, because collapse of our universe started already!

  • Websites going viral, along with scientific, and strategist think tanks.
    Reporting if your not ready, and have not stored back food, water, and duct tape, forget about it.
    Your to late. The Elite have unleashed their Hive Drone Army, other wise known as certain groups or organizations. The Elite has used social media to build Hive/Groups, and pumped billions into funding them.
    They are specialist in destabilization, the War Think Tanks further suggest, The Proxy Wars are over!!
    Now the Elitis are pressing hard, and in the open with every action. Elitis no longer hiding their plans.
    No one is immune to the Hell the Elite has unleashed, It is Hell On The Home Front

  • The USA does not belong in Syria – Period. How would the USA like it if some other country came and set up a secret base in Los Angeles or Richmond, Virginia? Vote Trump and we’ll do a better job of minding our own business.

  • Syrian government knew where those provocateurs are meeting and gave the Russian military the exact coordinate of the meeting place and time. As announced by Russia that they will back the Syrian government and the people, they hit the target with missile. I can’t fathom how this can start World War III when the bad guys got what they deserve. But anything can happen. It will only be a losing game for the bad guys. The entire world will fight against them.

    Good riddance of the pesky infiltrators for the sake of the world peace.

    • You seek the truth,. so tell us: where did you get this information? “Syrian government knew where those provocateurs are meeting and gave the Russian military the exact coordinate of the meeting place and time.”

      ASSumptions and speculations are not truths, so quit pretending they are.

  • b4

    i looked every where to confirm this story–could not find anything—if it is true look for something very big soon

  • Being as how they were never invited into Syria, by a sovereign duly elected leader, they deserve to be dead. Just too bad it was not Obama, that should have been there in their place, since he created and weaponized ISIS. This is TREASON, subversion and murder of innocent lives, which Obama is directly responsiibe for.

  • Me

    At war? Obama would suck his thumb, and shit his pants before he’d respond to a simple firework complaint!

  • Remember the global elite (which are reptilian shape shifters) want to kill everyone in the world. And only leave a population of 500,000. SINCE the UN is going to kill everyone anyway , everyone could surrender to Russia to avoid getting killed off by the global elite.

  • It’s a sad day when the so-called leadership of this world are nothing but liars and murderers with the US government at the top of the list.

  • This is payback for the USA killing 80 Syrian soldiers. The USA and Israel are the invaders here. The Department of Defense is not a tool that can be used by Israel or our corrupt politicians who do not represent the people of the USA anyway.

    Our political leaders are nothing more than genocidal psychopaths that should be prosecuted as war criminals.

  • “Sputnik-Arabic language”

    Well it’s not on the english version of the site and the US Government will tell us when we are at war and it’s not the OP’s job to do so and she should stop with the click bait.

    Best i can tell from another source is that 30 people got killed and some of them were jews and they should not be in Syria anyway so thats good news too me but not sure if any of the story is true.

    Speculation at best, Decite at worse and it’s not like the OP has not been a bit of a chicken little many times before


    Posted on September 20, 2016 by State of the Nation

  • Good….I am with Russia , they have been pushed to the wall..we are the enemy of the world..Obama, UN..yep it’s not pretty.

  • Good Story double d…. :-)

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