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Breaking WW3: Russia Will Take Down Any American Airplane or Rocket Targeting Syrian Army! (Video)

Thursday, October 6, 2016 8:41
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Putin is NOT playing around! Are you PREPARED?


‘S-300, S-400 air defenses in place’: Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army 
Russia’s Defense Ministry has cautioned the US-led coalition of carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions, adding in Syria there are numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems up and running.


Russia currently has S-400 and S-300 air-defense systems deployed to protect its troops stationed at the Tartus naval supply base and the Khmeimim airbase. The radius of the weapons reach may be “a surprise” to all unidentified flying objects, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, any airstrike or missile hitting targets in territory controlled by the Syrian government would put Russian personnel in danger.

The defense official said that members of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria are working “on the ground” delivering aid and communicating with a large number of communities in Syria.

“Therefore, any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen.”

“Russian air defense system crews are unlikely to have time to determine in a ‘straight line’ the exact flight paths of missiles and then who the warheads belong to. And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality,” Konashenkov added. 

He also noted that Syria itself has S-200 as well as BUK systems, and their technical capabilities have been updated over the past year.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s statement came in response to what it called “leaks” in the Western media alleging that Washington is considering launching airstrikes against Syrian government forces.

“Of particular concern is information that the initiators of such provocations are representatives of the CIA and the Pentagon, who in September reported to the [US] President on the alleged controllability of ‘opposition’ fighters, but today are lobbying for ‘kinetic’ scenarios in Syria,” he said.

He cautioned Washington to conduct a “thorough calculation of the possible consequences of such plans.”

US-led coalition jets bombed positions of the Syrian government forces on September 17, resulting in the deaths of 83 servicemen. Washington said the airstrike was a mistake, however Damascus claimed the incident was a “blatant aggression.”

The relocation of the S-300 system in order to protect Russian ships and the naval base in Syria was confirmed by Russian defense officials on October 4. Konashenkov assured that the S-300 is a “purely defensive system and poses no threat.” Russia also has S-400 missile defense systems at Khmeimim base that were placed there after Turkey downed a Russian SU-24 jet in November of 2015.


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  • Detergent

    Is taking out Assad so that Qatar can run a pipeline across Syria worth WWIII? Guess those in control think so.

    This war carried on by the U.S. is illegal under U.S. law (War Powers Resolution of 1973) and under international law (Hague Conventions).

    • Busta Myth

      Satanists don’t follow Laws, they write them

      if they followed Laws they wouldn’t be Satanists :wink:

      • Anonymous


    • sitrep

      Some really do think this is about a pipeline.

      This is bigger than a pipeline, although I no longer post Sitreps.

      I am just one person, if you have not prepared, well it is to late now. Even the Council on Ads sent out preparedness warning over a year ago.

      Hopefully those that have not prepared, and sat on their butts Yelling “End Of Days” will not become a burden on themselves.
      Lots people prepared, because they did not want to see their children, Grandchildren go hungry during times of chaotic disaster etc.
      These people are not going to let their children starve to feed others that did nothing to help themselves.
      Plus food prices are at a world time high, right now. Some do not notice the smaller portions, and large packaging of meat products sold by the lb with unusually high water content.

      Also people did not think twice on days during certain times, that the meat dept shelves seemed to be bare. Yes the meat products was routed to other places, most could not handle the truth.

      I would more than likely help someone with children, although they should have followed the golden rule like their Grandparents, whom stored back home canned foods in the root cellar/Storm Shelter.
      Guess most people now days never suffered, and starved before. I have, and guess what no ones shows up to help, or it is very late coming.
      Your stomach will start out with sharp deep pains, and knot up like you never have experienced, and cannot imagine.

      The last place you want to be is at the grocery stores, it will be a place of chaotic beat downs.

      Hopefully this will pass, and nothing will happen, although there is much static in the air.

  • jknbt

    BARACK OBAMA, IF YOU ARE READING THIS….I wish you would wake up to the fact that Russia is not going to back down or go away in Syria. Stop testing them and trying to get them to blink. You are not John Kennedy, this is not Cuba, and it is not 1962. They are not going to blink. If you keep this act up pushing them, there is going to be a shooting war. It will quickly escalate to nuclear detonations. Do you want your daughters to grow up in a nuclear wasteland that was formerly our beautiful country?

    WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, BARRY? Nobody in the USA gives a gosh-darn who governs Syria. If this is a war ordered by the Bilderbergers in order to build a gas pipeline to the EU through Syria, you need to remember who elected you and who you work for.


    • Detergent

      I seriously doubt that Barack Obama is pulling the strings on this, or even has much to say in it.

    • The Seer

      He is not going to read it, you have better chance turning up on a golf course to see him :lol:


      In 1962 the Soviets, in spite of all the propaganda, had about 300 nukes, to our 3000. Today it is a very different thing.
      The US, is currently run, by the criminally insane. Yes, I am referring to both parties, or the two faces, of the one party.

      Imagine a world, in which statesmen, once again served in Washington DC!

    • VirusGuard

      Man you so piss me off

      You almost get it but you don’t get the bit about Obummer being nothing more than a puppet and he needs permission to wipe his arse and the same will apply to Trump or Clinton.

      Do you real think any one person can stand up against 400 other people in the Senate and Congress and go against the bankers because the last man that did that is dead, his name was JFK

      This is not rocket science to understand so it must have something to do with the stuff they are putting in the drinking water over there

  • WhiteDawn

    Congress Quietly Introduces PROPAGANDA Bill: H.R. 5181

  • VirusGuard

    Well done my girl because for once the title is true and not the usual click bait.

    Russia has said it will enforce internatinal law so if the yanks want to pop over the border to attack Syria then they better talk to the Senate and get approval for war instead of the CIA just doing what it wants.

    Now if the american public are asked if they want to face 20,000 nukes from Russia so that they can protect “Moderate Rebels” in Syria that are fighting next to ISIS that was created by ISISrael in order to steel land from Syria then I am all for democracy other wise hang the bastards for putting all your lives at risk.

    This is the good bit

    “And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality”

    Looks like the USA will have some trouble selling all them F-35 to freinds once they have been tested and found wanting on the battel field and Russia would not say this if they could not see them and were quite ready to shoot them down.

    The big question is wil they attack US ships out at sea that fire cruise missiles or not because they are within there rights to do so and i hope Russia does just that

    A Star today for the OP

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