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Heads Way the Flock Up! Putin Issues US an Ultimatum! Plus: If the Russians Are Not Out of the Bunkers by Tomorrow, SHTF! (Vital Videos)

Friday, October 7, 2016 14:55
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US prepares for the war against Russia in Syria – From criticism to direct threats in just 1 month

Washington has threatened to impose “costs” on Russia outside the UN, over the Syrian conflict. It may mark the starkest warning so far from the U.S., which has been ramping up anti-Russian rhetoric in recent weeks, moving from criticism to direct threats. However just a month ago, U.S.-Russia talks on the Syrian peace process seemed warm and friendly.

American threats of terror attacks in Russian cities: Bluffing or a real possibility?

Alex Jones: OMG, they really ARE going to start a war with Russia – must see!

Russia To Evacuate 40 Million People Ready For Nuclear Strike ✪ Blow Your Mind ✪ If the Russians do NOT vacate their bunkers, we are toast! Are you HEARING this?!

More than 40 million people – almost a third of the country – will take part in the unprecedented civil defence exercise from October 4 to 7.
Paranoid state officials and the media have warned the US is about to launch an all-out attack after cutting ties with Russia over its bombing campaign in Syria.
Putin’s ministers announced they have built nuclear bunkers capable of holding all of Moscow’s 12 million residents on Friday.
Now the country appears to be readying citizens for an imminent strike.


Major Alert! Putin to the US: ‘Do You Realize What You Have Done?’ (Vital Video!) click here


Originally appeared at Memoriabg, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Vladimir Putin asked the US to remove its defense infrastructure from Eastern Europe and from the territory of new NATO members in the Balkans and the Baltics (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) as well as its troops stationed there in recent years. He also insists that Washington’s sanction are lifted and compensation paid for the damage caused by them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the termination of the plutonium processing agreement with the US, for hostile action by Washington against Russia and he set several conditions for its renewal – first, a “reduction of military infrastructure and the size of US contingent troops located in NATO countries who became members after September 1, 2000, to the level at which they were on the day of this agreement entering into force.”

“In relation with the radical change of circumstances, a threat to the strategic stability arises as a result of hostile actions of the United States of America toward the Russian Federation, and the inability of the US to ensure the implementation of commitments in the processing of excess plutonium for weapons purposes in accordance with international contracts” is stated in the official document, which terminated the agreement.

The agreement with the US was signed on August 29, 2000, and applies to the processing of excess plutonium for weapons purposes in Russia and the USA. Each party must take action to eliminate plutonium with a total weight of 34 tons.

Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow sends a signal to Washington with its decision, that the US will not achieve anything by talking with Russia from a position of power, sanctions and ultimatums. This is a forced measure, but the Russian Foreign Minister stated that Russia is not abdicating its responsibilities for nuclear disarmament, according to material published on the website of the Ministry.

Reuters also reported that Vladimir Putin terminated the agreement with the US for the disposal of plutonium from nuclear warheads. The agency notes that this is another indication of the deteriorating relations between Washington and Moscow. The decree noted that the deal was terminated because of “the resultant threat to strategic stability and due to the hostilities of the United States toward the Russian Federation”. The US proved unable to fulfill their obligations to the contract.

The exact reason to terminate the agreement is the American method of processing the plutonium. The agreement call for the nuclear material to be processed “irreversibly”. Since 2010, the US stopped processing “irreversibly” and has only been burying the material, enabling them to produce nuclear munitions uncontrollably.

The draft law to stop the agreement also stated that the agreement will be renewed by decision of President Vladimir Putin, who is also a drafter of this text. But first, the US would have to “remove the causes that led to the fundamental change of circumstances.”

Moscow requires an “end of the hostile policy towards the Russian Federation through”:

– A repeal of the “Magnitsky” Law from 2012, through which dozens of officials deemed responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky in prison, are banned from entering the United States.

– A repeal of targeted against Russia provisions, in the Act of 2014 to support freedom in Ukraine.

– A removal of all sanctions introduced by the United States to natural and legal persons from Russia.

– A compensation for the damages caused to the Russian Federation as a result of the imposed sanctions, including damages caused by the (Russian) counter-sanctions.

The bill states: “The crisis in Ukraine is used as a pretext for increasing the US military presence in Eastern Europe. In 2015 were created 6 centers for troop control in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Their main task is to provide operational transfer of large military forces of NATO in Eastern Europe. US military divisions entered the territory of the Baltic countries, and the number of airports for NATO aircraft were increased. US instructors are training personnel from the organization the “Right Sector” which is banned in Russia”.



#putin #russia #nuclearwar #ww3 #usa #gog #magog


A parathetical thought: Will the Gog/Magog war happen BEFORE the return of Christ? Think about it, we have got to get out of the way for the antichrist to rise.




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  • Cyalata

    Tell tale sign Christ’s Return is near. The two Biblical wars yet to commence are on the brink:
    1. Isaiah 17 – Damascus will no longer be a city but a ruinous heap
    2. Psalms 83 and Ezekiel 38 – Gog/Magog and her armies

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Ooooooh wait.

    Russia does these drills every year for the last 5 years.

    Last year 60,000 partook instead of just 40,000.

    The clowns here and that listen to Alex Jones just believe everything that their super hero con men tell them and think it’s true.

    Enjoy living in fear suckers, make sure you keep listening to Alex Jones too, I mean, he’s made over 8 million dollars telling you the governent is about to take over any day now for the last 20 years, gotta make sure he can buy those new cars!

    • LifeIs

      It would be super-er if you read it right. That’s 60 million in 2013 and 40 million now. Not thousands.

      And notice they are preparing for natural disasters, as well as war. “…large scale emergency situations occurring during peacetime.”

      So what you have here, this “rumor of war,” is possibly, possibly, a cover story. And that what is anticipated is not war with the US, but a natural disaster.

      I can’t help but notice that President Putin is going to be in Istanbul on October 10. Monday.

      By invitation, not by conquest. We delivered Turkey by the extreme provocation of a failed coup.

      But it calls to mind the Gaon of Vilan prophecy— which describes Russian power in Istanbul, something that has never happened before. And Russian command of Crimea, since 2014, which has of course happened before.

      “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

      • LifeIs

        Oh, by the way. October 13 is the 99th anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima.

      • LifeIs

        ..and yes, Vilna is spelled like this. The Vilna Gaon.

  • tonyw

    itshould be made quite clear to america that the initial “mistake” may occur in Syria or somewhere outside america but the next one will be the whole of america…they are so full of bs

  • allendaves

    You all missed it…….THE SECOND COMING Thou Fool! “I come quickly” so “Hold fast till i come”… NOT …“in another 2000 yrs I might be coming soon any time now, so hold fast”!?! …those that deny the second coming of Christ in the war of AD70 are practicing a damnable heresy in denying the lord that bought them ( 2Peter 2:1-2 ;2Tim 4:8)… Mat 7:23..”I NEVER KNEW YOU” …..Mat 10:33. But whosoever shall deny me before men……..sound familiar?…. If I said I am coming to your house in this generation when these things happen but no one knows the day or hour what fool would think I might be coming in 2000 years latter!?!? ..2 Tim 4: 4. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be TURNED UNTO FABLES.

    2Thess 2: 11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.



    Gog and Magog were destroyed out of the land and Kingdom of God in the war of AD70 it was ROME/ gentile nations(when the physical was destroyed only the spiritual remained)……and today ROME (Gog/Magog headed by USA) the gentile nations are encompassing the camp of the saints (who are God’s people spiritual jews) the “jewish nation” today has NOTHING to do with anything except a distraction from this war against God’s spiritual people the saints ( THE CHRISTIANS not trinitarians) ..

    Gal 1: 8. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    The book of Revelation offers us an interesting Theological dilemma. It states Rev 22:16. I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. Revelation also states it is “the true sayings” of Jesus and that it is “the testimony of Christ”. If this is not “the gospel of Jesus Christ” then what is it and should we consider it accursed testimony of an angel? If it is not to be considered accursed, then it cannot be some other gospel message then what was already given previously. However, this is the conundrum, for if this is the gospel message, then why do so few understand it? There is a possibility which few consider but is the overall thesis of this apology. The reason people don’t understand revelation is because they never understood what the gospel message was in the first place! In that case, where does that put those who claim it is not essential for salvation? Do you not find it quite curious that the most “Personally” given NT book By Jesus himself, is the least understood and given the least importance for Salvation in Christendom?….There are numerous preachers and bible exegetes but as Paul said “… I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge” . Most who profess the name of Christ are feeding on doctrines of devils and the ignorant.. There are, without question, many “qualified” teachers and scholars with many years of “dedication” and “solid education”. However, teachers, no matter how well lettered or numbered in degrees; if obtained from others; who are just as equally ignorant in such matters, are just “ blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”………………

    a large file ~15mb but basically the same as the published book

    hard copies can be obtained via
    978-1-4907-0590-3 (SC ISBN)
    978-1-4907-0591-0 (EBOOK ISBN).
    ……….. so you can print out the sections and do the “workbook activities”
    DAY OF THE LORD”/ YEAR OF THE LORD – does NOT last for 24 hours!?!..Also means the day of resurrection & judgment do not last for one hour or one day either! They only being (NOT END) in a certain hour & on a certain 24 hour day ….”SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS to arise”…..NOT..”come & get (your new resurrected body) it while it is still hot, only 24 hours of solar power left”!?!………The resurrection and the judgment for all of mankind all began with the war of AD70 for everyone and we have been living in that day of the Lord “the judgment” now for almost 2000 years. To add insult to injury as the saying Goes you have no excuse for even the very secular term A.D. as in 2015AD means “in “the year of our Lord” which is one of the designation for the day of the lord because it ONLY BEGINS on a certain day and a certain year it was never promised to end within 24 hours or the same year…..the last day refers to both the day of the lord which does not last for only one day as well as the very 24hour day that the last day day of the Lord/year of the Lord began!?!……………………..


    • Mayhem

      I suppose if you throw out Revelations, particularly chapter 1 verse 7…

      Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

      … you can make the book say whatever you want.

      As always, with prophecy, there are two fulfillments. One partial and one complete. The 70AD sacking of Jerusalem is to be thought of as the partial fulfillment, of the Matthew 24 prophecy, especially considering that parts of the foundations are still visible today (wailing wall) whereas the prophecy (Matt 24:2, Luke 21:6, Mark 13:2) states…

      There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

      … but are the remains really part of Herod’s Temple? Well Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea (A.D. 260-340) seemed to think so as did the early church father, John Chrysostom who wrote…

      “The Jews began uncovering the foundations by removing masses of earth, intending to go ahead and build …”

      … Chrysostom’s Sermons, cited J. Parkes, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue, pp. 105-106.

      So any claims that the Matt 24 prophecy has no bearing on future events fails in the light of the historical record and we can look forward to a time when the complete fulfillment heralds the imminent return of our Savior Jesus the Christ.

  • Soshisp

    Russian Groundhog Day

    If they come out of their bunkers and see their shadows, then we will have 40 years of Nuclear Winter

  • VirusGuard

    But Alex Jones (Banker protection squad) knows that Russia does this bunker training every year and he’s the same man that has been trying to put words into Wikileaks mouth

    Now the USA has said that Russia is trying to fix the election in the USA but i’ve seen no signs of any money sent from Russia to trump but i have seen lots of money sent from ISISrael to Clinton so who’ss fixing the election again


    Back to the pork pies are we dear because this would be head line news on Russia Today was it true and not just on some silly site that no one has ever heard off.

    Russia has been asking for years for NATO to stick to agrements made in 1999 about not moving missiles closer to Russia but it seems you have been in bed with our David-H and want to upset the relationship between Europe and Russia becaue you fear having to do your own fighting in Syria now that Russia has entered the ring.

    Me no thinks that all these lies will get you into heaven

  • WhiteDawn

    Those ignorant Cabal still think that they could launch a single nuclear missile to anywhere?

    Everything is blocked! By stronger forces that they can even imagine!

    From higher dimensions it is possible to control every single move in this 3D realm.

    They can just program someones mind to be a chicken in few seconds.

    Arrogance is Satanic, and fall of arrogance is aftermath always!

    Love is the strongest force in the universe!

    Victory of Light :!:

  • b4

    there are a lot of insane people posting on here–did they let everybody in the nut houses out recently? they are all on bin…

  • Poe56

    Hmmmm, how about the American People??????

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