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Huge! The Bear Has Had Enough! Putin Issues an Ultimatum to the United States Apologies and Changes in US’s Entire Policy! WTH! (Videos)

Saturday, October 15, 2016 14:56
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RussiaInsider reports Putin demands not just apologies, but a change in America’s entire policy

Translation courtesy of Russian View…

Putin critisizes Hillary Clinton for anti-Russian rhetoric in the US election campaign

The Russian president plans to act as an equal, whether or not the U.S. wants to treat him as one.

Vladimir Putin asked the US to remove its defense infrastructure from Eastern Europe and from the territory of new NATO members in the Balkans and the Baltics (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) as well as its troops stationed there in recent years. He also insists that Washington’s sanction are lifted and compensation paid for the damage caused by them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the termination of the plutonium processing agreement with the US, for hostile action by Washington against Russia and he set several conditions for its renewal – first, a “reduction of military infrastructure and the size of US contingent troops located in NATO countries who became members after September 1, 2000, to the level at which they were on the day of this agreement entering into force.”

“In relation with the radical change of circumstances, a threat to the strategic stability arises as a result of hostile actions of the United States of America toward the Russian Federation, and the inability of the US to ensure the implementation of commitments in the processing of excess plutonium for weapons purposes in accordance with international contracts” is stated in the official document, which terminated the agreement.

The agreement with the US was signed on August 29, 2000, and applies to the processing of excess plutonium for weapons purposes in Russia and the USA. Each party must take action to eliminate plutonium with a total weight of 34 tons.

Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow sends a signal to Washington with its decision, that the US will not achieve anything by talking with Russia from a position of power, sanctions and ultimatums. This is a forced measure, but the Russian Foreign Minister stated that Russia is not abdicating its responsibilities for nuclear disarmament, according to material published on the website of the Ministry.

Reuters also reported that Vladimir Putin terminated the agreement with the US for the disposal of plutonium from nuclear warheads. The agency notes that this is another indication of the deteriorating relations between Washington and Moscow. The decree noted that the deal was terminated because of “the resultant threat to strategic stability and due to the hostilities of the United States toward the Russian Federation”. The US proved unable to fulfill their obligations to the contract.

The exact reason to terminate the agreement is the American method of processing the plutonium. The agreement call for the nuclear material to be processed “irreversibly”. Since 2010, the US stopped processing “irreversibly” and has only been burying the material, enabling them to produce nuclear munitions uncontrollably.

The draft law to stop the agreement also stated that the agreement will be renewed by decision of President Vladimir Putin, who is also a drafter of this text. But first, the US would have to “remove the causes that led to the fundamental change of circumstances.”

Moscow requires an “end of the hostile policy towards the Russian Federation through”:

– A repeal of the “Magnitsky” Law from 2012, through which dozens of officials deemed responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky in prison, are banned from entering the United States.

– A repeal of targeted against Russia provisions, in the Act of 2014 to support freedom in Ukraine.

– A removal of all sanctions introduced by the United States to natural and legal persons from Russia.

– A compensation for the damages caused to the Russian Federation as a result of the imposed sanctions, including damages caused by the (Russian) counter-sanctions.

The bill states: “The crisis in Ukraine is used as a pretext for increasing the US military presence in Eastern Europe. In 2015 were created 6 centers for troop control in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Their main task is to provide operational transfer of large military forces of NATO in Eastern Europe. US military divisions entered the territory of the Baltic countries, and the number of airports for NATO aircraft were increased. US instructors are training personnel from the organization the “Right Sector” which is banned in Russia”.





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  • Scorpallain

    We need Donald Trump as President to undue all the bad deals that our corrupt government has made over the last three decades and make sure that those who are corrupted in our government are held accountable for their crimes against the U.S. , other nations, and our own citizens.

    • HitleryforPrison

      Yea…I plan to screw each and every one of you!!! Hell Saudi Arabia is funding 30% of my campaign dumba$$e$…I am going to Fuc all of you!

    • Jack Shlitz

      Yeah, and I’m gonna negotiate a 5 million dollar fine & no jail time for 1.5 billion smackers ii stole from segregated funds @ MF Global….you all suck anyway.
      Go Hillary you POS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Be careful, my fellow citizens. We live in Israel occupied USA.

    • HitleryforPrison

      Sister, don’t we all…I am stll going to Fuc all of you!

  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING – Northern Aleppo Falls Into Hands of Syrian Army

    Syrian War Report – October 14, 2016

    The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) re-launched attempts to seize the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields from ISIS in Homs province. The government forces stormed ISIS positions southwest of the gas fields and reached its gates. Clashes are ongoing in the area.

    The pro-government forces have achieved another notable success in northern Aleppo. The army and Liwa al-Quds took control of Talat Bureij, Majbal Al-Zatin, Tal Owayjah, and Tal Al-Asfar. Controlling of these hilltops allows, the government forces are able to easily defend the previous gains in northern Aleppo, overlook areas in the northern part of Haydariyah Neighborhood and prepare a push to set control of the Ba’edin Roundabout. In southern Aleppo, the army and Hezbollah captured the strategic Sheikh Sa’eed hill in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood.

    More Read here:


      In other words the legal government, and it’s army has retaken a city from ISIS like terrorist, and Islamic extremist? Sounds like good news to me.

  • truthseeker4809

    The US has to make clear to the world where it stands. For global peace or regional proxy war for the interest groups? A World police can not and should not get involved in the thievery of the local neighbors.

    • Gryphon

      Oh, Washington has made it VERY clear where it stands.
      For regional proxy war for the interest groups! And yes of course, thievery.
      But shine a very bright light on their activities and watch the cockroaches scuttle…
      This is what needs to be done, and thank goodness Russia is taking the lead.

  • sarah

    Are there ANY legal grounds for the United States to be in Syria?

    • 2QIK4U

      NONE WHATSOEVER OTHER THAN THE ILLEGAL LAWS THEY MADE FOR THEMSELVES WHEN NEEDED. The only terrorists on this planet are paid in American dollars which aren’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

      • Jack Shlitz

        You mean the paper they’re not printed on…

    • apache5

      the ONLY reason we are there is because Assad would NOT play ball and go along with the oil pipeline! it is ALWAYS about the money! our government has been comped for many years and we the people have been paying for it! stand up and lets get this scum thrown out of office and hung for treason!!

  • 2QIK4U

    All Patriots there’s room for decent people in Australia if the shtf.

    • ecclesiatical

      Isn’t that the country where a member of parliament for just 5 years get a pension for life with all the perks that go with it?And a member from us the goyim who worked all his life and decided to buy a house in another country has to sell the house in order to get a pension?
      Thanks but no thanks.
      Better the devil you know.
      And if the shtf,you think you will be spared?Just watch the movie On the beach.

      Plus the measure to Re-balance the Pension Assets Test to be implemented on 1 January 2017.

      So here’s fair warning to all politicians of any persuasion, this group of aged voters may be about to make the greatest impact on any Federal election in history, ignoring them may be the start of a changed political environment in this country.

      Change the Entitlements

      I absolutely agree, if a pension isn’t an entitlement, neither is theirs. They keep telling us that paying us an aged pension isn’t sustainable.
      Paying politicians all the perks they get is even less sustainable!
      The politicians themselves, in Canberra, brought it up, that the Age of Entitlements is over.

      The author is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in Australia will have this message.
      This is one idea that really should be passed around because the rot has to stop somewhere.

      Proposals to make politicians shoulder their share of the weight now that the Age of Entitlement is over:

      1. Scrap political pensions.
      Politicians can purchase their own retirement plan, just as most other working Australians are expected to do.

      2. Retired politicians (past, present & future) participate in Centrelink.
      A Politician collects a substantial salary while in office but should receive no salary when they’re out of office.
      Terminated politicians under 70 can go get a job or apply for Centrelink unemployment benefits like ordinary Australians.
      Terminated politicians under 70 can negotiate with Centrelink like the rest of the Australian people.

      3. Funds already allocated to the Politicians’ retirement fund be returned immediately to Consolidated Revenue.
      This money is to be used to pay down debt they created which they expect us and our grandchildren to repay for them.

      4. Politicians will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
      Politicians pay will rise by the lower of, either the CPI or 3%.

      5. Politicians lose their privileged health care system and participate in the same health care system as ordinary Australian people.
      i.e. Politicians either pay for private cover from their own funds or accept ordinary Medicare.

      6. Politicians must equally abide by all laws they impose on the Australian people.

      7. All contracts with past and present Politicians men/women are void effective 31/12/16.
      The Australian people did not agree to provide perks to Politicians, that burden was thrust upon them.
      Politicians devised all these contracts to benefit themselves.

      Serving in Parliament is an honour not a career.
      The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so our politicians should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

      If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, then it will only take three or so days for most Australians to receive the message.

      Don’t you think it’s time?
      Dr. Dale Kerwin

      • deano

        a country that is REALLY run by Jesuit Catholic Superiors! The reason why they have these “special privelages” for their aligned kind……perks!

        The OBVIOUS EVIDENCE of this Catholic Superior control is the Head of the Catholic Church of OZ as we speak now >> Hiding in the Vatican, away from the media “SPOTLIGHT” on the Royal Aus. Commission into Child Sex Abuse……WHERE IS CARDINAL PELL? :mad: :mad:

        Like the Boston corruption, these priests are ABOVE Commonwealth/Civil LAWS, apparently, they answer to their “higher authority”….Vatican Canon Law. (deviant Dogma) :mad:

        True ecca, they go to Jesuit Collegiums(St Josephs,St Francis,Xaviers, etc) and all trained in “DEBATE” Teams. A Doctor of Law , to baffle us with BS…..and protect their own……
        Paid for childish ,schoolboy name-calling……while we Pay & give them a Pension 4 Life.

        How many (especially Aus public) know that the “ABBOTT” , the Jesuit Rhodes Scholar, a career pollie,…..has been replaced by the Jesuit Rhodes Scholar TURN-BULL, a long respected “business career”….EX-CEO of GOLDMAN SAACHs Aus. Pty. Ltd. :?:

        No wonder he doesnt want a “Royal Commission into Corrupt BANKERS”….. :wink:

        The “ABBOTT”? the “Mad Monk”?……a bit like that other “meddling priest”, Society of Jesus(S.J. /IHS Jesuit)> Frank Brennan, and their “EUREKA” propagandi magazine……

        ## Abbott is nicknamed in Canberra , the “Bombthrower”. Throws grenades at political debates! No wonder he is pushed by MURDOCH(Knight of St Gregory-Papal) , with TV airtime promoting a “Reformation of Islam” or “Boots on the Ground”. His only “experience/employment” has been throwing BS bombs :twisted: or STOP the Boats!!!

        The very 1st message Australian should be told about is the REAL TRUTH about our very 1st Canonized Saint~ MARY McKillop.
        EX – COMMUNICATED by the 1880s Cardinals for exposing the PEDOPHILE/PEDERAST activities of the Jesuit Christian Missionary School Fathers + Priests + Brothers…..
        Dont you think its time?

  • LegalNameFraud

    D Duck Tapes: Revelations & Proof There Are NO Coincidences! Everything Decoded!
    pdf here:
    ‪#‎disney‬ ‪#‎donaldduck‬ ‪#‎disneyland‬ ‪#‎cartoons‬ ‪#‎comics‬ ‪#‎decoded‬ ‪#‎monalisa‬ ‪#‎davincicode‬ ‪#‎templebar‬ ‪#‎matrix‬ ‪#‎proof‬ ‪#‎biblecode‬ ‪#‎ancient‬ ‪#‎geometry‬ ‪#‎codex‬ ‪#‎revelation‬ ‪#‎christ‬ ‪#‎consciousness‬ ‪#‎legalnamefraud‬ ‪#‎thetruth‬ ‪#‎itsillegaltousealegalname‬ ‪#‎astrology‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎history‬ ‪#‎monarchy‬ ‪#‎legality‬ ‪#‎conspiracy‬ ‪#‎money‬ ‪#‎government‬ ‪#‎world‬


    • Pinto Beans


  • VirusGuard

    Putin could live with the missiles being placed in Europe by the yankee trouble makers, lived with it for years but he won’t allow the USA to keep using proxy terrorists in places like Syria.

    Sanctions are an act of war so lets not argue about who stated it and please lets not debate what the Clinton or Trump puppets will do if they win because they will just as they are told by Congress or face a JFK and will not get the bribe money sent to them from ISISreael and it’s bankers, it’s a non isuue

    Keep away from the skys over Syria, respect international law and your fighter jets won’t get shoot down

  • Anonymous

    if we hung the traitors every day untill there is no more in washington we could have it done in a year or two,and if we film it like they did at nurimburg we could sell the short films to pay off our expences for the rope we need.

  • WhiteDawn

    Thank God that we are not living in the time of Khazarian agent Stalin. (killed 40mil. people)


    The Moscow offices of the Soros Foundation were raided early yesterday by dozens of men in camouflage gear and wielding stun guns. They hauled away documents and computer data covering 15 years.

    The seizure followed public support by US financier George Soros for jailed Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

    The operation, which began just after midnight, was carried out by private security forces ostensibly hired by a businessman with whom the foundation had been having a legal dispute.

    But Soros Foundation officials said they could not rule out a connection to the Yukos Oil case, in which Moscow offices have been raided in recent months by authorities seeking evidence against the oil tycoon.
    “I cannot rule out that it is some kind of revenge on the part of some agencies who resort to the use of bandits and thugs for Mr Soros’s position and his attitude toward Mr Khodorkovsky,” said Yekaterina Geniyeva, director of the Open Society Institute-Soros Foundation in Russia.
    Mr Khodorkovsky, Russia’s richest oligarch, is under arrest, charged with tax evasion, forgery and fraud in a case that has erupted into the most serious crisis of President Vladimir Putin’s administration.

    The New York-based Soros Foundation has spent more than $US1 billion ($A1.4 billion) on charitable projects in Russia in the past 15 years. Mr Khodorkovsky had based his own charitable organization, the Open Russia Foundation, on Mr Soros’s institute, and had close links to the US foundation’s work in supporting libraries, internet education, community development and the promotion of civil society.

    Mr Soros spoke out this week against the arrest, saying:
    “The crackdown by Mr Putin sends an unmistakable message that independence of action will not be tolerated.”
    Pressure from the West against a trend toward “state capitalism” could result in “Russia being forced out” of the Group of 8 industrialized nations, he said.
    - Los Angeles Times

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