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War Between US, Russia Could Be Sooner Than Later. ‘The Danger of a Nuclear War’

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 12:24
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By Joachim Hagopian  /

Right now the US mainstream media is obsessing over Donald’s alleged womanizing and female groping soap opera as the Clinton’s/MSM’s pruriently entertaining smokescreen, neatly designed to cover up Hillary/Bill’s serial raping and her criminal lead role as enabler/strong armed intimidator of past victims.

Meanwhile, barely noticed in a virtual media blackout in the West are at least a half dozen high alert, significant international developmentsthis last weekend that all strongly indicate the extreme danger of a nuclear war breaking out at any time against Russia and its Eastern alliance. Again, do not pay attention to the US deceivers behind their Oz-like curtain and their frenzied pushing of Western propaganda machine levers as sleight of hand distraction to willfully withhold the fact that many unreported major world events are simultaneously occurring now that foretell the start of World War III potentially just days away.

The current threat level to every human life on this planet even surpasses the October Cuban Missile Crisis of 54 years ago as the earth today is in more peril by manmade destruction than any previous time in human history. Yet the neocon madness of Obama, Hillary and their MSM minions do not want Americans to know this dire truth that the US is rapidly moving to very likely execute a series of false flags that could ignite a global war between US-NATO and the Eastern powers: Russia, China and Iran.

And based on alarming rapid fire events, it could even begin prior to the scheduled November 8th presidential election just three weeks away. Make no mistake – that perfect storm of destabilizing developments triggering WWIII, the global economy crash and possible martial law timed with the US presidential election that many independent journalists like myself have been writing about for months is unfolding right this very moment.

Here are just a few of these disturbing breaking news events and anomalies that are currently unfolding over this last weekend that are conspicuously missing in action from all MSM headlines:

FAA issues no fly zone over parts of Montana

Per the FAA on Saturday a no fly zone went into effect for most of the day from 3PM to midnight over selected parts of the state of Montana.

The FAA claimed that US military rockets were being launched in connection with “space operations” yetthe only missiles in Montana are nuclear armed warhead missiles. According to,the missile silos in Montana are armed with Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV’s) and each MIRV contains a 100 kiloton nuclear warhead. Within a half hour after launch, each single rocket is capable of destroying eight cities anywhere on earth.

The real question is what was the government actually up to on Saturday with nuclear missiles in Montana?

Source: Nuclear Archive

Buildup of US military planes and ships on Diego Garcia Island

Last Friday isn this remote US military outpost on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (see image below), a US military private contractor who cycles through every nine days working on the island for ongoing maintenance of military hardware reported an enormous, unprecedented buildup of US Air Force bombers - both B-1’s and B-2’s. Some were painted flat black. On a related note, this past week the US Air Force was caught dressing up its warplanes disguised as Russian aircraft that would likely be used in false flag operations to blame Russia for aggression it didn’t commit. The civilian contractor on Diego Garcia stated that far more activity was witnessed than any time prior in the 9 years he’s been on the job there. He reports that under the tightest security the government has blocked off access roads and that so many warplanes have been assembled on the island that aircraft are now being parked on blocked off roads.

A count of over a dozen refueling tankers were sighted and flights were taking off on the average of every 15 minutes. He also observes the tent city that sprang up includes temporary barracks and hangars for both US Air Force and Navy personnel. His ex-Air Force coworker speculated that the ultra-tight security and sudden influx of so much activity is characteristic of top secret nuclear weapons movement.Speaking of which, the eyewitness also noticed that 6-8 US Navy vessels were offshore and the island docks were busily unloading countless pallets of bombs. Obviously sneaky Obama is up to something very big against his targeted cold war enemies potentially including nuclear powered Russia and China.

DEFCON Level 3 warning

Even the Sunday edition of the British rag the Daily Star ran the headline “US nuclear attack warning ‘upgraded to level 3’ as Russian threat goes ‘beyond Cold War.’” Though midway through the article the Star quietly backtracks from its sensational headline claiming the US government has not officially released any public notice that the US is currently on DEFCON level 3, it references its “breaking news” headline based on the “conspiracy theory” website

In any event, only three previous times in US history has Washington issued a DEFCON level 3 warning as its official nuclear war alert index, the last time being on 9/11. This particular level on the Chiefs of Staff developed “defense readiness condition” entails a nuclear attack readiness that the US Air Force is prepared to mobilize a nuclear strike within a 15 minute period. Level 3 also calls for the federal plan to take immediate effect that will maintain continuity of government services in response to imminent threat of any national emergency or crisis. Though true to form, the most secretive US president in history – Barack Obama and his neocons – are choosing to not publicly disclose this level 3 grave danger facing the American people, admitting the US is on the brink of nuclear war against Russia. For many years now the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been secretly preparing for this nuclear showdown moment.

The five-level alert system ranges from level 5 at no threat at all to level 1 which is all-out nuclear war within the hour. Despite Washington’s official non-disclosure, a reasonable chance exists that we could be headed toward level 2, signifying an urgent readiness to deploy an armed attack within six hours in what would most likely amount to a nuclear exchange with one or more adversaries (Russia and China), resulting in mutually assured destruction (MAD) that’s long been an integral part of US national security policy and strategic military doctrine. During the first cold war MAD prevented either side from pushing the nuke button due to the principle of deterrence motivating both parties to not dare engage in such insanely suicidal behavior. However, the puppet masters and their neocon lunatics presently calling the shots are operating from a deluded sense of false security believing that when safely cloistered in their luxurious underground bunkers, they’re capable of surviving a nuclear holocaust at the earth’s surface.

Last Friday Obama met with foreign policy advisors on the Syrian crisis

Obama met last Friday with his top security advisors to assess and weigh all his military and non-military options in Syria and beyond. Clearly with all the unprecedented activity noted just since this meeting, the chronically weak leader who’s been our commander-in-chief the last eight years is racing against election time heavily influenced by his hawkish, “preemptive strike” neocons to rewrite his legacy. Putin. Keep in mind Barack Hussein Obama’s been the Manchurian puppet president who’s dutifully followed his globalist masters’ marching orders to destroy America to the T. So the big question remains is he planning to defy Russian warnings and attack Assad forces like he sneakily did on September 17th and thereby initiate war directly against Russia? By what has been happening over the weekend, it appears he just might.

CIA coordinating cyberattacks on Russia

No doubt also high on Obama’s meeting agenda last Friday is the covert cyber operation against Russia. As part of US retaliation for Putin allegedly hacking into DNC and Clinton emails while trying to change the election outcome in favor of Trump, all unsubstantiated deep state lies, MSM presstitute NBC News just reported that the CIA is coordinating the launching of cyberattacks against Russia. All the major powers engage in hacking and cyber warfare, so really there’s nothing much new here other than efforts to derail Russian intelligence apparatus and economic infrastructure is at its height right now.

This tit for tat game Empire’s playing now is serious risky business. Repercussions may have a boomerang effect manifesting as either a false flag or real cyber security breaches that could wreak havoc with US military and economic infrastructure. One morning we may wake up and not be able to withdraw cash from our local ATM or even pump gas. Or if asymmetrical warfare escalates to EMP attack, we may find ourselves without electricity for months, which within the first year is estimated to result in the death of 90% of the American population. The stakes are only growing higher yet our despots in charge appear to be throwing all caution to the wind. But then if their eugenics plan calls for 90% of us to be dead, it readily explains their reckless, homicidal behavior given both the means and motive.

US at war now in Yemen and signs of escalating violence and conflict at other global hotspots

This week’s aggression in Yemen by US Navy destroyers firing cruise missiles on Yemen soil can easily be construed as yet another clear, premeditated act of war against both Yemen as well as its fellow Shiite ally Iran.

Again without confirming any evidence of truth behind its claim, a highly deceitful US insists that Houthi rebels fired a missile twice during this past week at a Navy destroyer. Hence five missiles were launched by the destroyers at alleged Houthi radar stations.

It’s no accident or random event that the Ukraine conflict is also heating up now. This week a helicopter with NATO military instructors onboard was shot down by Donetsk freedom fighters. With freshly supplied new heavy weapons and even American snipers, the US puppet government in Kiev launched another offensive into the Donetsk People’s Republic with heavy mortar shelling. The US is stepping up its hostilities globally on all hotspot fronts in its apparent launch of this century’s world war.

As yet another further sign of the West’s plan to wage global war against Eastern powers, a Sunday FARS News Agency article is reporting that based on recent WikiLeaks released emails sent to Hillary,Israel has entertained designs in its warming of relations with the House of Saud to use a Saudi airbase from which Israeli air force jets can be deployed for purposes of attacking Iran. The article also mentioned in a related matter that The New York Times in 2010 disclosed that Saudi Arabia was prepared to give its air force stand down orders so that Israeli warplanes could safely pass through Saudi airspace to enable Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear and military facilities.

Multi-modal Information war propaganda

At the same time that NBC discloses the CIA hack-attack plan, messenger boy Biden makes his NBC appearance to further deliver the message to both America and Putin on Meet the Press. These so called countermeasures against fabricated Putin aggression are being carried out in a multitude of ways, just one being through recklessly blunt, sabre rattling threats recently uttered by members of both the State and Defense Departments.

Of course another old oft-used Empire standby is to engage in economic terrorism through such Empire vassal appendages as the UN and EU. The UK represented by warmongering Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his sniveling US counterpart Kerry just met in London to discuss the latest round of ante upping economic sanctions against both Syria and Russia for their alleged “misconduct in Aleppo.” Again they’re hypocritically hiding behind their worn out phony humanitarian excuses when in fact it’s Putin and Assad who are doing the world the favor of wiping out their US supported terrorists. In perhaps the most provocative development leading to the West’s war against Russia, as the #1 US lackey last week the UK has given its fighter jet pilots in the Royal Air Force the greenlight to fire upon Russian aircraft in Syria.

Meanwhile the criminal cabal in Washington says nothing when those same terrorists they’re backing are shelling and killing civilians daily in western Aleppo. Last Thursday five children were killed in a bombed out school. Nor do they squawk when their terrorists are repeatedly using chemical weapons on Syrian people. Just two months ago in Aleppo five civilians were asphyxiated to death. Remember Obama’s self-righteous faked redline in August 2013 after his terrorists killed all those children in Ghouta? Or when every day Saudi jets are committing horrific war crimes of the century on the innocent civilians of Yemen 10,000 victims later. Instead of acknowledging humanitarian responsibility to protect the innocent in the poorest nation in the Middle East, the US Empire has now directly entered that war with recent missile attacks killing more Yemenis. Empire’s egregious criminality cannot be ignored.

Vice President Biden on NBC’s Meet the Press: Obama is threatening Putin with nuclear war

But the latest smugly delivered message to Putin of the ominous nuclear Armageddon comes out of the mouth of his VP Joe Biden on Sunday’s Meet the Press interview. The last question asked was what is Obama doing about Putin tampering with the US election outcome? A clear US lie without any supporting evidence thus far. Though Biden danced around the issue with a nebulous innuendo reply that career politicians are notorious for, he alluded that Obama is sending Putin an implicit threat. According to highly astute historian and geopolitical writer Eric Zuesse’s deciphered interpretation, that threat is the nuclear war that Putin and the Russians are now taking very seriously.

Hillary has repeatedly made war against both Russia and Iran her top priority imperative.  On the other hand, Trump has made it clear that he would work with Putin as a partner to eradicate the scourge of the terrorists worldwide. And without the terrorists, no more war on terror, no more terrorism, no more reason for making draconian laws in the name of national security that kill what’s left of our mortally wounded Constitution, and as an ally of Putin who dislikes globalism as much as terrorism, no more reason for one world government tyranny. Bearing this in mind, it’s very easy to see why Obama and Hillary are so gung ho and determined to risk all our lives for their NWO cause.

Saturday’s 20 nation meeting over Syria ends without agreement

Syrian talks in Lausanne, Switzerland involving 20 nations ended with zero agreement reached (other than be open to meeting at an undisclosed hypothetical future time). US et al versus Russia et al are deadlocked completely at odds with each other as US Empire is unwilling to pursue diplomatic channels with Russia to prevent the larger war. The US led coalition airstrike on Syrian soldiers last month proved that much in reality. At this point Russia does not trust the West and for good reason.

Russia’s preparedness for nuclear war

In response to the cold war approaching the boiling point in recent weeks, and in total contrast to America,Russia has been busy preparing its citizens for potential nuclear war. Moscow ordered all Russian citizens, diplomats and students traveling, working or studying abroad to immediately return home. Members of Russia’s diplomatic corps were threatened with reprimands and career demotions should they refuse to comply with the Kremlin directive. Additionally 40 million Russian citizens, that’s near one-third of the nation’s total population, just completed an unprecedented massive nuclear war defense drill. Also unlike the US, Moscow has built underground facilities for housing its 12 million residents under the capital city for safe refuge. Again unlike America, Russia is taking the extreme threat of nuclear war with the West very seriously. Even MSM fixture ABC News ran a story how Russians have been preparing for a nuclear winter outcome. In stark contrast, outside of Putin bashing and the election sideshow, neither Washington nor its propaganda whores in the press have alerted Americans that they are currently in grave danger. In fact it’s been an MSM news blackout while Russian media has told its citizens that nuclear war is “imminent.” Meanwhile as another sign that Putin means business, in response to NATO’s nuclear missiles activated in Romania and Poland, Putin has ordered at the ready his nuclear capable missiles in Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave between NATO members Poland and Lithuania.

“The Russians are Coming” Propaganda Ploy: Alleged “Russian Invasion” of US by way of Alaska

Britain’s tabloid the Daily Star (quoted by The Inquisitr) has run an October 16th headline “The Russians Are Coming”, Says Ex-Navy Leader: World War 3 Will Start with Alaska Invasion.”

Inquisitr Headlines (October 15, 2016)

No doubt, the anonymous source to the “Russians Are Coming” story published by the Daily Star is butpart of the Clinton-Obama propaganda blitzkrieg falsely blaming Putin for everything gone wrong in this world as yet more propaganda used to justify a US war against Russia. That said, according to the Inquisitr article, the unnamed “high-ranking former US Navy official” warned that an unprotected part of America’s largest state Alaska with its closest point separating America from Russia just 50 miles, has been Putin’s planned designated target where Russian submarines will secure an invasion of our 50th state and proceed southward to the continental US. The former naval officer stated:

Our feeling in the Navy was that Obama had turned Alaska into a defenseless area that will serve as a forward base of operations when World War III begins.

The tabloid propaganda article quoting an unidentified former naval officer as the leaked source also claimed that Russian soldiers disguised in Alaska as “highway road crews” have been literally laying the groundwork for the invasion and will be used to secure bridges and disrupt communications during the invasion. The article goes on to report that other unnamed sources have independently also laid claim that Russians have been moving into the local area and living in abandoned motels and military bases.


The bottom line is the West and their terrorist allies are losing the war in Syria. The battle for Aleppo is being won as the Syrian Arab Army is making headway in the eastern part of Syria’s second largest city. Not only is the legitimate president of Syria – Bashar al-Assad – going to remain in power, but the US wet dream of a no fly zone under US control is not in the cards either. Putin has checkmated the neocon traitors by deploying his advanced S-400 and S-300 anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems vowing to shoot down any unidentified airplanes in the skies over Syria. The trained Syrians will be the ones pulling the trigger.

The US is realizing its longtime investment in terrorists and terrorism is being lost as Raqqa will be the final ISIS stronghold to be vanquished once Aleppo is liberated. Another second largest city in a neighboring country, Mosul will also be next, won back by Iraqi forces. The terrorists and their Western and Gulf State backers are going down in defeat. Knowing that US Empire’s run as the unipolar hegemonic kingpin of the world is rapidly fading, DC crazies are now acting out aggressively with wild abandon. Hopefully they’re not so deranged to push the button.

The most fitting metaphor for the current geopolitics chessboard drama being played out in Syria is the neighborhood bully who for years always has had his way browbeating and terrorizing his smaller neighbors into submission.

But one day the bully finally meets his match – a worthy challenger willing to stand up and fight the bully once and for all. Always having bragged about his strength and power over everyone else through his frequent show of force, which he has brutally and repeatedly demonstrated, ultimately the bully is now having second thoughts, having to face reality that his stealth and strength cannot match his false bravado.

The bully realizes that he can’t actually beat his worthy challenger who has been able to outsmart and outfox him. Since the bully knows that the jig is up, he is fast running out of options. Unable to face the public humiliation of being exposed as the weaker, finally dethroned opponent, the bully is becoming increasingly agitated, mentally unstable and desperate.

Before whimpering away in defeat, the bully decides to throw one final but huge tantrum as his last defining moment as the king of the hill, exercising all his power and intimidation, he threatens to kill everyone in the neighborhood. This is what’s going on right now, the world bully – the United States Empire – is finally receiving his comeuppance. But the only problem is the mentally deranged bully possesses WMD’s that can in fact destroy the entire global village.  Since he knows his days as top dog are over and he feels he has nothing left to lose since he’s going down anyway, will the bully follow through on his threat to bring down the entire planet with him? That’s the big question.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at:

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  • humaka

    Most money, most power, has always controlled the rest of society…

    and warred when self interest, or self preference collide…

    as such is what all things seen are…

    the self preference…

    but small minds in such scenario as war or fear of war, kick into flight or fight mode…

    not a mode that is prudent for self preservation, or the most preservation possible, of any individualized group and/or extended group…

    in a time of actual warfare reality, it is only that which stay the most neutral that does not become squeezed into one side or the other, as all collateral damage is.

    create love not hate…

    for hate is war, war is hate.

    • deano

      touching :cry: humaka :cry: touching…..

      but Christian (thou shall not kill) grandma’s, sit on Pews, singing “Onward Christian Soldiers”…..
      even after all their men are +++++ signs, looking for WMDs that dont exist……

      The last “Messiah of Peace” was also CRUCIFIED. His name was St JOHN Lennon…..
      *$`~ …all we are saying….all we are praying….is give Peace a Chance…..
      *$`~….imagine there was no heaven….no hell below us…all the people living life in peace …
      …..nothing to kill or die for, and NO RELIGION too……

      ISLAMA-phony-a is the problem again! Religious derived Hatred & War…….

      ….when will we learn?…..when we will change?…just in time to see it all fall down?
      ….and those who are left will make million$ writing books on the way it should have been?

      so she called out a Warning, WARNING….Dont ever let your life pass you bye…..

      GOODBYE CATHOLIC CHURCH GOODBYE….it wasnt nice to know ya…..Attis Pederasts! :cry:

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    • sitrep

      Yeah, and this been going on for a long time.

      The Elite (The Unseen Ones, The Unknown, The Old family Draco) now have full control, do you think they going to pack up, and go home? Hell No!!!! They now out in the open, going full speed ahead.

      Soon very soon, MSM Like CNN will be all be wearing the New Sleek Jump Suits, With the NWO emblem on it.
      Also New Sleek Jump Suit Uniforms will be appearing in all ranks. If you dont already have your Duct Tape Dont worry about it now!!!!!, Ehhhhhhhh!!!!!! Right!!!!!!!

      The mass Population cannot handle the truth.
      Oh Yeah The Mass Population Likes the so called luxury life, Oh My the big gas freaking sucking SUV’s, and Trucks burning 10 gallons of gas to get a friggin 50 cent loaf of bread, Wow that is really putting those trucks to work.
      Wow you really showing them.
      Oh, and the freakin electric cars, that actually suck up more energy than the gas powered vehicle, Wow you sure are green, BP, and Fukushima Loves you Baby!!!!!

      Yes, the big screen tv’s, and twinkies, Processed card board imitation GMO BS. Oh Do not forget your social websites, Hell on some sites if you write more than a few words your wrong, and not allowed to express yourself, and you come back time, and time again for more of the same BS slung at you.
      The Masses Love this stuff, so Big Government Feeds you more, and do not even require you to wipe up afterwards.
      Who do you think is doing the Dirty/Evil/Satanic work so your virtual reality world can continue?
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      The Draco have Dominated you, they are in control of every thing you do. If you refuse to bow down they will suck every drope of Your Glandular Secreations from your soul that you have already signed over to them!!!!!!Ehhhhhhhh!!!!!! Right!!!!! , you already know this Right!!!!!

      Yes, Your Smart Phone was the cosmic Plat form that the Draco Used to get your signature, Yes You Signed your soul away to them, your very essence, What!!!!!!!?

      Yes, you Purchase the Phone, and sign agreements, and Contracts. The Draco Army of Lawyers from hell devised this plan.
      Even when you get a so called security updates/UpGrades, you click away on the Accept Buttons, Yes you never read them it is all fine print.
      Then you are directed into some APP store, and must sign more contracts, and enter your personal data. Thus making you responsible for any negative outcome such as walking around without a soul, because you did not read that agreement/contract that is binding with your electronic signature.
      The Draco Are Doing the Masses a favor, because the masses cannot handle the truth.
      Yes, people have to suffer, die horrible deaths with bone chilling screams all night, Oh the Pain, so that certain Masses in countries get luxury Items.
      Yes these masses are getting fed , Entertained, mind washed and fat so their Glands will be plump full of juicy hormones.
      Oh, And the people in the Upper Echelon are the real fools, they are puppets doing the Evil Satanic work for the Draco “Elite” Yes they think they are a part of the Draco inner circle, They Are Fools!!!!
      to be used up, and drained of all glandular secretions, and have already sold their souls. They will be drained, and thrown in the dark black pit of burning Hell Fire To re live their sins against humanity for eternity. They will suffer all the pain they caused to others over, and over, and over non stop.

      So as you can see the Elite have now gained full control, and out in the open.
      They are Powerful, you are weak, you cannot handle the truth, and need the Elite to provide you.
      Bow Down To Your Masters THE DRACO!!!!!!!!!

  • Boo

    HERES YOUR ANSWER TO THE ROCKET REPORTS – Montana rocketry club – •October 14 – 15 – Twin Bridges The Twin Bridges launch site in western Montana has a 25,000 foot MSL waiver (launch site is 5,660 feet, so about 19,340 AGL) and higher altitudes are available. Please contact Steve Shannon one week prior to launch date if higher altitudes are needed.

    So someone got a little carried away and it went from a friendly rocket club competition, to a Nuclear Rocket Launch preparation. It happens….

  • b4

    this story is total nonsense

  • Conscience

    We know that Regime Change in Syria is important enough for the US to decimate Syria totally and give rise to Jihadi organisations.

    But is it so important to the US that it won’t hesitate to decimate the entire planet for it?

    At the same time, while Russia claims that it has enough firepower to face any American aggression, it really may not have enough firepower combined with China to take on the entire NATO.

  • compaid

    Too many half truths and made up stories to bother with

  • Scorpallain

    Nuclear war would mean world wide deaths, nuclear weapons need to be disassembled and forgotten for the safety of humanity and every living creature on Earth. Nuclear energy should never have been turned into a weapon in the first place. At one time they were only used as a deterrent now many are threatening the use of them…when this happens its time to get rid of them …outlaw them altogether.
    It would be insanity to destroy the planet you live on because of any disagreement or country. If countries want to fight let them use conventional weapons. You would think that by now people would have learned to be civilized.

  • fearwise

    Stop with the fear mongering already! The real fact is there can not be a nuclear war because as it has been demonstrated at U.S. U.K. and Russian missile bases, referring to Malmstrom AFB and the incidents recorded by the Russians and released by the KGB, the watchers who are entrusted with planet earth and who most call “aliens” will not permit intercontinental missiles that have armed war heads into space there is a unknown quarantine, (at least unknown by the masses, only those in the know including contactees and remote viewers know) of earth and we are not allowed to do this as it will affect parallel earths, life in our solar system and other life that resides on and possibly in the earth. As the tactical nukes that’s a different story, they will permit anything as long as it will not threaten other species, so you can count on a conventional tactical nuclear war but forget about strategic that can never happen for the stated reasons, still radiation is radiation and it will eventually kill most of the population at least not the entire planet, perhaps the watchers have a remedy for that as well.


    EXOPOLITICS: Extraterrestrials & the Environment

    Did UFOs Disarm Nuclear Weapons? And If So, Why? – Live Science

    Aliens tried to save America from nuclear war’, says former astronaut

  • fearwise

    Forgot to mention google “tibetan monks nuclear war” see how that supports what I already said.

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