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It’s Not Over: China and Russia Send Ships After U.S. Aircraft and Putin Moves Military to N. Korea

Sunday, April 16, 2017 21:17
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By Lisa Haven

It appears things have gotten a little more complicated. According to officials in the Japanese government, earlier this morning both Russia and China dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels to follow the U.S.S. Carl Vinson into waters off of the Korean Peninsula.

The dispatch is meant to be a ‘warning signal’ to the United States of America to stay out of war with North Korea. 

All that and more in this breaking report…

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  • The Ferrett

    It’s all theater, none of it is real – we are all being had . . . .

    • VirusGuard

      When it comes to Russia then 4-sure we are being played a 1984 play script and it might be about both the USA and Russia having an excuse to amass more wepons ready for a sneak attack on China.

      Kim has a right to test new missiles, it’s called “Defence” according to the whitehouse

      Russia does not like Kim and apart from running with the lies over 9/11 they also put Kim down so maybe the Russian ship is working with the american ships in this show of force if any fighting kicks off.

      Yes all theater as you say and it’s more than hard to workout what is really going on.

    • 2QIK4U

      Deleting comments again I see…..

  • truck driver

    Global Elite want population CONTROL so they are using north Korea to kill everyone so they don’t loose power

    • VirusGuard

      Yes one nuke on Israel would make the world a safer place and send a message to the traitors who now run the world by acting as banker puppets just for a few bits of silver.

      People in North Korea are being killed because Japan built six nuke power stations on a fault line so lets see how they like it when his nuke power stations blow up and the wind blows the other way.

      Cancer is doing well when it comes to population control but thats not due to reactors blowing up and is down to the drugs they are now putting in our water/food suppy

  • Everette

    Nastradomus says when Trump wins the election world war 3 will soon begin . The damn liberals kissing the NWO’s butts for a world take over has been pushing for this war for sometime . Hillary lost her election because of statements that she wanted war with Russia ( negative blood reptilian ) . O nut case was also angering Russia for war ( negative blood reptilian ) . They had China’s anger , Russia’s anger , Irans anger , and North Koreas anger . I hope the same weapon that was used on the BP oil rig ( blue beam laser ) will melt them on the ocean . Heck drop the rod of god on them . A iron missile attached to a satellite in space . China got a taste of it on one of their factories . Use ultra sonic frequencies and kill the crew or bust up the ship . Or try the bomb they just used on Isis earlier ( the 5 mile bomb , mother of all bombs ) has no radiation . It’s time to bring out of the closet all the mean weapons we got . Nastradomus also said world war 1 will be fought with weapons unimaginable . World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones . He wrote of a mass fleets being destroyed in the sea or ocean . He also said when the comet comes or passes the war will soon begin . April 19 , Wednesday , 2017 a comet will be passing earth , Also an asteroid . Evil tyrants believe this is a sign from their gods telling them to go to war . So in 3 days everything may change . Subs are already setting off our coastlines with nukes . Just 1 nuke has to make it thru our defense . If exploded over America at a high altitude every computer , cars and truck , phones and whatever else has computer parts in them are fried . Lights out , stores closed , transportation gone unless you have an old car with points system , which very few have . People need to have food in their vehicals , so if it does happen and you are stranded a distance from home you can camp out if nesseccary and get home . GODs people need to pray hard and get ready for either a taking out or rough times . The stars have not fell from heaven yet or the sun darkened or moon not giving off it light as Matthew 24 :29-31 speeks of . Or could Jesus be speeking of nukes falling from the sky and clouds of dark debree be blocking out the sun ? . Nastradomus said world war 3 will be quick or not drawn out . I guess not ! Just one idiot with a hair trigger , fire a shot in anger or accidentally and it all begins ! I hope Trump got the Muslim nuke button pushers out of the control rooms . Remember O idiot changed out those setting in the position with a stupid statement of I (think ) that they ( might ) have cheated on their tests . Bologna ! Tests of what pushing the nuke button already set for it destination ? If these Muslims have not been remove we may have our own missiles raining down on our heads as the series Jericho did ! They dont mind dying . Pray for GODs protection upon yourself and your family and friends . Seems we are going to need it . We have over 150,000 Russian soldiers in America and Muslim UN troops as well as Isis radicals stupid face brought in . So war could also begin in America soon . Be ready ! Get the dust of those guns . Why do you think O nut case want to make sure American didn’t have bomb supplies ? Or even weapons ? Because he was a Muslim radical idiot ! Muslim compounds in America may break forth . Ishmael ( father of Muslims ) and Esau ( father of dukes ) today are holding hands . Esau married Ishmael ( his half uncles ) daughter . Today they are the NWO Vatican , natzi , luciferian and the UN , Muslim , rock worshipping idiots trying to rule the world . These are Jacobs half uncle and brother . They want us gone ! We need GOD to help us or remove us !

    • Izabell adoorknocker

      Wow Everette: you sure do have issues, I guess you are in full panic mode, .. this will happen when you miss your medication,
      Now all the evil that is poring out at the moment comes from two places on this planet, and that would be the seat of Satan, which is Israel itself: and the second place would be the USA, … not any part of those facts can be rebutted. were ever the yanks go, death and destruction follows, now ithe the clueless Trumpensien, who will go down in history as the bringer of death, the world is on a one way trip, to Armageddon, There will be no NWO, as two nations forbid it, that being China, and the other Russia. as they are not lap dogs to the Satanic cult in Washington, so this war is will end up being the big reset for humanity (for what survives) to start over again, as has happened many times throughout earths forbidden history. its aces of the psychopaths, feeling if they cannot have it and be king over everything, then no body can have it:
      its as simple as that:
      now get back on your medication, sit back and enjoy the show, its only warming up: but it will have a fantastic ending: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • b4

        i always enjoy ever it even though he may be insane–it was Enstein who said ww4 would be fought with sticks–i kinda lean with ed casey who said 2/3rds of the world would be gone in the new century–he said this in the 1920ties when nukes were not known–with you izabell,lets enjoy the “party”…

    • SLAYER545-SAMA



  • Black Humor

    After 911 and Tonkin gulf incident ”false flags” by US are not so far fetched, so sending information gathering vessels to see what happens yourself might not be such a silly idea. Both Russia and China are reluctant to been drawn in to a conflict without 100% proof of insanity on either US or North Korean side…

  • Anonymous

    Same old Boogie Men that never actually fight. How can they when they are all controlled by the same Bankster system?

  • tatsmaki

    US Carl Vinson & atomic submarine were swept away
    Pentagaon and CIA Headquaters were swept away too by the Creators
    - The 2nd Korean war by USA and S.Korea, and Invasion against Syria are never allowed by the Creators
    April 13
    The Allied Forces of the USA and South Korea of 200 thou. people scale are staging every year the military exercises from March 1 till May 1, near the border of North Korea. This military exercises are aming at operations for overthrow of the N Korean polit.power, the murder of Kim Jong-Un, occupation of NKorea, its colonization and the unification of the colonized Korean peninsula by US imperialism.
    This is the major threat of life or death for such a little nation, as NKorea. Thereby, NKorea is staging nuclear explosion tests and IRBM and ICBM shooting tests against the US. And US president D. Trump declared regarding the preemptive strike against NKorea. A NKorean shooted missile suffered explosion immediately after its launch recently.
    According to a notice from the Creators, it was the result of a laser ray attack from a US military satellite. But militarization of the Space by Earthers is never allowed by the Creators. Thereby, the US military satellite was swept away by the Creators. But, this means that 2nd Korean war has been already begun de facto by the US imperialism.
    USAF bombers sally out from military bases in Japan, and Japan suffers counterattacks from NKorea.
    Destruction of nuke plants in Japan may be possible, next to the nuclear explosion of Fukushima nuke plant-1 which was caused by Israeli Magna BSP (in charge of the nuke security) and US GE (its designer) after the major earthquake in the North-East Japan by the US earthquake weapon HAARP.
    Above said major military exercise equivalents to the military exercises by the other nations of 600 thou. people scale in population ratio offshore Tokyo bay, or 1.77 million people scale – offshore NYC.
    It’s pity that China and Russia supported the one-sided resolution of the UN SC on blame of NKorea, standing on the side of US imperialism.
    Therefore, such military provocation aiming at the 2nd Korean war by the US armed forces is never allowed by the Creators.
    Next to the sweep away on March 14, 2017 (US E time) of Wall Street being the worldwide fort of plutocratic slave domination of Earthers, one of proper sanctions was staged by the Creators for preventation of Earth destruction.
    Thus, US atomic aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which was in the navigation process then towards the offshore of Korean peninsula from the north-eastern offshore of Formosa, was swept away by the Creators on April 10, 2017. The US atomic submarine with 154 cruise missiles which was running towards the offshore of Korean peninsula was swept away by the Creators too on April 15, 2017.
    In the USN head office surprise and unrest occurred due to the disappearance of Carl Vinson. After sweep away and reconstruction of few times of right Pentagon and CIA Headquarters, these were swept away newly by the Creators on April 11 (US E time) for the peace and security of Earth.
    All nuclear weapons have been already swept away all over the world in 2008, beginning from nuclear weapons of the US. Additional production and redisposition of nuclear weapons are checked by the Creators. Production and disposition of nuclear missiles by NKorea are impossible too.
    American peoples and Earthers should stop to believe God of Christianity fabricated by reptilian humanoids of the Lizard and their bosses, draconian lizards of the Draco (the official emblem of UK capital London). So-called God doesn’t exist objectively, like one of leaders of Christianity Mather Teresa stated: “I didn’t feel God around me, I didn’t receive aids from God, God dosn’t exist”.
    Creators has given everything gratuitously for Earth too. But Earthers turned Earth into the evil corrupt civilization planet of plutocratic slave domination under the takeover rule by reptilian humanoids and their bosses, draconians.
    The Creators stage the General cleaning of Earth and the Cleanup of our Space for nomalization of order of our Space soon.

  • Leo

    And the Russians are positioning themselves into place to assist the Koreans in the event of an all out American strike against the Korean regime .

  • Bob DD

    Sounds like President Trump needs to meet with President Putin, unless the globalists are pulling DT’s strings to go to war? Wars can save a flailing presidency?

  • patann

    -Apostle Bradford seeing this since the late eighties have been prophesying these pending calamities since Dec. 2001, that until 190 months are finished, meaning Dec. 2001- Oct. 2017, including, understand, doing these outbreaks of military confrontation America did endure the worse invasion to death tolls US soil, ever, or ever again, this is the end into Jesus Millennium, (Danie’l's Week), see, read more here,

    -Further, I don’t know if you realize it, but Asia, America, Russia and Japan, seen and predicted in a block 2002, Apb, are all in a nuclear tug of war just as the timetable of October 2017, is roaring toward fulfillment, even a pale horse judgment and the Bride can’t be here. Beware, I know none of you want to see, hear nor know this, but I’m to warn you regardless, beware, Apb, see more here, and

  • No Body

    In australia they are now saying trump fucked up when he stated he was sending an armada to NK and he was really sending them here to australia..THE FEDERAL MAFIA CAN FIGHT THEIR OWN BS WAR THIS TIME ROUND.YOU WATCH THESE SCUMBAGS TRY AND BRING BACK CONSCRIPTION..

  • truck driver

    Send the New York Russian Tea Room after the Russians or the New York Russian salad dressing

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