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Man Has Spent the Last 40 Years Living Alone in Colorado Ghost Town Recording All Kinds of Useful Data

Monday, January 9, 2017 3:45
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For the past four decades, billy barr – he insists his name be written with lower case letters only – has been living by himself in Gothic, Colorado, a ghost town deserted since the 1920s, passing the time by recording all sorts of data, from daily snowfalls, temperatures, snow melting, animal sightings, etc.. He never imagined that the results of his 40-year hobby would one day help scientists better understand global warming and earn him a cool superhero name – The Snow Guardian.

billy bar first came to Gothic in 1972 as a Rutgers University environmental science student doing water chemistry research. He liked the quiet life here so much that he completed his semester to get his degree and became a permanent resident of the mountainous ghost town. He had grown up in New Jersey, but never really liked being surrounded by so many people, so moving to this secluded ghost town was a chance to get away from social pressure. “I grew up in the city. It was too much for me,” he says.

barr began the winter of 1974 camping in a tent, which is not exactly ideal in a place where snow reaches twenty-five feet a year. Luckily, the owner of an abandoned mining shack was kind enough to let billy move in, to keep him from freezing to death. It became his home for the next eight years, and also the place where he started his impressive database on snow. The modern-day hermit claims that the sole goal behind his epic journal was to fight boredom. There’s not a lot to do in a ghost town in winter time, so he just started monitoring things like daily snowfalls, snow density, temperature, and anything else he could measure. “I didn’t have anything else to do. It was simple curiosity,” billy says.



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  • Morgawr

    Loved this story, I could see myself living his lifestyle and he is providing valuable weather data to boot, but really the planets been about for billions of years and to say the last 40 years is proof our planet is doomed is just ridiculous.
    I might think different if it was 400.000 yrs of research or even a million years and even then it’s still no proof of anything only that the weather is always changing and always will. Climate change is a way of life and if nature decides it’s going to polish me off then that’s fine I will live and die as it demands, what I don’t except is the elites weather manipulation “FORCED GOVERNMENT CLIMATE CHANGE” and it does not help when people are stupidly blind to it, when I point out checker board chem trails all over Briton to people and their response is, their normal clouds I despair. The people doing this should all HANG including all the GMO madmen.
    But seeing so many people waking up now in run away numbers gives me hope :)

  • pulltabjunkie

    @Morgawr: Its odd that you would mention being stupidly blind, when you believe that we live on a planet, and that it is billions of years old. How do you know its that old? Have you been keeping records? How do you know we live on a planet? Nobody has ever taken a single untouched photo of earth from space. You are simply saying what you have been taught over and over in a classroom somewhere. As far as your hope being renewed from seeing so many people wake up, how would you know they are waking up if you are still in a coma yourself? I do agree that chemtrails are being sprayed into our atmosphere, and that GMO crops are very harmful to consume, but there is so much more to the story of our earth that you aren’t seeing.

    • tidy

      Tell us more please ?

  • Morgawr

    “Chequer” I was in the bath thinking about my post and checker flashed by, I’m not the PC SPELLING POLICE but that one made me giggle.

  • Morgawr

    “pulltabjunkie” I smell a flat earther, most of my life I believed what I was taught, had no reason not to, thought I always understood the victors wrote the history, the last 10+ years I’ve been waking up massively the last 4yrs I’d say wide awake, and am open to all theory’s and my school teachings are lost to the past where they belong, to suggest anyone not thinking your way without knowing them is preaching school lessons is a very poor argument, anything out of our reach can only ever be a theory and flat earth is a theory I totally reject whilst knowing I could be wrong, I look at what I see or what I believe I see and make my own mind up. I’m a full believer in the Darwin Theory, except I truly believe Man has no place in it, does that make me stupidly blind or the fact I reject flat earth because I’m in a coma.

    • Alan Schuetz

      Why not both? Stupidly blind and in a coma. There is absolutely no evidence for macroevolution. Even when you take your first genetics class, you learn that mutations causes an organism to be either less viable, or in some instances, death. Darwin had problems explaining how the intricacies of a complex eye could occur through undirected mutations via natural selection (that is, without “foreknowledge” of that being the end goal). He thought that science would explain that one day; it never has:

      “To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I confess, absurd in the highest degree… The difficulty of believing that a perfect and complex eye could be formed by natural selection, though insuperable by our imagination, should not be considered subversive of the theory.” — Charles Darwin from “On the Origin of Species”

      All evolutionists claim this quote was taken out of context; it certainly wasn’t.

      Regarding the Earth, the only account that is to be believed in modern times is from Dr. Auguste Piccard, a Swiss physicist known for his high altitude balloon flights. I actually have an original copy of the August 1931 “Popular Science” magazine containing this article; see In it, he states: “It (the Earth)
      seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.” I’m sure he was taught/indoctrinated at an early age — like the rest of us — that Earth is an oblate spheroid. So, why would he state otherwise? It was because he was intellectually honest.

      • Cintus Supremus

        A high altitude balloon flight in the early 1930′s?

        I smell hypoxia. Did he supplement?

        We have everything we need right here on the surface of the earth to conclude that it is most definitely not flat.

        Too many Bible-believers have become ensnared by this ruse.

  • Morgawr

    I am not stupidly blind or in a coma and I certainly don’t believe in macroevolution, microevolution is my choice of impress words and my “I” is ninth in the alphabet compared to your “A” that did not even get of the start line,
    I = I use my own mind, A = Article Soup, a collection of other peoples words to make you look clever, whilst like the 2nd poster holding back on your own thoughts except the insults are all yours.
    As a bird breeder of finches I use Darwinism to breed the best birds I can, and blow me down it works, throw in some mixing of the species and wonderful things happen.
    The eye is a marvelous thing but man has surpassed it and built and eye that can record in both day and night.
    “Seemed a flat disk” and “Is a flat disk” are worlds apart and clearly your not being intellectually honest, come back with your own words and your own reasons and I might be won over.

  • truthseeker4809

    Nobody denies there is a slight regional warming trend. The point is if this warming trend is caused by the man made carbon dioxide. Sun has hot and cold cycle and then there is this twin star effect caused by the incoming black star visiting the inner solar system every 3000 something years. On the other hand, the blocked gulf stream toward Atlantic ocean seems to cause ice age in Europe. Real warming trend may be determined by measuring the average sea level. Even that is not very conclusive enough to prove global warming.

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