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Alarming NOAA Data, Rapid Pole Shift

Monday, July 25, 2011 7:22
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The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, derived from early measurements from ships logs to modern day techniques.

Noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary airport closures, a deeper investigation was in order.

After transferring 420 years of north pole position data from the NOAA Geo Data Center, configuring it to fit in an Excel spreadsheet, adding a complicated formula to determine exact distance between 2 sets of latitude-longitude coordinates, applying the formula to each data point in the series, and then finally plotting it all in a visual graph, it is alarming to discover the amount of magnetic pole shift – just over the past 10 to 20 years.

Here is one very interesting fact…
Since 1860, the magnetic pole shift has more than doubled every 50 years. That is pretty significant. In geological terms, that seems to be pretty ‘rapid’.

Here is another very interesting fact…
During the past 150 years, the pole shift has been in the same direction.

The following fact is even more astonishing…
During the past 10 years, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years! In other words, the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially.

Pole Shift has more than doubled each of the last 50 years


The present rate of magnetic north pole shift is about 55 kilometers per year. According to the data set, during the year 2000 the magnetic north pole actually shifted more than 70 kilometers.

The issue now is, since the pole shift has been at 400 year record high rates during the past 10 to 20 years, the cumulative effect is now beginning to cause real-world issues.

Will the effects affect us noticeably or in a bad way? Time will tell I suppose, but at the current rate there will no doubt be direct effects on many systems in the years ahead, many of them nuisance issues such as documentation changes while others will likely be more serious.

It is not known if the shift will speed up or slow down in the years ahead. Some say that a pole reversal is overdue, and this phenomenon may be indicators of the beginnings of that process.

Note that the earth’s magnetic field is what protects us from radiation. Without it, we would not survive. Could a pole reversal cause a period of time in-between flip-flop such that we would be exposed to deadly radiation? Stay tuned…

Graph of annual magnetic north pole shift during the past 420 years


At the current direction, the magnetic north pole is heading directly towards Russia. The following image shows the dramatic acceleration while pointing out the past 50 years versus the past 10 years of movement.


Click here to see what’s happening with the South Magnetic Pole

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  • banjoboy


  • Techstuf

    These things were foretold and are in fulfillment at this time.

    Google: Huge Media Blackout

    Read Luke 21:25-28

    All these signs are here now…concurrently!

    Read Isaiah 24:20

    The reason that parts of bolivia and brazil reached -39 below zero last July, killing millions of alligators and other sub tropical animals….and that Chile had 9 feet of snow and an extremely arid desert in southern brazil got 3 feet of snow, this July, is that earth’s orbit has changed.

    God’s Word also explains the current record SHATTERING heat wave…..Google Revelation 16:8

    It’s all there in His Word, proving the lateness of the hour…

    Blessings in Yeshua, Jesus Christ

  • Anonymous

    Pretty amazing that the pole has shifted so much in the last 10 years or so.All of these earthquakes,volcanos and extreme weather is probably related to the rapid pole shifting.

  • alexblanelayder

    he’s comming back for the bride.

    maranartha. LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    ever word shall come to pass. it will not fail.

    who will hide from the wrath of the LAMB OF GOD.

  • Anonymous

    The Earth is all ready shifting.
    Notice the moon. It comes up in radically different places every evening.
    Normally, the moon travels in an East – West arc.
    Lately, it comes up and goes due North.
    I believe this is due to the approach of Nibiru/Wormwood.
    It’s magnetic North pole is trying to ‘capture’ and align with the Earth’s South pole.
    As that planet has 100′s times the mass of Earth, it will secede.
    I guessing only, I think it will happen about September of this year.
    Please prepare.

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous – What moon are you looking at???

  • banjoboy



    I agree there are things going on in the earth, but, the moon is not coming up and going due North. Are you saying it’s setting in the north? If that’s the case, then I agree with the previous poster…What moon are you looking at???

  • LapinSauvage

    What is interesting is that the magnetic pole is actually becoming ever closer to the geographic north pole. With a slight shift they could merge. That would be the moment when we could move back into a global synchronicity – and maybe a prerequisite for a general pole shift to realign this planet with laws of natural, cosmic harmony….. I wouldn’t put it past any higher powers to prepare this way for the general cleansing that is sooner or later bound to occur.

  • Old Warrior

    Nonsense..! Moon rising in the north..?? Nibiru..??? God..?? Shattering heat wave..?? huh you don’t live where we live, we are being drowned at the moment. The US should stop messing with stuff they don’t understand, like Haarp and Scalar technology.

  • Ivan Critter

    ask any sailor and they will tell you that the pole has always been shifting. It’s printed on any chart the annual change for that part of the world. It was fast in 2000 and now it’s slowing down again.

  • Tim Bravo

    I fear not the wrath of a lamb. End times or not, there will be no judgement. There is nothing that is not of God.

  • Anonymous

    Polar Shift is a cycle that the earth has been long over due for. With it over the long haul it would more likely bring some of the worlds over population back in alignment with nature. As for Global Warming that is also a cycle that is one of three ways to move the world to the next ice age. 1) Asteroid 2) Massive Volcanic Eruptions 3) Global Warming

    The Earth cycle about 90% ice age 10 % thaw that runs it to the Global Warming phase 150 to 200 Degrees. Once the Global Warming Phase rolls into full gear, massive floods set in on land, massive uncontrollable forest fires, and massive pressure on the surface along with evaporation of water into the atmosphere all this over time will allow clouds to circle the earth miles thick blocking the sun light turning the earth back into the next ice age 90% time again which could last 100,000 Years ?

    So with all this maybe there is a reason why the USA is working on HAARP as most the worlds followers on the environment would wake up to the realization that man is not the real culprit of the issue. For the first time life on this planet might be able to stop the next ice age from coming and pushing land life to extinction again. People need to get behind global scientists to figure how to terra form the earth rather than the big environmental crap that most have been lead to believe.

    As for the Bible people need to wake up and not let their head get stuck in one book. Maybe take a trip to Egypt and look at the Luxor Tomb to witness first hand the carvings from 5000 years ago not 2000 which are the same scriptures that the Bible and another 183 other predecessors has plagiarized from. Heck simple history the kings in the bible as people did not even exist 2000 years ago. The three kings are known as the 3 bright stars you see at night in Orion’s belt. And the end of the world crap is not the end of the world it is the end of the Eon in the original scriptures which means the end of the AGE as in the age of Pisces, That Jesus fish that so many have no idea what it really represents and are mislead on.

  • Anonymous

    The true disciples of Messiah are not that ignorant particularly those who have a living relationship with the Creator who gave us instructions on how to live harmoniously. There are others who follow pagan customs and rely on a Babylonian pastor who is part of the Babylonian Empire which is both political and religious. The false religious leaders which are known as part of the Merchants of Babylon are part of the world corrupt system (which includes the modern corporations), and the Mother of Harlots is the head of Institutionalized religion which has in the past persecuted the true disciples of Messiah Jesus´s teachings and will undoubtedly persecute the Bride of Christ/Messiah again. Read Foxe´s Book of Martyrs and see how many millions have been murdered by the religious system. The true believers always impart agape love and those who do not cannot truly represent Jesus´s teachings as outlined in the Gospel of Matthew/Mattithyahu Chapter 5 and later. The true believers are few and the person who mentioned the Bride of Christ/Messiah understands the depth of the definition. Yes, the Jesus fish has been misrepresented and falsified and even Christmas is not a holiday representing the Messiah either. All this can be looked up in any encyclopedia.

  • Old Warrior

    @ Anonymous: Maybe you should become a preacher, with the amount of religious stuff you are putting out. You obviously have not noticed that in history religion has been responsible for death, torture and mass control for 100′s of years. Personally I would not rely on anyone who is professed religious as their mind is controlled by a book, a book that was compiled many years after the main character was long gone, hearsay and folklore, built up to control people and put fear into them, as it is doing today. Some of us are actually well connected to what is going on and it has nothing to do with religion, and should not be ‘classified’ by others as ‘pagan’, or ‘non’ believers. That is what most of the ‘problems’ were according to the believers. Believe what YOU like, don’t try and force others to do the same.
    The only reason the US is busy with Haarp and other like tech, is maintaining world control by mind control and fear…some of us are aware and watching this development. They have already caused irrepairable damage to the earths eco system which will take many years to restore naturally, mainly because they are ignorant of what they are doing in the name of control. In natural terms, they will pay dearly for that.

  • terry the censor

    > Google: Huge Media Blackout

    Please do — and watch us kick Techsnuf’s ass in the comments section.

  • colossus

    its the same old song and dance,
    the worlds going to end, but no one informs the dull minded sheeple

    and people
    no ones goina read your comment if its 90 paragraphs long folks

  • aliadams

    Quran and 2012 Jan 7th A New Beginning

    Quran chapter #55 has 31 repetitions of the verse “Fabiayi aalaai Rabbikumaa tukathibaan?” at locations 13, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, with a sum of 1433.

    Considering the current Islamic year is 1432 (2011) and the number of words in the chapter = the number of days in the year 1433 then maybe God is pointing to the year 2012!

    If so, then every word in this chapter points to a day in the year 1433 and as the verse has 4 words then we can expect 31 events each lasting 4 days in 1433. The first event will therefore be on 14/02/1433 == 07-Jan-2012 and the last event will be on 23/12/1433 == 07-Nov-2012.

    If the events come from space then their locations will be latitudes not pin-point location and incredibly God has provided us with 31 numbers that fit exactly in the middle of the latitude range from 0 to 90. They are the repeated verse locations from 13 to 77.

    and God knows best …

  • ArthurBrowne

    Hi there, Old Warrior!

    Now dear friend, I want you to know we Christians who both know and love the Way of Messiah, are simply wanting to aid people in telling them what is going to occur soon. The “keep it to yourself” attitude is your right, and most of us respect that. If I knocked on your door, I would respect your right to tell me whatever you wanted to, because you are telling a true friend, “Sorry, I don’t see it that way,” and you have every right to do that. We are trying to help you to turn in your number of years you’ve lived on planet Earth, for a lifetime that will never end, and that is surely true friendship. You see, we know about the technology too, but the Book of Revelation Ch 11, tells us that Messiah is coming to “destroy those who destroy the earth” (verse 18). With the present technology, the Earth can indeed finally be destroyed, by humanity, in making a wrong move, but never before HAARP, and other recent technology appeared.

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