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Snowden Warns Us of Major Event! Secret Weather Control Program Exposed 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 8:50
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everybody knows about Snowden and he
gave evidence of heart the global
assassination agenda now this is getting
kind of intense because the information
that’s been coming in from around the
world from around the world let me
repeat there’s a lot of information
coming in to third phase Minh Edward
Snowden NSA fugitive and whistleblower
is now admitting that HAARP is a system
it’s definitely engaged in a program of
mind-control and assassination
assassination did you hear this people
HAARP is out to get us
it’s out to kill us according to Edward
Snowden NSA fugitive now this is quite
incredible there’s so much video that’s
been coming in evidence from around the
world this is going to be quite amazing
an amazing episode right here at third
phrase mode stand by everybody it’s
about to get quite wild the military
prison industrial complex has routinely
compiled that the HAARP is meant to
study the natural phenomena in the
ionosphere well this is not what it’s
all about
according to mr. Snowden he’s managed to
blow open a massive sharad now this is
what I’m talking about let’s blow it
wide open the situation’s according to
Edward Snowden are far from the eyes of
the people near Gakona Alaska they’re
used to manipulate or stop the
dissidents of global capitalism so
that’s what Edwards saying right now
he’s saying that this weapon is designed
to change our brains change our brains
not to engage let’s see he says this
Nadel is able to remotely execute
offenders of gave you thought okay this
is quite where Brent you’re here we’re
live right now third phase mate
breaking news footage and information
from Edward Snowden quite amazing like
this is good this is the best evidence
that’s been supplied by Edward Snowden
this uh it’s coming in fast and what
we’re seeing is our proof is been
showing HAARP for years and the public’s
been giving us great harp evidence
something that’s unusual something
unique and we I think third phase moons
got the best footage of HAARP evidence
throughout the world and now Snowden’s
confirming it thanks Snowden Snowden has
revealed your right brain lots
information and there is a weaponized
technology out there weaponized weather
let’s go on the HAARP system projects
ultra high powered radio weights now
this could affect the brain as Snowden
sane and what the people are saying
people have a weird my thought of what’s
going on are we being suppressed on our
own mentality on how to speak we’re out
here in Hawaii so I’m glad I’m able to
speak a freedom of my thoughts so let’s
get to it these ways are operating at
the same frequency as a drink is in
civil I or a brain stem selectively
causes deaths to look like they’re from
natural causes so what they’re saying is
that this weapon are making it look like
people are dying of natural causes but
in fact it’s a weaponized system now
Snowden his blown the lid office it’s
big it’s big right now share this with
your friends share it with the world

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  • DangerWillRoberson

    i live in Cassville, Missouri and the rain just trained all day and night long last year i had 43 inches of rain flooding in basement this year i was ready with a pump. after Sunday 30th of April the flooding in town and area has reached the 1964 levels . I watched the noaa weather radar channel and it had a large whirling like a hurricane pattern very strange 5 states wide? very weird? 16 dead from weather . is it Harrp? :shock: :roll: :shock:

    • b4

      this weekend they are predicting weather formations never seen before–this is a subject i know nothing–it is interesting though

    • Central Scrutinizer

      ^^^ “after Sunday 30th of April the flooding in town and area has reached the 1964 levels”…….

      Hmmmmmmmm. Read that passage VERY slowly and let it marinate in your noggin.

      ‘reached the 1964 levels’…. That would be [wait for it]

      Before HAARP.????
      You mean to tell me there was flooding and weird weather BEFORE the HAARP Monster was unsheathed? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

      • Hayduke

        Let’s not forget about the huge tornado storm that HAARP spawned in 1925 that killed hundreds of people. Ummm…when did HAARP come on line again??? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    • trashman

      DangerWillRoberson: yes and nasa has warned us about this happening over 10 years ago. I actually heard a video tape where a group of NASA employees were watching a video , and then started snickering , and almost laughing about us in the near future. They stated ( I wonder what those idiot will be doing when the shtf! You all know that soon Hurricanes will start forming over dry land. That is when people will start noticing something serious is going on). Then they started laughing. Folks this is much much much larger than Haarp. The NASA employees were talking about the effects of Nibiru. The rest of the Video went on too describe the effects of a small dwarf planet would have on our planet and our neighbors. I know , I know, you will say this is crazy talk, wheres the evidence, blah blah blah, but the fact of the matter is this::: The sun is unusally active, and along with it its output of magnetic waves are increasing . Furthermore the other planets of our solar system have shown signs of perterbances in the past 6 years. Finally Deep Underground Military Bases will tell y ou a lot more about what the Governments of the whole World are preparing for. The ancient Sumerians described Nibiru too the letter , and described what physical effects it had on our planet. I cant or dont Dare say HOW i know these things, or my car might have a accident, . ON that note please believe me. I will say only this::: the Governments of the world have known about it for over 60 years, and we are in the final phases where it is close too intercepting our little world. It wont hit us, but by the time its over, our world wont be the same. pls pray pray pray, and read Gods word daily. GB

    • Anonymous

      Snowden and Assange have never leaked anything we didnt know. People for Gods sake WTFU.
      If these clowns were genuine and not just more jew psyops? We’d hear NEW stuff that they did pull from YEARS back on internet. Like DETAILS of 911 (Assange calls 911 Truthers “losers” etc) and material no one will touch- like MOSSAD on 911, and ISRAELs control of world… instead Assange made deal early on w/ zionists to never spotlight them! that is from Israel own news. These 2 clowns have become substitute for real investigative reports that uncover true and NEW facts.

    • Josie

      More than likely. Haarp is a killing machine, nothing more. Just another one of the Globalist evil tools.

  • dj dawg

    Yeah rain can suck sometimes but it beats a drought.

  • raburgeson

    This video is jerked from the net so hard they will never debunk it. Finally many things are clear. The way the snowflakes are acting. The commie sway of the people. I knew the weather control, I showed it to you all in my posts. They never shut down HAARP. They have miniaturized the system and spread it all over the country. There are pictures of cell towers with very heavy electrical cables on the net.

    The people that posted them wanted to know why so much power was necessary. Why do they want the GPS for your front door? They have been using HAARP against the people. It is illegal internationally to do so. The facility in Alaska and one in Antarctica (If it exists) are the most dangerous as the Van Allen Belt concentrated at the North and South poles.

    Katrina sat still over New Orleans, a first because hurricanes have such a vast weather front they do not sit still. At the time I said it was probably a ship to shore weapons test. Yes these circular storms are not normal and they are appearing everywhere.

    My posts on HAARP on David Icke’s Official forums, there are weather maps to go with them. You need to join to view the stuff. They never harass you. My last question about HAARP on the forum was, Did they shut down parts of the grid to get the power to create the super storm?

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Katrina didn’t ‘sit’ over New Orleans, the eye went in over Buras-Triumph, Louisiana (50+ miles from New Orleans) and then again in the Breton Sound/Bay St. Louis area of Mississippi. The reason New Orleans got flooded was because the backside of the storm pushed water from Lake Pontchartrain over the levees.


  • Anonymous

    Ok, first off if you are going to attribute info to Snowden, you had better at least be smart enough to show Snowden talking about this stuff. You failed to show Snowden even mentioning HAARP.
    Second, we can all see that they are screwing with chemtrails and the weather but how can you target a certain individual for assassination out of billions of people under the same weather?
    This was a terribly done video produced by a moron who obviously is just trying to get clicks.

  • unidentified

    they would wipe us out today if they were done with us

  • Болеслава

    What pisses me off is that they can use their technology to prevent hurricanes not make them. :cry:

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Can’t nobody ‘prevent’ hurricanes, sweetheart. :mrgreen:

      • Болеслава

        Nobody with your level of intelligence …….of course they can. They can do anything. they probably even implanted that thought into your brain and you don’t even know it. :lol:

  • Boo

    Quite … quite … quite. Third phase you need to up your vocabulary. Buy a dictionary and see if you can expand your verbiage to the point to can verbalize at least one complete sentence. Snowdon and quite is not a sentence.

  • SouljahBoy

    Heehee….this guy……..when he talks……he talks Christopher Walken

  • FC

    more -
    plus a website to contact officials to shut this all down —

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