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The WikiLeaks Hoax

Monday, September 13, 2010 12:24
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Watching the events of this past 2010 9/11 media propaganda, I cant help but laugh at the people that actually think what you see on TV is an accurate picture of our society. 

Things you have to realize whenever you turn on the TV:
     1.  The Broadcast you are watching are ALL, not some, or half, but ALL are bought and controlled by a corporation that is either directly owned or a subsidiary, loyal not to you, your health, this planet, or your safety.

     2.  ALL, yes ALL of them are owned by 6 individuals that have alliances with Neoconservative political individuals that are pro AIPAC, Israel, and Trilateral Commission.

What does this mean?
You will see the backing of anything anti Muslim, Hamas, or Palestine. 
You will see propaganda in the form of CIA sponsored events, like the following: 9/11 Quran burning, Ground Zero mosque building, marketing of the RFID chip implants, pushing of H1N1 and flu Vaccinations, Fast food ads and anything unhealthy that will keep Americans fat and sick so they will be dependent on medicine and health care.

What you wont see:
The truth about our government, 9/11 events, global warming scam, Thimerosal in the vaccinations, fluoride in the drinking water, Obama’s birth place, population control and the Georgia guide stones, cures for cancer and other diseases., Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg , Bohemian Grove organizations, the planned gun grab, and finally the people who point out these things are not crazy and are gaining increased acceptance, due to the constant outing of the liars in our government.  Just look at the naked body scanner lies they now have to admit to.

Your a fool if you don’t realize Wikileaks is nothing more than a CIA sponsored front to dis-inform and mislead the public.  Do you really think they would get the publicity on mainstream TV if they really were a threat to the establishment?  Don’t be so foolish America.  Wake up, stand up, and fight back by not funding their tyrannical organization any more.

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  • DallasGoldBug

    “I could probably write up a software program to spit out a generic conspiracy article that would look better than this.”

    Well quit baaahhhhaan’ and do it. But this time please make sure to sign your name to it. Spook

  • DallasGoldBug

    “Um….actually Wikileaks has extensive documentation in Bilderberg. You may want to search their site before shooting your mouth off:”

    Um, yes I know this. So whats your point? They have to release something to gain creditability. But the Bilderberg items are nothing more than items that were already public knowledge, so your point is mute. Look at collateral murder, this is a tease put out with all the media hype as part of them trying to gain creditability with the people. But we know its a Perception Management PsyOp, even says so in their “wikileaks report” Thats just one of many different techniques they use to manipulate the masses. Its always used along with their media allies (their words not mine) but you notice NOTHING ever came from the release. No charge for breaking the Geneva Convention’s rules!

    Also its rare that I make counter comments on those who are afraid to sign their names. SPOOK! Keep it coming, I have all day.

  • Gone Fishing

    DGB — the guy is right about the computer program approach to writing this article… There’s no real analysis of Wikileaks and its fake activism. Just “it must be, because CIA, because Bilderberg, because Israel, because RFID” etc. If anything, it confuses people who might’ve been interested in the Wikileaks Farce, and turns off others who are just passing through.

    This is what happens with contentious stories in alt-media: they get dumbed-down or crazied-up. This is another way the skeptical meme is subverted. Another part of the game.

  • Burnt Toast and a Rotten Egg

    I find it hard to tell people that the TV is pure propaganda. It seems like a very personal and private thing for some odd reason. You get the biggest reaction when you accuse someone of watching CNN and they are compelled to spit venom, and say they’d rather hang by their thumbs- “I watch Fox” they boast.

    “Well, aren’t you just ‘neck deep in ass’ informed?”

    I try to tell folks getting your information from TV is like eating a box of packing peanuts to keep you from starving…. sure, your belly is full- but there isn’t anything in there that resembles nutrition.
    If the TV was really there to inform you, the powers that be wouldn’t allow it. Oooo, look…. Dancing Celebrity Surviving Idols is coming on- I love that program.

    keep up the good work, dallas


    Do not look at the man behind the curtain or the people that sit in front of the camera like Beck, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Blitzer, or Tweety Bird Mathews because they will lie to you. They are highly paid and trained CIA propagandists. The Feds pay billions of dollars to push their propaganda through the mainstream media to all the sheeple that will watch and listen. The Corporate owned mainstream media and a lot of our politicians are the puppets of the global elite Banksters that are stealing our treasuries and our futures while they try and get the sheeple all upset about a mosque or a stupid book made of paper and ink. Turn the boob tube off.

  • Anonymous


    Why would info wars link to this garbage? What if anything in your article is news worthy? Seriously? Join the club of naysayers who immediately demonize dissident groups simply because they themselves DO NOTHING.

    “But we know its a Perception Management PsyOp, even says so in their “wikileaks report” Thats just one of many different techniques they use to manipulate the masses.”

    Back up your claims, please….you can’t….you won’t. This is not journalism, this is a joke of a pissing match. Anytime anyone or any organization actually exposes hypocrisy and government crimes, you get people like this who keep the debate from getting any attention. oh but but, it’s a big psy op, everything is psy op, oh boy gee golleee i’m important now!

  • DallasGoldBug

    No problem ANONYMOUS!,_18_Mar_2008

    You make me smile, with your spook thinking. go ahead keep it coming why don’t you put your name to it, like I do?

    • Orly?

      Great job proving Anonymous right.

  • Bad Brad

    Dallas is correct to question why this is receiving Main Stream attention. I believe his conclusion is incorrect. Wikki Leaks is a beacon for freedom of speech, whistle blowers, and all truth movements. It is more likely that “they” intend to set Wikki Leaks up, stage terror based on something posted on their site,
    Then call for a “Treaty” or addition to the one already being worked on, to limit the internet, and freedom of speech world wide.

  • DallasGoldBug

    So important you cant list your name.

  • DallasGoldBug

    I wish you were correct. Not long ago I believe that Wikileaks was the answer we had been hoping for, but after compairing the pentagon quotes pertaining to the Manning leak, it became quite clear that this is a front.

    For example examin the wired piece especially the claims that were reported by Lamo as to Manning involvment. He makes claims to items more so than wikileaks has admitted to having. This is not the important part but it plays a roll in the over all lie. We then see the pentagon issue strang statements verifying items that have not been leaked or even admitted to being in the possession of wikileaks. (ie. the Hillery wires) Now when have you ever seen the government 1. admit to the existance of incriminate documents even before the documents actually are leaked? They don’t admit to thing they don’t have to, and even then you would be lucky to get a straight answer from them. But here they admit to these documents and state how concerned they are if they were released and how much damage it would do. WHATEVER IT DOESN’T HAPPEN LIKE THAT 2. When do you ever see the governemtn take an active dialog in matters concerning an incident that should be under active investigation? All this even before an investigation was even started. In addition they allow the key people involved to run around yapping whatever they want about a case, publishing articles, giving interviews, talking about information that would be vital in prosecuting Manning, but yet there is no concern that it my jeopardize the case? At lease you would see the feds placing Lamo in custody and placing a gag order on him especially from talking about top secret wires. MAYBE THIS HAPPENS IN BIZARRO WORLD BUT NOT HERE.

    You dont! And yet Wikileaks the government, Manning, and Lamo all confirm that wikileaks is in possession of a video far worse than the colateral murder video. Even Assange has said several times they are working on it and getting ready to release it. Again we se the governemt going into spin mode without even denying the tapes existence and dont even try to take assanges passport? Where is this massacre video? I dont think it even exists, and think the pentagon changed their mind and though the Afgan Diary would suit their cause much better.

    Even this we see Assange giving the database to the Washington post for two weeks to review it and they admit to alerting the white house to the database and the white house allowed it to be published. COME ON! You cant tell me it doesn’t stink to high heaven. This is just a couple of MANY MANY questionable more than likely false flags

  • Anonymous

    I’m intrigued that several of you here, including the author, are so paranoid that you won’t listen to exposures of the high quality that Wikileaks puts out. Wow!

    While I certainly agree that the media is bought and paid for, nevertheless, they do occasionally carry certain facts, even though slanted; it after all, makes them money. They have keep some viewers.

    Assange is not in this country, that’s why the US government doesn’t take his passport. And if the information was so bogus, they wouldn’t be trying to hang Bradley Manning, nor would they have kept him in isolation for months in Kuwait. Keep in mind that As soon as Assange landed in Sweden to try to set Wikileaks up there, suddenly there were two women charging rape/assault; the next day the case fell apart and the local prosecutor backed down; the next day, the national prosecutor was back on it full tilt. As a feminist, I won’t dismiss the issue without learning more of the facts, but I have to say, the timing reeks of CIA.

    You’ll have to come up with something concrete before I’ll believe Wikileaks is on the side of the CIA.

  • Anon

    “You’ll have to come up with something concrete before I’ll believe Wikileaks is on the side of the CIA.”

    Wikileaks deny that anything underhanded happened on 9/11, and stick with the mainstream media report that it was planned by Osama Bin Laden and carried out by his minions, with no inside help.

    They take this stance in the face of clear evidence that there was insider trading in the form of ‘puts’ on the two airlines days before 9/11, high levels of thermite being found in the dust, the fact that the plane wouldn’t fit into the hole in the pentagon, building 7, etc. I could keep writing the list of anomolies for hours.

    Wikileaks are not to be trusted, at least not any more.

  • DallasGoldBug

    No problem, you want facts as to them being a front…. Stay tuned for my next story (ill be finished it soon) It will definitely give you something to chew on.

  • DallasGoldBug

    Posted by @Bad Brad on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1:39

  • Anonymous

    I generally only watch live coverage of the floor on CSPAN and baseball and football games, during which I turn off the commercials. Do you think I need to worry that this is owned by a corporation trying to distort my perceptions since I only observe the program feed?


  • DallasGoldBug

    Your joking right? I suppose and ostrich with his head in the sand is far to crafty for the hungry lion. I also guess if you don’t see it coming you wont wast time worrying about what it feels like until its all over. So much for staying informed in case a loved one needs a little assistance, or would they just have to wait till half time, right?

  • terry the censor

    It’s a good thing that people are making up conspiracy theories to entertain us. Baseball season is almost over and I don’t like the NFL.

  • A.K.

    This is exactly why I just got rid of my Time Warner account and will no longer be watching TV. Ever since seeing the documentary “Manufacturing Consent”, I have not trusted a damn thing on the mainstream news. I now no longer watch TV at all and feel like a huge monkey has been taken off my back. Getting rid of your TV is the smartest thing people can do.

  • A.K.

    Another reason I stopped watching TV is: when they switched from analog to digital I got suspicious. There is something very fishy about it. I question whether or not digital programming can somehow alter brain waves and change behavior. I am not alone in this theory. There is a reason they call TV shows “programs”.

  • A.K.

    I was visiting some cousins in France recently who have not had a TV for 30 years. They are some of the most aware, happy, intelligent people I have ever met. They read, listen to music, and occasionally get on the internet for news. Watching them inspired me to get rid of my TV. And when I did, WOW. I feel like I can breathe again. It is a massive relief not to have that talking box (otherwise known as the “Boob Tube” telling you how you should act, live, or what to buy. Ask yourself why it was called the boob tube. It was meant for idiots. They are programming us to buy their ideas through it. Get rid of the TV! Just try it for a month and you will see how freeing it is.

  • Anonymous
    David Rockefeller called for de-industrialization of America in 1969 – Of which is the result of
    The number of people living in poverty in America rose by nearly 4 million to 43.6 million in 2009 — the largest figure in the 51 years for which poverty estimates are available — the Census Bureau said Thursday.
    The bureau said in a statement that the official poverty rate was 14.3 percent, or 1 in 7 of Americans, the highest proportion of the population since 1994.It was the third consecutive annual increase, up from 39.8 million, or 13.2 percent, in 2008 .The bureau added that there were 8.8 million families living in poverty in 2009.
    President Obama, is a puppet tool of the Global Elite to de-assemble America! Re: – This documentary exposes the truth behind President Obama and the story of the people who control him and every other president we have had in the past 100 years. You will see that Obama, like Bush before him is a walking contradiction that is used to push the Council on Foreign Relations agenda that is nothing less than a global goverment.
    Re: – The Elite have trained Republicans and Democrats, that they want to put into the presidency and other government offices as well and some who they have all ready infiltrated into high directory positions throughout America! Those Who Will be Trained to Rule the New World Order Movement Because They Are the Best Puppets Possible Are Carefully Chosen by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Direct heirs will often be set aside from ascending the throne if in their time of training they exhibit frivolity, softness and other qualities that are the ruin of authority, which render them incapable of governing and in themselves dangerous for kingly office. Only those who are unconditionally capable for firm, even if it be to cruelty, direct rule will receive the reins of rule from their learned elders.
    The reasons why, we must vote out, Establishment Government Representatives, whether they are Left or Right – Incumbent or Candidate on these Congressional Elections on November 2, 2010! Get ready to start kicking corrupt butt with your votes & ballots folks! Be sure to have your Top Computer Savoy Security at all Computer Polls and Best Security at ballot boxes!

    Make sure your candidate or incumbent, does not belong to any of the Global Elitist Organizations: Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Canadian Council of Chief Executives,
    Harvard Elite Players, Goldman Sachs, International Monetary Fund, The United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization.
    The reason we must vote out Establishment Government Representatives whether they are Left or Right, Incumbent or Candidate is explained on this 2 minute News Clip below: TWO Party Paradyne System News clip:

  • The Crocker Post

    This is a lot of BS. Some people will believe anything.

  • earthboar

    Almost had me, until the last paragraph about WikiLeaks being a CIA front, and then a later comment about “chem trails.” And where does your information come from? Chem trails reminds me of my crazy landlady who lives her life in fear of every paranoid conspiracy. There are no clouds, they are all chem trails. We can no longer use the internet because Obama has censored it. The mosquito spray is giving her MS. And on it goes. She can’t even live a day without complaining about something, and she doesn’t even watch network news, she would rather immerse herself in the conspiracy network. News is imperfect. No news is less perfect.

  • Avenueoflight

    People know not true history NOR the Scriptures…..
    PROOF: study this!

  • Anonymous

    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” -Mark Twain

    Wikileaks has never “leaked” anything that wasn’t already widely known.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a front group – there are hundreds of front groups often created by marketing and public relations firms – but assuming it’s a CIA apparatus is unfounded.

  • DallasGoldBug

    Posted by earthboar on Saturday, September 18, 2010 8:04 LikeDislikeReport SPAM
    Almost had me, until the last paragraph about WikiLeaks being a CIA front, and then a later comment about “chem trails.”

    First of all Im an Air Force Vet. I know the difference between a con trail and a chem trail. Use you own eyes and lay off the fluoride. As for CIA front, do you see any attempts by any gov agency to request google to remove its links to the site? NO YOU DONT. But you do see the almost 4000 requests for google to remove blogs, web sites, and youtube videos about 9/11 related topics. So ask yourself which one do they see as a threat? They publicly state Wikileaks buy privately peruse 9/11 truth and Obama Birth related sites. Next question, what does 1 + 1 = ? We need to check your logic abilities because you seem to forget that its better to be on alert and informed than to be caught off guard by your own government. I would rather be misinformed as to the point of over caution than to standing outside with my you know what in hand as they cart me off. You people are so quick to label someone paranoid when in fact you don’t even know what the word means (look it up). If you did you wouldn’t be using it to describe people that are on guard or cautions due to previous encounters and known acts of deception resulting in the death of thousands of US citizens. If they have done so in the past they have the propensity to continue their evil until they are forced by the people back into their rightful place as servants of the people.

  • earthboar

    You’ve been huffing too many of your own chem trails. Your rantings are full of invented paranoia. Just like my land lady. You two could entertain each other through the night.

    When I asked her why anyone would want to make “chem trails” she was at a loss for words. The best she could come up with was “patents.” Patents? What the hell is she talking about? What the hell are you talking about? Chem trails? It makes no sense. At least you have concocted a halfway plausible scheme, which is the hallmark of the best paranoid schizophrenics.

  • Avenueoflight

    Earthboar, It is “NOT” my purpose to argue this…
    You should watch the History Channel; for they themselves are NOW openly admitting the Haarp chemtrails / Project Bluebeam as being real!
    The barium and alumininum are used for dual purposes; cancer AND projective purposes. This is what use this in lower G.I’s. for exploratory purposes; also have you drink it(chalk) in the hospital for upper G.I’s. Simple verification actually; type in chemtrails, type in “Project Bluebeam”; it’s all there. Do your homework. It’s all hard to fathom never having been exposed to all this before. it “IS” real! Instead of slamming this man due to lack of knowledge; rather explore it on your own to see if it is possible? that he might be telling the truth. He is btw.
    Lord bless, Avenueoflight

  • earthboar

    “type in chemtrails, type in “Project Bluebeam”; it’s all there.”

    Yes, it’s all there…Obama and 9-11and 2012 and chem trails in the sky, flouride in our drinking water, and the Illuminati at the helm. All neatly rolled into one easy to swallow conspiracy theory.

    At this rate, humans should be extinct. but we’re not, we are actually living longer and more prolific than ever.

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