Are water wars in our very near future? If not, then why is the state of California purposefully depleting our water supply by dumping it into the sea amid a drought crisis?! It’s a good question, because if something isn’t done now to stop this liberal…

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Latest VAERS Data Show Vaccine Injury Trends Continue, CDC Fails to Respond to the Defender’s Inquiries - 56,869 Total Adverse Events Were Reported to VAERS, Including 2,342 Deaths in the US

The United States of America, is on the verge of war…Knowing About This Coming Apocalypse Is The Key To Your Family’s Survival And It’s Only Revealed In This Presentation (All Americans Will Lose Their Home, Income And Power By March 17, 2021)

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The vaccine changes DNA in the recipient.

Even as the country implodes . . . . . .

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Killing Your Liberties With Laws. (And How So Many Of Our Best Gave Some, And How Some…Gave All… For Our Liberty. Then Make Your Decision. Are You Really An American Patriot? Or Not?)

Impeaching Trump Was A Distraction From The Real Scandal: Hunter Biden- The media’s sudden about-face on covering Joe’s son reminds us that this was all about politics.