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What is the idea for Before It's News?

As we were following the 2008 election, we noticed something very interesting -- bloggers covered many of the breaking stories days before the alphabet soup news outlets (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, AP, MSNBC, FOX, etc.).


Important facts were omitted or ignored by the mainstream media mainly because these facts inconveniently do not fit into the memes these outlets routinely promote. In other words, there is a strong bias amongst most corporate media outlets.


Think for a moment where mainstream media gets their news...from press releases, from events and other specialized sources. 


Many times, these sources are also publicly available -- for example from press releases, government and university web sites and individuals with access and knowledge of newsworthy events. 


Yes, journalists do investigative work to look at the facts, ask important questions and usually try to get both sides of each story, but sadly, this is becoming less frequent as the advertising revenue sources for newspapers and broadcast media have dwindled.


It turns out that most stories are actually given to them by people who want to get the news out to the world. We thought to ourselves, why not create a way for the people with the news, the sources, to get it out to the world without the middleman screening out all the good bits?


We had also noticed the way technology was changing the way people got their news. Newspapers get lots of nasty black newsprint all over your hands and when compared with the internet, it's so yesterday. There isn't a story in a newspaper that wasn't on the internet 12 hours before. 


While real time, cable TV is an endless parade of ads and foolish pundits that sound like an echo chamber for their ideologies. Only the internet and mobile phone revolution will enable People Powered News and let people see the whole truth, unfiltered. That's our goal.

What is Before It's News?

Your first experience with Before It's News was probably viewing a story someone had contributed, or you found our Front Page. We are a news utility -- an internet platform that enables the hosting and distribution of any kind of news, worldwide. With Before It's News, you don't need a web site, blog, or anything, just get a free account and post your story. It will get out through all the major search engines.

Who is behind Before It's News?

A team of experienced professionals. Our expertise in cutting edge internet business models and highly scalable, high traffic web sites ensures you'll get top performance from Before It's News. We are assembling a team of editors and writers, please email [email protected] if you are interested.

Can anyone post a story at Before It's News?

Yes. You'll need an account and a good story, that's all -- it's completely free to post (except for promotional stories, which have a modest fee for posting).

To all of the digital warriors and YouTubers, citizen reporters and whistleblowers, open an account and begin sharing stories which matter. You are invited to openly share your thoughts and ideas, express your beliefs and positions on events of the world or on those happening in your own backyard. With censorship tightening all across the Internet, from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, all content creators are invited to utilize our site to share their stories with our unique organic audience of over 4 million visitors each month. Express Yourself Today!