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Surviving in a Venezuelan City: “You Have No Clue About How People Really Are When They Are Faced With Hunger”
Surviving in a Venezuelan City: “You Have No Clue About How People Really Are When They Are Faced With Hunger”
This article was originally published by J.G. Martinez D. at The Organic Prepper Surviving in a Venezuelan city is a lot different than it is in a country retreat. Each location has its own problems and benefits. I wrote before about the dangers of rural retreats and today I will write about the...
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News Headlines From Today 1/19/19 - Posted by Sun Tzu
In The Face Of Pure Evil - JFK Jr Returns From Exile As He Takes Revenge for Father's Assassination and Surprise Stomps Dagger Into Heart of Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate - JFK Jr Then Decapitates Pure Evil With A Magic Sword, Fulfilling 55 Year Path To Avenge Father, President JFK - Deep State Shills Scream In Horror - Blogger (AKA Google) Censors Public Comments and Blogger Statistics - Severed Head of de facto corporation "United States" Reels In Horror and Gasps For Final Breath - New Mind Blowing Qanon Revelations, Last Updated 1/19/19 - DON'T WALK, RUN!
TRUMP WALL Shutdown - CIVIL WAR Is Coming!