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The Fake Science Of Global Warming
The Fake Science Of Global Warming
Francis Menton sticks it to the global warming lobby, good and hard: If you follow closely the subject of hypothesized human-caused global warming, you probably regularly experience, as I do, a strong sense of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, you read dozens of pieces from seemingly authoritative media sources,...
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Q: DC Mysterious Military OP, Epstein Govt Aircraft, Bones Beneath Vatican
Q News - Secret Operation: Secret Military Operations Cause PANIC IN DC? - Video
China Lake/Ridgecrest: Super Volcano Forming, Emergency Water Releases From Reservoirs, And More
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Thousands of Bones From Dozens of Humans Discovered at Vatican in Search for Missing Teen
 5G - HAARP - Artificial intelligence deadly effects on humanity - Cuba 'sonic attacks' changed people's brains.
Facility for Migrant Children Closing Weeks After Opening