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The Tap is a blog fed by many independent writers. The blog started as a one man band, but has grown over five years and transformed into a forum, many sending in their stories either anonymously or with a pen name. Not everyone who has a story to tell wants their name out in public.
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Migrants appear to be above the law? 35
EU on Tuesday Mar 31 2020 05:00
Heart Warming Sight - Burning 5G Cell Towers 4847
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 17:01
‘We’re Living in 12 Monkeys’ 321
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 15:24
The COVID-19 Epidemic Is 100% Fraud 3094
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 13:37
Lockdown threat to jobs. High street names collapse. 42
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 08:38
Get us back to work please 29
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 07:17
Dr Fakey admits. Time to turn the economy back on. 50
EU on Monday Mar 30 2020 06:12
‘coronavirus False Flag’ 326
EU on Sunday Mar 29 2020 19:30