By Greg Hunter’s Today, I am doing something different for the Wrap-Up. I have brought in Dr. Dave Janda of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” to talk about the week’s top stories. The Wrap-Up is more in the form of a discussion and not the normal presentation.The confirmation
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Newest Stories

X22Report Plans Are In Place To Take Down The Entire Central Banking Apparatus - Episode 1671a - YouTube

May not end well

China Continues To Dump U.S. Treasuries

Copper Is Suddenly Breaking Bullish

Evidence the Housing Bubble Is Bursting?: “Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices at the Highest Rate in at Least Eight Years”

Gerald Celente: Fed May Bring Down the Economy, Crash Markets

Wasting the Lehman Crisis: What Was Not Saved Was the Economy

A Most Unusual and Interesting Gold Market

Economic cold war may be coming. And Baroness De Rothschild warns Trump

The Gathering Storm In The Treasury Market

This Deflationary Bull Market Is Ending

Gold Will Shine During The Next Financial Crisis

Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits New Highs On Positive Economic Data

Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up: Kavanaugh Triggers Dems, Declassified – Deep State Panic, Obama Trump Meeting Revealed - Video

Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling a Home

China Rolling Out ‘Social Credit’ System That Makes Them The First Nation In The World To Implement a True 1984-Style Government

Are real wages lower than 40 years ago

Dalio Warns of Dollar Crisis – “History Is Doomed to Repeat Itself” +Video

JP Morgan: What the Next Financial Crisis Will Look Like

What Keeps Them up at Night

The Dollar Is Dumping as Bond Rout Spreads

Is This The Best Buying Point For Gold In 25 Years?

How Politics Poisoned the Earth

The Reset Begins as JP Morgan Harbors a Dangerous Secret Now Leaked by Insider

How Public Pension Liabilities Are Becoming Public Threats

10 Years Later, a Debt Crisis Is Building Again

X22Reports: Deep State Playbook Activated by Hidden Messages in Tweets! Plus Banking System Being Used for Criminal Activity - Faith in the Central Banks Economic System Erodes (Videos)

X22Report: Central Banks Begin to Panic, Plan Is on Track - Video

The Beginning of the End of the Dollar

“The End of Empire and End of Fiat Currencies” +Silver Guru Video