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Fernando Botero: Colombia's Master of Magnification

6390Hz - Destroys Negativity in & Around You (May Give You the Feeling Time Has Stopped) Video

432hz - Regenerate Whole Body, Heal Joints - Improve Brain & DNA - Emotional and Physical Healing (Video)

Frequency of God 963 Hz - Attract Miracles, Blessings and Great Tranquility into Your Entire Life (Video)

Inside Tattootopia: The Heart of Denham Springs’ Tattoo Art Scene

Music Reduces Insomnia • Deep Sleep Due to Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Video)

Indian Paint

The Loaded Dog

Evening Heron


Pool Lab

International Cultural Arts and Food Fusion Festival

The Hollow Men. TSElliot.

Words as Art Supplies

BIG New Paintings!


Silver Bee

Boris and Natasha

Wild Horse in Snow Flurries

Australian Idol. 2024. Fantastic talent being decimated by a rigged vote

In Their Shoes: A Photographic Journey Through People's Lives via Their Footwear

Unveiling the Power of Custom Art: A Journey Through Memories and Emotions 🎨✨

Consuming Social Media, or Creating Art

IMS Comfortable in My Skins Conference# and Girls Night Out!

Championing Creativity: The Power of Supporting Small Businesses and Local Artists

Ink and Identity: How American Traditional Tattoo Flash Shapes Personal Style

Live Painting and (Online) Art Auction for Forecast Public Art

Bumble Bee Watercolor

My Favorite Pencil and Graphite Drawing Supplies

Jess' Boat

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