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Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 4 by Elizabeth Trutwin, May 20, 2013
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 16:14
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Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Parts 1, 2 and 3 by Elizabeth Trutwin

Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 4 by Elizabeth Trutwin, May 20, 2013

New Paradigm for Earth

Science unravels the mystery of nature. Far too long we have been held captive by stories of traveling the speed of light and locked in by petroleum propulsion for our planes, trains and automobiles. As we found out at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure from Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. Thomas Valone, Dr. Steven Greer and witnesses from more than ten countries, the extraterrestrial sciences seen in space defy what we understand in physics. What is less often being told is that our science is using Zero Point Energy for propulsion and many other wonders but is being suppressed by our military industrial complex by force. This is one of the obstacles to announcing Disclosure. How do we tell Congressmen that all they have believed in, the lies they fell for based on ignorance held back our civilization from having advanced technologies and free energy? So much has been withheld that caused a lot of misery for billions of people. We will all have to forgive ourselves for not demanding the truth be told. The science we bank on today is not even one percent of the mystery of nature. This is a Cosmic Crisis because Earth depends so much on other Planets and the Civilizations which live there. The Extraterrestrials who work to help liberate Earth from a state of ignorance look forward to sharing their science which is 1 million to 100 million years ahead of what we now know. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was a purification preparing for the abundance to come. Preparation, renewal and a reminder of the fulfillment of those whose work it is to bring bliss to Earth.

Mischief in the Making

Some where along the line we began believing gold is the main vehicle for wealth. In this world everything else has devalued. Gold today represents wealth. Those making money since 1972 based on the petroleum economy of Earth have 100s of millions of dollars – much of it socked away in off shore accounts – more than they could ever spend – and they refuse to let go of $10 million dollars to change everything. St Germain and others have given an invitation to those with excessive wealth to open the path to liberation for the whole Planet and as of this writing they continue to refuse. Everything has become distorted. Once the invitation is extended to help then the karma becomes that of the wealthy One who refuses to help. Granting Earth the hand up clears the karma for those caught up in the Star Wars of thousands of years ago. It is an honor not to be missed.

When we have Full Galactic Disclosure then we must face up to Earthsʻ long history of engaging with Extraterrestrials. There was a period from around the 1920s to the 2009 when Extraterrestrial abductions, mutilations and hybrid implantations were widely experienced by millions of people. Back then our governments went into treaties to allow these things to happen without interference in exchange for advanced technologies. This happened due to greed of a few and this is where the money was

911 At The Pentagon – Defense Accounting Computers Destroyed By Missile Attack

made. It came through private companies building new technologies and gaining the boon to selling these technologies to countries over all Earth.

Understand. In order to implement these clandestine cooperatives new laws were written to support these activities directly. Laws effecting banks, education, medicine, governments, currencies, land ownership, illicit drugs, our militaries and intelligence were written to keep the Secret Space Program functioning while hiding the technology and the money laundering from public scrutiny. The night before NESARA Law was to be announced Donald Rumsfeld the then Secretary of Defense went on ABC news to announce that 2.3 Trillion dollars ʻhad gone missingʻ. The next day on September 11, 2001 a missile was directed into the Pentagon building and hit the servers where the military finance accounting was stored on large computers. April Gallop took this issue to court suing Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Meyers for endangering those at the Pentagon. President Bushʻs cousin John Walker heard the case in the Second Circuit which was eventually dismissed. There was never a plane at the Pentagon. There has been a deep, deep and far reaching across the board refusal to allow the truth to come out. This is why it is called The Truth Embargo. We are seeing in the news now the IRS is coming under attack, the bribed bank officials in China are under fire, The media AP have been exposed, Eric Holder and Ben Bernanke are being held to task by Elizabeth Warren for Too Big To Jail, CIA and FBI members have been killed in different ways – all players who have kept these secrets can no longer run and hide. They are turning on each other.

President Obama hugs Gabby Giffords after her presentation to Congress in 2013 asking for legislation on gun control.

The Truth Is Very Difficult

On April 17, 2013 an explosive wrapped in
ceramics was dropped from the International Space
Station. The Blast registered 2.1 on the Richters Scale. It was reported on 911 as ʻa bomb explodedʻ. There were
multiple buildings around
there that were leveled and there was a large crater left where the bomb hit. Immediately following this a false flag went out in Boston to cover over any speculation in West, Texas that a bomb was dropped in a place where an explosion could be perceived. Boston was a Black Op and was a diversion to take our attention off the fact that the United States had been bombed by the United States. Why? We do not fully know and it is still being investigated. The Citizen Hearing testimony made it clear that decades of information has been suppressed which would explain these relationships between those representing the United States and the Citizens who have given away their power.

Even as this is hard to receive we have evidence that something on the International Space Station is not as it appears. We know the Altimarians work with our Earth Scientists on joint projects as well as Extraterrestrials from other places. Gabrielle Giffords, former Congresswoman from Arizona had appointments on these committees when she was shot in the head: Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, Subcommittee on Readiness, Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics (Ranking Member) Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation. She also is married to Astronaut Mark Kelly who was Commander of ISS a number of times and whose twin brother Astronaut Scott Kelly was the current Commander of ISS January 8, 2011, the day Gabby was

shot where six others died in the mass shooting. Mark and Scott and Gabby are White Knights. Disclosure will tell us what they knew about the mischief happening on the multiple International Space Stations using Extraterrestrial technology to go deep in Space and bring back high dollar payloads to the private companies and Secret Space Program benefitting from the withheld technologies.

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

All over the internet are paid disinformation agents, CIA Agents infiltrated into the media and false stories so it is very difficult to know what is true. Often horrific stories are told which have no truth at all and there is no way to verify them. Many dubious plans have been hatched over the years by those still wanting control over the StarGates, still waging wars for that control and wanting control over natural resources on Earth to trade in deep Space.

The Galactic Federation Is Here Now Helping Us

Those in the Ashtar Command have been helping us from many points in Space, the Pleiades, Niburu, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri and many other Civilizations with technologies vastly greater than ours. The Wing Maker Ships and Pleiadian MotherShips help us with environmental disasters and mitigating effects to the Poles

preventing a shift. There are also Sun Cruiser Ships which are massive beyond your belief. These have been seen on youtubes driving past the Sun and seemingly pulling energy out of the Sun.

After many years of observing nuclear weapons proliferation on Earth Ashtar and the Legions of Light made a permanent change to Earthʻs atmosphere rendering all nukes useless. On April 22, 1999 Ashtar using two Sun Cruisers hurled two balls of light into our Sun Sol and this changed it from hydrogen based to helium based rendering all nuclear weapons duds. No nuclear weapon discharged since then has had an atmospheric effect. These technologies are millions of years advanced to what we know now.

Galactic Intervention in the form of Clones and Holograms has been a dispensation to help us move toward Disclosure since Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. Russia in the X17 facility in Siberia and the United States in Area 51 have had cloning programs. They have been used by the dark and the light. A portion of the persons original DNA is used. When it is time a remote control will shut down these clones and holograms and they will no longer exist on this timeline. When this happens the solutions will have been put into place for Disclosure, for our economies, governments and religious organizations. Last week BBC news in the UK featured advances in human cloning on the front page of their newspaper. These articles are to help us ease into the very difficult stories which will come out with Full Galactic Disclosure. Only around 65 of 535 United States Congress are still human. The others are either solid holograms or clones and that explains why they have no soul and will not move forward to change things. These Clones and Holograms are controlled by the KOS. The war criminals have been removed from power and when it is time their stand-in will be turned off. The arrests are complete now whether we are aware of it reported to the public or not.

These pictures from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory show the three X-class flares that the sun emitted in under 24 hours on May 12-13, 2013.

This Week A Very Large Operation Was Averted with Help From The Sun Cruiser Ships From The Ashtar Command

A failed and very elaborate operation from the International Space Station was planned during this period of an immense influx of light between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 25, 2013, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 10, 2013 and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which will be the Wesak Full Moon on May 25, 2013. The result of the intervention by the Highest Forces of Lights utilizing the Sun Cruiser Ships again were four massive CMEs launched from the Sun. These Extraterrestrials helping in this are human Galactics. They live on the Ships, not on Earth, though many have had incarnations on Earth. Some are of the Angelic Realms, some are from other Stars, some are Ascended Masters. These Extraterrestrials are our Galactic Family and we are a Galactic Civilization. When we accomplish World Peace with the enactment of NESARA Law we become eligible to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds as the 33rd Member and participate as Galactic Members at the Galactic Round Table. We have been preparing for this a very long time. The CME blasts were felt on Earth about 48 hours after leaving the Sun. This was an organized and coordinated effort from the Ashtar Command which purpose was to effectively strengthen the electromagnetic grids around Earth and create a force effecting the tetrahedral core of Earth found at 19.5 degrees within Earth where the Earth Crystals of Arkansas and other places are engaging in their new role inside the mountains there. This process helps Earthsʻ stability in the physical realm. This process is preparing for a Zero Point Energy forcefield created by the grid of energy becoming activated between the Earthʻs Pyramids, Ziggurats, Obelisks, StarGates and Zero Point Modulators (ZPMs). Within this forcefield no mischief will longer be possible.

El Hierro island in the Canaries off the shores of Morocco had a large crack in the seabed under the Island going back to the nuclear explosion which destroyed the Earth Crystal during the time of Atlantis. Many who are incarnated now have returned to work out the karma associated with that event. Back then during a power struggle the Palaces of China were the target for nuclear destruction. We are playing out these scenarios today. We play with the idea of nuclear war with North Korea, South Korea and China. The nuclear destruction during the time of Atlantis 5000 years ago left a seven mile deep hole and great cracks in the floor of the ocean. Continents sunk. The one that was a very
big fissure came from the Bermuda Triangle,
where the Crystal was shattered, all across
t he Atlantic Ocean to the Azores in the Canary Islands.These land masses today are rising and a great island is being formed by volcanic activity under the Canary Islands. If the volcano which is under great pressure blows at El Hierro it could complete the large fissure which would effect changes in Florida and all the way up the East Coast into Newfoundland. The only way this could happen would be if the dark Ops were allowed to use the technology they have on the International Space Station.

The release of the four CMEs in two days from the Sun through the technology on the Sun Cruisers averted the attack planned from the International Space Station which could have caused major trauma for thousands in the United States. It would have been like being struck by ʻKatrinaʻ and ʻSandyʻ at the same time with massive flooding and destruction. An event such as this could have diverted plans for Disclosure for an unacceptable amount of time. The operation has been successfully cancelled.

Connect The Dots

This Video Links NESARA, 911, and Disclosure. Witnessed by U.S. Major General Albert (Bert) Newton Stubblebine III, U.S. Army, retired. Last job – In Charge of All Army Strategic Intelligence Forces Around The World. George W. Bush sat there in the classroom after his Chief of Staff told him the U.S. was “under attack” he just sat there continuing to read with the children for several minutes.

KOS was in the room with him watching the

largest psychological attack on the world ever.

Dick Cheney Was in Colorado on 911 at the NSA Astronaut Headquarters inside the mountain across from Air Force Academy and he Ordered the Air Defense Systems in NYC and D.C. turned OFF.

THEN he flew to D.C. and took his place in the White House 50 stories underground with NSA operatives while he commanded with a joystick the Missiles which hit the Twin Towers while “W” was with Jeb in Florida.
This was the morning Alan Greenspan was going to Announce NESARA Law Provisions in Public and the North Tower held the Computers on Floor 1 & 2 which would have changed us over to Treasury Bills throughout the Banks. Has NESARA been enacted then we would have achieved World Peace – no more war. No trouble.

Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture

Now that the small “d” disclosure event has come to pass April 29th – May 3rd in Washington D.C. and all the testimony has been shared with former members of Congress we are prepared for big “D” Disclosure which will be President Obama with his Military and Intelligence representatives announcing to the world that the United States has engaged with Extraterrestrials. If another Head of State from another Country goes first President Obama will have to follow quickly behind and miss his chance at being The Disclosure President. At least thirteen other Countries Air Forces all have video tapes from their Fighter Gun Video Mounts with indisputable evidence that the United States and other governments have engaged with Extraterrestrials. It is time now for an official Announcement to the public and delaying it is very foolish for those involved who will be held accountable. Twelve years after 911 preempted enactment of NESARA Law public Announcements will begin the Economic and National Security Reformation. When you watched the testimony from these very brave men who are aged and have kept their secrets for a lifetime – did you contemplate what would have kept Disclosure from happening sooner? It wasnʻt the Nazi Extraterrestrial Crafts reported to Eisenhower by the CIA. It wasnʻt time traveling War Criminals traveling through rifts in time. It wasnʻt Alien Abductions or 911. Those events are greatly important but it is so much more!

Disclosure, Announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law happen simultaneously. This will raise the collective consciousness of all on Earth. Everyone will be able to handle the Truth. We have been slowly prepared for a dozen years now. We are at a cross roads now that the final dubious plan has been averted by The Extraterrestrials working to free Earth from tyranny. It wonʻt be long now. Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved., http://,

Listen to 911 Witnesses to Bomb dropped on West, Texas here: http://

Hi Everybody! I have built the NEW As soon as I am done loading information from I will forward all other sites to the new site. Please let me know your thoughts. Email me any questions you have [email protected] I have discontinued my radio program for now because the financing is no longer available. I am looking into other free alternatives now and I will keep you updated. In the last week on air I interviewed Stephen Bassett, Senator Gravel, Ron Garner and Gary Heseltine. I am youtubing these now and will send them along in an email very soon. With these tasks behind me I am finishing the full transcripts of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and those will be available immediately. With these many tasks behind me I will finish the two books I have promised which were well into production at the beginning of April before I left town for some weeks. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has made it so that I will never be the same again. With the testimony out there for all to see I feel no one on Earth will ever be the same again. If you have not yet witnessed the testimony you may do so at for $3.80 It is not to be missed! I will start to catch up on emails and schedule readings again tomorrow. Sending All My Love, beth

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信息披露,公告及NESARA大图片部分由伊丽莎白Trutwin 4,二○一三年五月二十○日




沿线一些地方我们开始相信黄金是财富的主要手段。在这个世界上,一切已经贬值。今日黄金代表财富。那些赚钱,自1972年以来,根据地球的石油经济有数百千万美元 – 其中大部分是嵌远离断岸账户 – 超过他们可能曾经花 – 和他们拒绝让1000万美元去改变一切。圣日耳曼和其他人发出邀请那些过多的财富,为整个地球和写这篇文章,他们仍然拒绝打开路径解放。一切都变得扭曲。一旦邀请延伸到帮助因果报应变得富裕谁拒绝帮助。授予地球的手清除那些陷入了几千年前的“星球大战”的业力。这是一个不容错过的荣誉。


911在五角大楼 – 防御会计电脑摧毁导弹攻击


理解。为了实现这些秘密合作社新的法律被写入直接支持这些活动。影响银行,教育,医药,政府,货币,土地所有权,非法药物,我们的军队和情报的法律被写,以保持秘密太空计划的运作,而​​隐藏技术和洗钱公众的监督。晚上前NESARA法律是当时的国防部长唐纳德·拉姆斯菲尔德宣布了在ABC新闻,宣布了2.3万亿美元不翼而飞。第二天,9月11日,2001年的导弹直接进入五角大楼大楼,并击中了军事财务会计存储在大型计算机服务器。 4月快操了这个问题向法院起诉切尼,拉姆斯菲尔德和理查德·迈尔斯危及那些在五角大楼。听到布什总统的表弟约翰·沃克的情况下在第二巡回最终被驳回。从来没有在五角大楼一个平面。已经有一个很深很深的和深远的影响全线拒绝让真相出来。这就是为什么它被称为真理禁运。我们看到的新闻,现在国税局受到攻击,贿赂银行官员在中国是下火,媒体AP已经暴露,埃里克·霍尔德和美联储主席伯南克正在举行伊丽莎白·沃伦任务过大监狱,中央情报局和联邦调查局人员被杀害以不同的方式 – 所有球员保持这些秘密可以不再运行和隐藏。他们正在转向对方。




即使这是很难接受,我们有证据表明,在国际空间站上的东西是不是因为它出现。 “我们知道的Altimarians工作与我们的地球科学家联合项目以及来自其他地方的外星人。来自亚利桑那州前众议员加布里埃尔吉福兹,这些委员会的任命,当她被枪击中头部:上三军,战术空军和地面部队小组委员会,小组委员会准备就绪,科学委员会,空间和技术委员会小组委员会关于空间和航空(排名会员)小组委员会的技术和创新。她也结婚宇航员马克·凯利是国际空间站的指挥官的次数和其孪生兄弟宇航员斯科特·凯利是目前国际空间站的指挥官,2011年1月8日,这一天饶舌







经过多年的观察地球上阿斯塔和光军团核武器扩散一个永久改变地球大气层,使所有核武器没用。 1999年4月22日,阿斯塔两个孙巡洋舰投掷到我们的太阳海岸,这两个光球改变了它从氢到氦基于渲染所有核武器哑弹。自那时以来已排出无核武器有一个大气的效果。这些技术是先进的,我们现在知道数百万年。

银河干预在克隆和全息图的形式已经免除,以帮助我们走向谐波收敛披露自1987年8月。俄罗斯在西伯利亚和美国的51区X17设施有​​克隆计划。他们已经使用黑暗和光明。的人的原始DNA的一部分被使用。当它的时间遥控器将关闭这些克隆和全息图,他们将不再存在于这个时间表。当发生这种情况的解决方案已经到位披露,为我们的经济,政府和宗教组织。上周在英国BBC新闻精选克隆人类的进步,他们的报纸的头版上。这些文章是来帮助我们缓解将拿出完整的银河披露进入非常困难的故事。只有约65 535美国国会仍然是人类。别人是固体全息图或克隆,这可以解释为什么他们有没有灵魂,将无法前进改变的事情。这些克隆和全息图控制科斯。战犯从电源已被删除,当它是时间,他们的立场,将被关闭。逮捕完成,现在我们是否意识到它的报告向公众或不。



一个失败的和非常复杂的操作一个巨大的涌入光之间的满月月食在此期间,2013年,4月25日的新月日食从国际空间站计划,2013年5月10日的满月月食这将是2013年5月25日卫塞满月。灯利用太阳巡洋舰船舶的最高力量的干预,结果再次从Sun推出的四个巨大的日冕物质抛射。帮助这些外星人是人类的银河。他们住在船舶,而不是地球上的,尽管许多人已经在地球上的化身。有些是天使的国度,有些是从其他恒星,有些是扬升大师。这些外星人是我们银河系的家庭,我们是银河文明。当我们完成了世界和平与制定法NESARA我们成为有资格参加星际世界联合会第33届会员参加银河银河圆桌成员。我们一直在为这是一个很长的时间做准备。 CME爆炸被认为地球上约48小时后离开太阳。这是一个有组织和协调的努力从阿斯塔命令目的是要切实加强围绕地球电磁电网,并创建一个影响力在19.5度的地球内部地球晶体的阿肯色州和其他地方都从事发现地球的四面体核心他们的新角色里面的山外有山。这个过程有助于地球稳定在物理领域。这个过程是准备一个零点能量力场的能量由电网创建成为地球的金字塔,通灵塔,方尖碑,星际之门和零点调制器(ZPMS)之间激活。在这个力场没有恶作剧将不再成为可能。




此视频链接NESARA,911,及披露。亲历美国少将伟业(BERT)牛顿斯塔布尔宾III美国陆军退役。最近的工作 – 在世界各地的所有陆军战略情报部队负责。乔治·W·布什在课堂上坐在那里后,他的参谋长告诉他,美国是“​​受到攻击”他只是坐在那里继续读几分钟与孩子。



这是早上席格林斯潘要宣布NESARA法律规定,在公共和北塔上的计算机楼1&2,这将改变我们国库券整个银行。已颁布NESARA然后我们会实现世界和平 – 不再有战争。没有麻烦。


现在,小“D”披露事件来传递4月29日至5月3日在华盛顿与前国会议员和所有的证词已被分享,我们愿意为大“D”披露,这将是美国总统奥巴马与他的军事和情报的代表宣布,美国从事与外星人的世界。如果国家从另一个国家的另一头去第一任总统奥巴马将不得不迅速跟进背后,怀念他的机会,在披露总统。至少13个其他国家的空军都有录像带无可争辩的证据表明,美国和其他国家的政府都从事与外星人从他们的战斗机枪视频支架。现在是时候正式向公众公布,并,拖延对于那些参与的人将被追究责任,这是非常愚蠢的。 12年后911将开始抢占制定的NESARA法公布的经济和国家安全改革。当你看了证词,这些勇敢的男人谁是岁,并保持他们的一生的秘密 – 你考虑会保持什么发生越早披露?这不是艾森豪威尔报告由美国中央情报局的纳粹外星工艺品的。这是不是时间旅行穿越裂痕时间的战犯。这是不是外星人绑架或911。这些事件有很大的重要的,但它是这么多!



嗨,大家好!我已经建立了新的http://GalacticRoundTable.net只要我完成加载信息从http://GalacticRoundTable.org我会把所有新网站的其他网站请让我知道您的想法。发送邮件给我任何问题,你有[email protected]我现在已经停产了我的电台节目,因为融资不再可用。我期待到等免费的替代品,现在,我将让你更新。在上周对空气,我采访了斯蒂芬·巴塞特,砾石参议员罗恩·加纳和加里·赫塞尔廷。我现在youtubing这些会送他们很快在一封电子邮件中。随着我身后的这些任务,我整理充分的公民听证会笔录披露和那些将立即可用。随着我身后的这些很多任务,我将完成两本书,我已经答应了,四月开始投入生产之前,我离开镇几个星期。公民听证会披露,这样我就永远是相同的再次。所有的证词有看,我觉得地球上没有人将永远不会一样了。如果您还没有目击证词,你可以这样做 3.80美元,这是不容错过的!我将开始,明天再赶上电子邮件和日程安排读数。发送我所有的爱,贝丝

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