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10 Images That May Change Your Mind on Climate Change

Why Doesn’t ‘Climate Change’ Exist in Florida?

What Are the Most Dangerous Natural Hazards? You May Be Surprised!

Met Office Issue UK Three Month Winter Forecast

WOW: Incredible Tsunami Wave Amplitude Photograph of M7.7 Canada Earthquake

BREAKING: John O'Sullivan: Michael Mann in Perjury Sensation: Nobel Committee Affirm He Lied: Updated with YouTube

Proof of what Piers Corbyn said about the weather in the UK at the end of October

AGW Mistake Disclosed by Dan Pangburn P.E. guest post at

MUST SEE YOUTUBE: Frontline: Climate of Doubt: Updated by Roy Spencer & Joseph Bast

Daily Quake: Second M6+ Earthquake Recorded After Solar Flare

James Delingpole: Freedom of speech is deader in Australia

Solar Cycle 24...Story so far indicates the world is heading for either a Cool or Cold period, NOT Warm and Hot!

David Rose: The REALLY inconvenient truths about global warming. Last week we explosively revealed a 16-year 'pause' in rising temperatures - triggering a bitter debate. You decide what the real facts are...

Solar Climate Change: Earth-orbiting satellites detect an impulsive M9-class solar flare TODAY!

Lord Monckton: Sea Ice: An Open Letter to Jeremy Paxman of the BBC

Joe Bastardi: Euro temps going into wintery tank as the arctic presses its agenda. Coldest start to Nov in many a year shaping up

WOW: Search for alien life about to step up a gear by Chris Wickham (Reuters)

Front Page News: UK Winter may be coldest in a century

MUST LISTEN: Climategate Revisited: BBC Radio 4 31st October

Prof. Judith Curry on 16 year global temps: ' Nothing in Met Office's statement...effectively refutes Rose's argument there has been no increase in global avg. surface temps for past 16 years'

UK Winter to be colder than normal as chances of white Christmas increase by WeatherWeb

Jonathan DuHamel: Claim: Global warming causes Arctic ice to melt and Antarctic ice to increase

A Graph To Debunk AGW: David Rose: Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it

MUST SEE YOUTUBE: Hitler's Reaction to the Watts Study (still on YouTube!)

Solar activity and weather discussion with Joe Bastardi and Piers Corbyn (via twitter)

Steven Goddard: Antarctic Ice Causing DishonestyTo Expand

Solar Climate Change: Public Warning: Europe is given "Extreme Event" Warning for Next Week

Solar Climate Change: Public Warning Issued as Earth goes through "Major" Solar/Lunar Periods

Paul Hudson: A step forward in forecasting cold winters?: Updated by Piers Corbyn

Global Climate Warming Stopped 15 Years Ago, UK Met Office Admits

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