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Gods a Monster or we Live in a Simulation

Joke of the Day from Pinehurst, NC!!!! ROCKWATCH!!!!


The Democrats of Oz - Hilarious Video

Trump Roasts Democrats! - Barack Obama Separated Parents From Their Kids but Donald Trump Is Blamed! - Hilarious Video!

Dad from viral babbling baby video explains where idea came from

A Special Hi From AOC - Video :)

Kaitlin Bennett Bill of Rights quiz on the beach…

Ms. Black Hollywood and the Break Dancing Bandit?!

Free Speech Ban

Top 10 Funny Clips Must Laugh Comedy Video by Funny Vines Laugh loud

SNC-Lavalin Scandal: Justin Trudeau's Exit Strategy (Afghan Wedding Singer 2.0)

Mike Pence, Speaks Spanish, Loves Taco Bell

Con Man Trump, in a 1958 TV Western, Build the Wall

Keep Calm It's The End - EP2: A Recipe for World Peace

Someone Returned $90,000 From Brinks Truck Highway Cash Spill

Little Shop of Horrors (Halloween 2018)

Burglar Cooks Eggs, Washes Clothes, Showers And Refuses To Leave

WARNING, Massive Deformities and Side Effects from Drinking dr Meno’s Guanabana Wine.

I AM Spartacus ...hysterical

A gun confiscation finally goes into effect and police are going door-to-door. Your home is next — what do you do?

Independence Day 2018

Rappers Killed in 2018: A List of Musicians Who Died Too Soon

Undercover Police Posing as Drug Buyers Arrested by Undercover Police Posing as Drug Dealer

Three Minutes and Forty Seconds of Nonsense

She Refuses to Leave Her Dorm Room

Enough: Trump Fires Back

Cartoon: Trump's official presidential portrait on his golden toilet

Sen. Reed's Odd Questions to Intel Chiefs

Unedited Narration of Schiff Spoof Story

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