Lynette Zhang Alert! My COMPLETE Forecast On Silver Price Explained! In this video, I’ll enlighten my audience about silver and gold, featuring insights from Chris Vermeulen. We’ll delve into topics such as silver bullion, gold and silver news, current silver news, gold investment strategies…

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The Jews Apparently Bombed Iran. Iran Says It’s Not a Big Deal and Maybe Didn’t Happen at All. (Fog of War and So On.) [UPDATE: Hoax Confirmed]

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Author of Report Critical of Transgender ‘Medicine’ told Not to Travel on Public Transport over Security Concerns

Lost to ‘climate anxiety’: A whole generation

Which Major City Will Completely Collapse First – Los Angeles, Chicago Or New York City?

Treasonous U.s. Congress: Bought & Bribed, Blackmailed & Extorted

What is an ATAR and what does this have to do with income?

Market Preview - Week of April 21

New Study Shows Gender Dysphoria Wanes Between Adolescence and Adulthood; Vindicating ‘Detransitioners’

S&P500 – Will the 20-week MA hold after six straight down days?

Russia tests new nuclear-capable ballistic missile that can “avoid NATO detection” as tensions rise in Middle East

Digital driving licences are being rolled out across several countries; they’re digital IDs

An emergency on children’s health

NPR CEO said ‘reliable sources’ are a ‘white male Westernized construct’ in unearthed comments

Even Orwell’s Thought Police Didn’t go as Far as Trudeau

Ok – by now you recognize the tactic. They project into their opponents exactly what they are doing.

The Sharia scare

China Begins Rapidly Expanding On Small Island Near America’s Doorstep

Let’s look at her resume and you tell me if it doesn’t scream spy. Another thing to keep in mind is that she is only 41 years old.

#LiveCattle #LE_F #LeanHogs #HE_F Report

U.K.’s Only Munitions Factory Explodes, Just Days After U.S. Army Ammunition Factory Catches Fires in Scranton, PA

DAVID BLACKMON: Having Biden Declare A Climate Emergency Is A Crazy Idea

The Middle Eastern War Being Waged Across America’s Southern Border