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Energy and Environmental Review: December 06, 2021

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Top EHS regulatory changes for Canada and the United States – November 2021

Proposed EHS regulatory changes from Canada and the United States – November 2021

Let’s Go Brendan! (fossil fuels to the rescue, explains SPIKED political editor)

A socialist reply to ‘leftwing’ antivax disinformation

Energy and Environmental Review: November 29, 2021

Why five weeks extra vaccine rollout more than Sydney had made a huge difference blunting the severity of the Melbourne COVID-19 outbreak

Vaccination dramatically shifted the burden of infection in Victoria, Australia to young children and teenagers.

How Recycling Benefits the Climatic Advantage in the UK?

Greenwash: Oil industry promotes carbon capture fantasy

Direct evidence that rapid immunisation shifted burden of COVID infection away from the vulnerable in Sydney, and prevented a medical crisis

A Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving List

Thread of the day, from Chise: Vaccine protection saves lives

Fossil Fuel Support Increased Among G20 Countries

A chicken can’t lay a duck egg

Fred Pierce on Climategate Revisited

Will Australia follow Europe into a fourth COVID wave? Boosters, vaccinating kids, ventilation and masks may help us avoid it

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What Is The Carrying Capacity of America?

The failure of COPitalism

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