Desdemona Despair 14 October 2018 (Desdemona Despair) – On Monday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its semi-annual World Economic Outlook report for 2018. Twice a year, Des looks forward to browsing this hefty document for the latest financial and energy data, and this year’s report, Challenges to Steady Growth,

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World Economic Outlook, October 2018

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Some clues about unexplored facets of the glyphosate fear and worry storylines now running at ABC TV

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Flash flooding kills 10 in Mallorca – “The probability of 233 millimeters of rain falling in Mallorca, which was recorded yesterday, is one in a thousand years”

Florida Panhandle bracing for Category 4 hit from Hurricane Michael – Strongest storm on record ever to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast – “We are in new territory”

A Spot Coal Shortage in India: Central Planners Overrate Wind

Plastic plague intensifies on remote southern islands

Trudeau calls liquefied natural gas project in B.C. the biggest private investment in Canada’s history – Climate activists call it “irresponsible”

World “nowhere near on track” to avoid warming beyond 1.5C target – “We are moving way too slowly. We have to do more of everything, faster.”

Scientists say halting deforestation “just as urgent” as reducing emissions – “Our planet’s future climate is inextricably tied to the future of its forests”

Major climate report describes a strong risk of crisis as early as 2040 – “Quite a shock, and quite concerning”

ChargePoint and EVBox Pave the Way for Fully Electric Future with Forward-Thinking Partnership

ClientEarth's Climate Program Enjoys a Victory in the UK

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