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Why People Like Long Walks Along the Beach, Costa Rica

A Lady Needs an Impromptu Mask to Make a Purchase in a Store, Lockdown Breakdown Relief

300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]

2020 Year in Review - The Way to Happiness Association of Tennessee

An Elixir From the French Alps, Frozen in Time

Free Stuff at Your Favorite Food Stops

Coronavirus: How To keep yourself entertained while self-isolating at home

Eau de Space, NASA Develops a Cologne and Perfume, Smells Like Space and Moon. Fleecing Your Tax $$$

Remind You Of Anyone?

Exposed on Who is Really Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Family: The Shadow Group That Rules D.c. – And Us. Now, More Than Ever We Need To Be Aware Of The Forces Arrayed Against Us.

The Mephistis

We Are History

Can This Really Be What We Deserve?

These Are Some Of The Monies That Trump (and His Family) Has Stolen From We, The Taxpayers

Hitler Throws Helmet In Ring As Republican Candidate For President. “vy Accept Eine Pale – Eefen Orange – Imitation? I Vill Vin!!”

“operation Warped Mind.”

Do You Need More Proof?

Trump Has Almost Nothing To Lose – That’s Why He Wants To Reopen The Economy

A Couple Of Things…

More Email From “the Base”

To the Applause of Batman and Superman

The Difficulty With Reality Or; “what The Hell Do You Have To Lose?”

Political Incorrect Humor

Digital Dilemma,  Will Future Generations Understand This Timely Concept.

I’m Screaming At The Tv!

Bedloe Was So Right!

Believe What You Hear, Not What You See ???

Draft Governor Andrew Cuomo

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