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The Religion of Vaccine Science

Evidence Indicating Covid-19 Is A Designed Bioweapon With A Toxic Structure That May Be Replicated In Vaccines! - Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. & Ret. Army Colonel

Situation Update, Dec 3, 2021 - Could Omicron Be The Cure For Covid? Highly Infectious Strain With “Mild” Symptoms Could Deliver Worldwide Natural Immunity, Make Vaccines Obsolete - Mike Adams Must Video

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Simple Meditation for the Young and the Youthful

Judge Orders Pfizer/FDA Docs Release: Shows Vaxx Killed Thousands In 1st Month!! - Alex Jones Must Video

All western COVID-19 jabs use an adjuvant ingredient called 'lipid nanoparticles' of some type, causing blood clots

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Not Just Players — Premier League Matches Disrupted By Fans Having ‘Medical Emergencies’ In The Stands

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Impressive Herbs with Antiviral Activity – Medicinal Plants That Can Save Your Life! Used in the 1918 Flu Pandemic, Can Be Effective Today For Preventation and Treatment of Covid Omicron Variant

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