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India’s Economic Warfare against Pakistan

Afzal Guru’s Martyrdom Keeps the Kashmir’s Struggle Alive

Kashmir Solidarity Day Revisited

Cryptocurrency taxation – Take 2

Observance of Black Day in Kashmir on the eve of Indian Republic Day

Shocking Bible Revelation - Christ Was Krishna!

Turning Point: Has India Lost Kashmir?

Against the government’s licensing of doctors – Milton Friedman

UNCIP Resolution Day on Kashmir

Nineteenth century London water supply: Processes of innovation and improvement – Nicola Tynan

COASE AND WATER – Nicola Tynan

Ronald Coase’s work on public utilities – a compilation

India’s Fake Boat Drama was Exposed

Economics for children – my book Seeing the Invisible now on Kindle

Legalize Drugs Now! – a 2006 essay by Walter Block

Ronald Coase on JS Mill’s false doctrine of “natural monopoly”

Ronald Coase on George Stigler’s Coase Theorem

Collection of Coase’s talks on Youtube

In which Ronald Coase clarified that town planning zones can be justified – but in a very few cases

Ronald Coase never liked the Coase Theorem – which was created by George Stigler

Initial comments on the economic strategy proposed by Raghuram Rajan et al.

Reanalyzing the Fall of Dhaka

Could Adam Smith Get a Grant?

In 1848 JS Mill demolished the policy that Trump is now following – and this had long previously also been demolished.

Babri Mosque Demolition Exposed the Myth of India’s Secularism

Extracts from The Economic Case for Private Residential Development by Fred E.Foldvary

Mumbai Underworld : With Shakeel Dead, Anees Ibrahim Is Now the Boss

Refocus on Mumbai Attacks

The horrible cost of the Mudra program for India’s future

Corruption: Revolting and Rampaging Police in India

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