On Monday, we informed you about several big events that were taking place in the world that were largely ignored by the Mockingbird media.  However, within the past 100 hours, 5 major events have taken place of which you should be aware. Michael Snyder writes on these events. How To…

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Within The Last 100 Hours 5 Major Events Have Happened

Four regions vote to join Russia: What’s next?

CIA warned Germany of Nord Stream attack – Spiegel

Special Global Announcement: I am the Heir to the Planet, which consists of All Lands*. The Planet is Under Attack, We Must Act Swiftly

Big Stories Happening RIGHT NOW That Nobody is Talking About

US Continues Occupation of Syria, Stealing Oil, Grains, Natural Resources

Mysterious Explosions Rip Apart Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines

Corporate Media Silent as Ukraine Uses NATO Weapons to Kill Innocent Civilians in Donbass

Last Day Of Voting Amid Growing Nuclear Threat

The Greatest Democide in History - TheCrowhouse

What is Going to Happen After Eastern Ukraine’s Referendum Election to Join Russia

FBI Agents Lead Stasi-like Armed Raid on Catholic Family

UK Column News - 26th September 2022

UKC: From Molecule to Man - The Lifecycle of an MHRA Medicine

Nuclear clock - one second to midnight... or should I say “goodnight” - as that’s what it is.

Union of Eastern Ukraine with Russia - its a done deal!

FM Lavrov speaks at UN General Assembly

UK Column News - 23rd September 2022

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Are Riding As The Shemitah Nears

If You Still Think Your Government Has Any Validity At All You're Just Not Paying Attention

Septic Science - The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Sacrificing Liberty: How Brave US Vets Prevented a Nuclear War By Refusing to Die

The Biggest Challenge King Charles III Faces Will Be to Keep the United Kingdom United

Special Global Announcement: All Lands Return to Your Pre-Colonial Indigenous Status Of Self-sufficiency

Arms Trade Treaty Meeting Confirms Worst Concerns For International Gun Confiscation

Medvedev Warns Pentagon’s “Retired Idiots” Not to Propose Destroying Russia’s Naval Fleet

Drug Addict Zelensky, filmed from behind while asking Elon Musk to finance his war against the Russian civilians

Nations Call Out UN Hypocrisy on Equal Treatment at UN Council Meeting. Biden's Embarrassing Lies

Deafening Silences: propaganda through censorship, smearing and coercion

Anti-Russia? Try this on for size