People Notice – People Record – People Filing December 3, 2022 [The Dawn] Urgent Global Announcement: People Get Your Affairs in Order and Hunker Down!!! The situation is critical, people need an outside resource for information to inform them of what is happening. My research and body of work proves…

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Urgent Global Announcement: People Get Your Affairs in Order and Hunker Down!!!

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UK Column News - 2nd December 2022

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WHO and other ‘covidocracy’ agencies working toward 2024 World Pandemic Treaty deadline

Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments are now coming true for humanity as self-annihilation, infanticide and gender distortions become commonplace

Media Conference: Criminal complaint against Swissmedic (English Subs.)

UK Column News - 28th November 2022

30-Year-Old Crypto Founder Tiantian Kullander Found Dead In His Sleep

Dr Mike Yeadon on depopulation, ventilator/ sedative murders & SARS-CoV-2 theory being wrong

Dr Reiner Fuellmich - Nanotechnology: self assembly structures in mRNA-injections

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Russian MFA Harshly Criticized the Hypocritical policy of France and Britain

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Corona Investigative Committee: Session 132 "Fireworks"

3.5 Billion Could Be Injured or Killed by the Jab - Are You Ready? — Dr. David Martin Interview

Dr Reiner Fuellmich - Thank you very much!

UK Column News - 25th November 2022

Mind Games - The Highwire with Del Bigtree

DANGER: "Anti-Vaccine" Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring "Treatment"

Wait, these clowns are going to let this happen? Putin is furious...

Toxic by Design: Big Pharma experts speak out

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