Originally published at Stop The Drug War CA State Fair Will Be First in Nation to Allow Weed Sales, AZ Governor Vetoes Psilocybin Services Bill, More… (6/19/24) Federal legislation has been filed to ensure Job Corp applicants are not automatically canned for a second positive pot test, San Francisco takes…

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CA State Fair Will Be First in Nation to Allow Weed Sales, AZ Governor Vetoes Psilocybin Services Bill, More... (6/19/24)

Louisiana: Governor Vetoes Bill Facilitating Expedited Pardons for First-Time Marijuana Offenders

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Medical Marijuana Update

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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Central New York Bad Dope Warning, CA Cannabis Cafe Bill Advances, More... (6/11/24)

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Study: Americans Far More Likely To Report Secondhand Harms From Alcohol Than From Cannabis

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South Dakota: Voters Will Decide on Marijuana Possession Measure This Fall

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