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Demon Hunters | Sky Dome Atlantis – ART OF WAR: AI FEAR BASED MIND CONTROL (CLOWNS | FEARS UNLEASHED) (1) + (2)

5D Shift: High Level Reconciliations and Reparations in The Deep Field

The Revolutionary Power of Radical Optimism

Rise above lower vibe realities

What's the energetic experience of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt?

Legendary Army Fighter Pilot Jimmy Jones talks Fractal Geometry and the Keys of Spirituality with Rex Bear on Leak Project

Quantum mind, timeline shifts, and karma

The Power of Self-Efficacy: A Useful Tool to Transform Our View of Ourselves and Others and Get More Effective Results in Our Work, Play, and Relationships

Free Will and Levels of Self

Eight Key Ideas in Quantum Physics and Indigenous Philosophy

Choosing Timelines, Shifting Timelines

Lelkem Galambom: A Poem

Destroying Something Beautiful in Fiction and Film: Reflection on a First Reading of Fight Club (1996), Differences Between Film and Novel, and Refuting the “Marla Isn’t Real” Hypothesis

2022 Endings & Beginnings

Tune in Realities like Radio Stations

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven (1971) + Stairway To Heaven (Official Audio) + Stairway to Heaven | English and German lyrics (1971)

Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Full Length AudioBook 5 1/2 Hours) Plus Unpublished Pages

Success Against All Odds

Crafting 3D Mind as Your Friend and Ally in the 5D Ascension Shift

The Metaphysics of The Matrix of Four

The 5D Shift Goes Parabolic: Time for the Heavenly Ascension

Mindfulness & Disability

Learn #Instant Healing, #Self-Love, and more in a #FREE download of Chakra Secrets

My Thoughts on Tom Campbell and the Mandela Effect

2020 Gemini New Moon

2020 Scorpio Full Moon

2020 Taurus New Moon

2020 Libra Full Moon

2020 Aries New Moon

2020 Virgo Full Moon

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