Content preview: Weekly Commentary: A Lapid-Bennett Yesh Atid Run to the Right of Netanyahu? Dr. Aaron Lerner 25 June 2022 PM Naftali Bennett said in an interview broadcast this evening on Channel 11 that his decision regarding his political future will be driven by a desire to finding a way…

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Weekly Commentary: A Lapid-Bennett Yesh Atid Run to the Right of

Senior person in the Israeli military industries slams involving USA in Israeli Laser Program

Weekly Commentary: Terrible Mistake To Involve USA in Israeli Laser Program

Weekly Commentary: Law Change Needed To Allow Party Heads To Fire MKs

Weekly Commentary: Judgment Day for Ra'am and the Bold Experiment Coopting Israeli Arab Party into Ruling Coalition

PMW Documents How Police Action at Shireen Abu Akleh's Funeral

Weekly Commentary: Israel Needs A National Guard Even If Jerusalem Day Threats Went Bust

Weekly Commentary: Zoabi's has traditional sectoral demands, what truly drives Netanyahu?

Weekly Commentary: Truth over Lies - Implement Supreme Court Ruling Against Arab Trespassers in South Hebron Hills

Former PA minister Ziad Ali Khalil AbuZayyad calls for forensic autopsy of journalist Shireen Abu-Aqla

Former PA minister Ziad Ali Khalil AbuZayyad calls for forensic

Statement from PM Bennett - Video shows Palestinians apparently killed

Observation: Will Mansour Abbas and Raam allow lies to dictate their destiny?

Weekly Commentary: Can Startup Nation Make An App That Ends Illegal

Only Israeli version of Bennett Putin Conversation has Putin apologize

Observation: Critics of Leaving JCPOA Clueless What Iran Was Really Doing Due Inherent Monitoring Limits

Weekly Commentary: We risk our soldier's lives detaining rather than executing terrorists

Weekly Commentary: Are there consequences to waiting for the gizmos? Bennett Blinks

MK Aida Touma-Suleiman - Jews have no rights within Jerusalem since it is under occupation

Observation: Not the time for American silence after Arab rioters throw rocks and rebar at Western Wall Plaza from Temple Mount

Weekly Commentary: Apply Torts Ordinance Article 12 to Recover From The PA All Compensation to Terror Victims

Weekly Commentary: Seeing Through Rose Colored Glasses? Events Facilitate Coalition Doing The Right Things

Fatah spokesman responds to terror attack in Tel Aviv blaming Israel

(DM Takes 3 Monkeys Role) DM Gantz Speaks with PA Chairman Abbas

Press release which the State Department will NOT publish condemning

Weekly Commentary: Regain Control - Allow All Palestinians to Work in Israel Unless Security Risks

BLINKEN'S SCOREBOARD "actions that could raise tensions" - 4 for

Weekly Commentary: Mr. Blinken Don't Be A Condescending Jerk

President Zelensky - we cannot forfeit our ability to evacuate the Jews of Russia

"Iran dedicated to the destruction of Israel...I do worry about exchanges between Iran and Israel because many times, our forces are at risk" CENTCOM Commander Gen. Frank McKenzie

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