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Mission Master Multi-Mission UGV – Rheinmetall

Ukraine Prepares Armed UGVs for a Future Robot War

Autonomous Tracked ATVs Roam the UAE Desert

Robotized T-72s in Russia?

Ironclad UGV – BAE Systems

Registration opens for the Defence Aviation Safety Conference, Supported by the DSA

Q Operation Is Active 305th Military Deployed to GITMO - Must-See Video

Agenda released for Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems conference 2019

UK MoD and DSTL to Present on UK's Morpheus NEC Programme at Network Centric Warfare 2019

Pentagon Announces Force Realignment of Counter Extremist Organization +Video

Former U.S. Navy Captain Pleads Guilty and Former Master Chief Petty Officer Sentenced in Sweeping U.S. Navy Corruption and Fraud Probe

Registration Opens for 2019’s Military Space Situational Awareness Conference

On Veterans Day, An Open Letter to My Children On Appreciating American Patriots: Van Hipp

To Become Combat Teammates, Robots Must Earn Soldier’s Trust First

Two Employees of South Korean Conglomerate Charged with Defrauding U.S. Government in Army Base Construction

New Drones Dominate China’s Airshow

A Badge of Shame: The Government’s War on America’s Military Veterans

Navy to Christen Expeditionary Fast Transport Puerto Rico

Former Recruiter of U.S. Military Language Interpreters Indicted for Alleged Scheme That Resulted in Unqualified Language Interpreters Being Deployed with U.S. Combat Forces in Afghanistan

New Missiles Unveiled at Airshow China 2018

Russian Latest Viking Air Defense System on Display in China

New Airborne AESA Radars from China

New Nozzle Transforms J-10B into a Super Maneuverable Fighter

Chinese New Mini Robot Carries Micro Intelligent Missiles

Northrop Grumman Subsidiary Agrees to Pay $31.65 Million for Overbilling U.S. Air Force in Civil and Criminal Settlements

US Troops Lay Down Razor Wire At Southern Border

Star Wars! US Warship Shoots Down Missile in Space With Ballistic ‘Kill' Vehicle

DARPA Seeks FAA Approval For Military Drones Over American Cities By 2030 – At The Latest

IAI’s Sky Capture Turns Obsolete Guns into Potent Air Defense

Boeing Commits to Reciprocal Procurement in Israel to Support $10B Mega Deal

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